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  1. I've been out of hte buseness this last times because of my health.Can anyone tell me about the guitar of the week 47(I found a used guitar refered as being one.)?????
  2. oh really?? you think mahogany is harder than maple??
  3. I'd hesitate wether Eddy or ritchie. oops,didn't read it was about es335,if so,BB king of course!
  4. leif

    tribal explorer

    A little up,I'd really like to have answers about that axe Hello,could someone help me with this guitar,I wrote to gibson service but didn't get any answer yet. here's a pic of the back of the headstock,the serial is hard to read on pics due to the white color,the five last digits are stamped a bit deeper in the wood,it's 009290410.
  5. leif

    tribal explorer

    It's a new one that I'm gona buy to an official dealer,so I don't have much doubts about it,but you can be sure that I'll post pics as soon as it is home.It fits exactly my research:it's white,plain mahogany and ebony fingerboard,I'm pretty sure about the dealer.The main problem for me is that I can buy it,but will have a hard month or two,or either the dealer takes my hamer and lower the price,but even if I don't play the hamer much,it could be a pity to get rid of it. About the explorer,I tend to trust dealers,so didn't check the number,I just played a while,making sure I'm confortable with it,but I noticed that on the headstock under the serial there's "142" like written in big blue letters,a little biger than the serial,anyway,it will be home next week,alone or besides the hamer.
  6. leif

    tribal explorer

    At least and maybe not too late,I got enough money to buy myself an explorer,wanted a white one or an E2,only found a brand new tribal,wich stood for a while in the shop,it's white,got ebony fingerboard,and has a khaler,wich I'm used to mount on guitars who don't have one,and it will be mine next week! I just wonder if I shall pay it cash and eat potatoes for a while,or sell my hamer eclipse to buy it without any sacrifice,what do you think?I don't play this guitar,but I shall regret that masterpiece some day!
  7. Elle n'est plus au catalogue,peut-etre pas pour rien! Le corps n'est pas en acajou,et j'ai de sérieux doutes quand au fait que la touche soit en ebène!Pour ce prix,en cherchant bien,tu trouveras une blanche dont la touche ne soulèveras aucune question! Ceci dit le palissandre peut etre très bien,l'ébene peut manquer de "chaleur" pour certains. Par contre il me semble qu'à l'époque le prix^publique était bien inférieur au prix d'une 76 classique. Pour finir,l'achat d'une guitare reste une affaire de coeur...
  8. there's a place for at least a pot there,so a toggle switch should fit.If the original gibson switch doesn't,smaller ones are available at low price.I bet you have a soldering iron and know how to use it?!
  9. seems like a rare model,since it has three spaces for pickups.I don't think the obl is stock,most probably the guitar had a gibson,either dirty finger or 500t,mounted originally,I'd say that if it was stock made with one humbucker and two soaps,then it would sell at least 1500 euros,even without the original hum pup,despite that,a true OBL from the 80's is valuable nowadays.
  10. les gibsons,et surtout les sg bien plus que les les paul sont réputées fragiles de la tete,en ce sens que tu peut utiliser longtemp une strat comme une hache avant d'arriver au résultat que tu constat sur ta guitare.C'est lié à l'usage de l'acajou qui est relativement tendre.Cependant toutes les gibsons cassées que j'ai vues avaient subit un choc,souvent plutot violent.une contrainte que supporte souvent une les paul est due au tilt du manche:posée sur le dos,elle pose sur sa tete.un étui qui tombe avec la guitare dedans peut suffire. Je doutes que gibson fasse quelque chose,car outre la fin de garantie,il y aura suspicion de choc. Par contre,d'après la photo,ça a l'air bien net,avec une colle epoxy genre araldite et beaucoup de soin ça m'a l'air parfaitement réparable,avec des repercussions esthetiques mineures,et sans aucune sur la sonorité.
  11. Hy all,some of you seem to know well this guitars and have some.I'd like to buy one but unfortunatelly I don't live in usa,but that's not the point. From what I've red here there are mainly two kinds,one with three layers of maple and two of walnut in natural finish,and the other with three of walnut and two of maple in color finish. While searching I found one with a walnut top in natural finish,do you think this is a refinished one?
  12. so far,and unluckyly,I have owned only an epi,despite I'm dreaming of a gib' explo since I was 16,and I'm now 41! Anyway;my epi explo never acted the way you describe,and as far as I know,never did a gibson,wich all more ore less have similar electric circuits.
  13. I like the seymour phat cat for same reasons,aloows you to have that sound on most guitars without major works,then to switch back to the original if prefered or to settle your guitar as "stock"
  14. leif

    any advice?

    yet an E2 in good condition is available for 2000 dollars or less here.I've been playing several guitars,and came to that the gibson's scal is yhe one for me,and I want a masterpiecennothing bolt on.To me this is what really matters since it would take me less than one hour to change the pickups and make a custom circuitry.
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