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  1. I don’t really like new strings on my 59 LG3 (non scalloped brace)......it is a very bright guitar. The strings are really old now, Sounds great! Bizarre. Normally love new string twang. Years ago, I put bone pins in to replace the plastic ones and it became a bit nails on the blackboard.....put the plastic pins back. Underneath the bright tone, is a vintage deeper sound and I keep thinking the guitar top is quite thick. I had it setup after I bought it years ago and it has not moved any......the luthier said he loved the guitar. Big words from a man of few! BluesKing777.
  2. Nice, thanks JT! I did a reply earlier but it seems to have vaporised. As I said, your video of possibly One Way Gal made me drag out my 59 LG3, great sounding guitar that I would play more if it wasn’t a fingerpicker unfriendly 1 11/16” nut........capo to 3 helps spread it a bit. What nut is the 42? BluesKing777.
  3. It is like some old leather boots repaired! Previous owner may have been more concerned with making it look old, including the tea soaked nut and saddle, except it played horribly! The nut was just all wrong, saddle leaning over..... Now, new bone! Setup! (couple of years back). Make it easier on myself. BluesKing777.
  4. Thanks Rob! 2002 J50 from a pawn shop I bought a couple of years ago, that my luthier brought back to playability for me...someone either mistreated it or tried to relic it...but it got a tweak and a twist and new bone nut and saddle plus an Anthem pickup. BluesKing777.
  5. Curfew is cancelled and we can go certain places but not too far......No more 9pm to be home by. I will be taking the coast road for a spin at approximately 10 pm! Nice weather would be good, but I don’t care about the possible thunderstorm, going anyway. 😬 First live gig tickets with all the local bands sold out in seconds. BluesKing777.
  6. Thanks JT, very kind! The main ingredient is.......playing a lot, practice......then again.😃 BluesKing777.
  7. Thanks Twang Gang and Kidblast! Yes, I was practicing with no intention of recording and then.......I did. Unrehearsed and in the moment. J50 is the 2002 I picked up at a pawn shop 18 months or so back and had revived! Someone did a relic job, maybe, or mistreated it badly, but ...it works good now! BluesKing777.
  8. Thanks Anne and JT! Much appreciated! BluesKing777.
  9. Thanks JZ! We will take smooth, clean and sexy anytime! The big bug virus exploded here again a few months back, after we all thought we got rid of it and we have been in lockdown and curfew since. So from having the whole suburb almost to myself during the week, every house in the area is full and jumping. Very noisy. But I had a rare quiet moment earlier after a practice, and pressed record for the track above...not a lot of thought, just played it. BluesKing777.
  10. Some acoustic blues played on my J50 - I called it Curfew Blues because.....we are still under 9pm Covid Curfew! BluesKing777.
  11. One advantage of reading music/charts/TABs is that you can play a song another player gives you....most people I have played with don't read music, but a couple of sidemen types I met not only read music but write out music charts for big bands and stuff! They tend to hand you a 'head' arrangement type chart, the famous chorus/verse parts written in music with chord symbols on the top. (if you know the style of music, you just jump in and 'play the chart'). You can also send these by email etc. Worth learning music! Easy! Everyone thinks you have to learn Beethoven or something ridiculous to learn music, but you can play something very simple and pleasing like a famous song.... BluesKing777.
  12. Yep, simplified! I have a book of 'country hits', a big call, but I was playing away over a period of time and then I noticed - everything is in G! Here are some TAB/riffs online - good for learning certain parts for fun!: https://www.songsterr.com/ https://www.guitar.ch/en/guitars/tabs/tabs.html BluesKing777.
  13. To learn a tune - sheet music, music books, TAB, charts, videos, recordings...whatever it takes sometimes... But live, better to have memorized everything, for example - often, the lights facing me in a band stage were so bright I couldn't even read the song list written in big letters sitting on the floor! I like sitting at home playing through charts and the books/online with the 'As recorded TABs/music'. There are plenty online these days....but never anything you really want, so stump up, sit down and learn it off .....ha!........... the original recording! BluesKing777.
  14. Well, I actually play guitars instead of polishing them....go and see if you can learn a basic C chord, terdtickler. Come up with a few tracks to show us your style instead of hiding with the losers ..... BluesKing777.
  15. Here is a slow blues played in standard tuning with some slide, played on my fantastic National M14 resophonic guitar that I bought in my last all mahogany body guitar craze a number of years back!😁 (For CJB, it has a 1.82" nut!) BluesKing777.
  16. That Waterloo all mahogany 12 fretter you had was a ‘version’ of the vintage Gibson L-0 all mahogany. More chance of getting one of those here than a vintage Gibby, but they are scarce since Covid......Collings are only making a few Waterloos while they catch up on Collings order backlog with less staff..etc, etc. I had the Waterloo 12 and the 14 (all mahogany) in my hands a couple of years ago but didn’t have the cash. It has been a Needful Thing/s ever since. I would be pleased as Punch with a real vintage L-0 mahogany, but chances are slim here! BluesKing777.
  17. I had a quick look through the current models for mahogany tops - none I can see. Gibson are missing out on a craze for hardwood top guitars, budget models AND boutique. The shop here with a range of acoustics cannot keep the Martin 15 series 'hardtops' on the shelves, amazing really - and the 2 local makers sell bucketloads of acoustics made with the local hardwood, 00 and dread and jumbo. The singer songwriter groovers don't seem to be wanting binding or shellfish or plastic. What about 2 new L-00s in all mahogany, tops included - one cheapie African mahogany like my 15 series Martin, but one superduper in ...Sinker Mahogany? Ha Ha! BluesKing777.
  18. My BK is Bubinga wood back and sides (African Rosewood!) and I have no idea why...Ren must have found a stash of it and used it on the BKs. Sorry, no help with the Bluesmaster, but here is a link to an article I was reading on new design 12 fret Lowdens, sorry no Gibsons but George Lowden discusses the theory behind 12 fretters... https://www.guitarworld.com/reviews/lowden-wl-25-and-s-23-12-frets-review BluesKing777.
  19. I wanted the 1 3/4" nut mainly and the cutaway was not high on the list, but.........now I have it, I have been making tentative steps playing up to the 17th fret!!!! Yep, the dusty end is said to be near the 12th fret, so the 17th fret must be pure filth. (played a D shape up 12 frets, then 14th, 15th, 17th!!! - lookout, scary.) 😁 I bought an X years ago, first Martin, solid top/printed back!!! and a barn door pickup being the main reasons at the time, next reason was to leave it in the car a lot when going to jazz guitar lessons. The teacher was a jazzer with a jazzbox and must have wondered wtf is this fancy pants with a Martin - he thought it was a real biz end Martin! The solid top had quite a nice sound and poor fellow was shocked when I told him it was a rosewood print on the back! BluesKing777.
  20. Congratulations CJB! The photo isn't showing.... Is this it? https://www.zzounds.com/item--GIBLS12F BluesKing777.
  21. Thanks! My older one, 000c-15e, bought around 2002? in the gig photo, was all ‘genuine mahogany’ but obviously, they would have used the really nice mahogany for higher end models......so I guess it would have been the same for my old 1944 0-17..... While I was playing my 000c-15e in 2002+, they started to use Sapele for the 15 series, a bit striped in appearance. Since then all kinds of mahoganies have been used, including Sipo - an African mahogany. I read somewhere, no idea if it is true, that the current 15 series are using Sipo for the back and sides and some kind of real mahogany for just the tops, probably plantation grown? So there is a history I have gleaned. But the 15 series was updated to the M series, with thinner tops, finish, bracing, pickups, tuners. My older 000c was heavy, tuners were heavy....it took a real long while to break in the top with my bare finger fingerstyle! The new one above is the same cutaway shape, but lighter - the top is opening up a bit after a week! The nut is 1 3/4” and neck is the MLO. The pickup on the older one was a barn door clacker - the reason I first started investigating Aura preamps. But the new pickup is more modern Fishman VT Enhance NT1, ha ha. Undersaddle with another piezo under on the bridgeplate......for my style, it goes on full to get the percussive bits that miss from undersaddles. I can also turn all that off, just use the undersaddle and run a lead to my Tonedexter file. Still experimenting.... PS, the 000-15M, 00-15M etc, don’t get pickups. They have 1 11/16” nut.......I wanted the 00-15M but wanted the wider nut. Some places order custom model 15 series with wider nut and string spacing (LA Guitar Sales and others). BluesKing777.
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