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  1. I love how it doesn't have a pick guard. Really adds to the finish. Sorry if I missed it, but how much did you spend on? (if you don't mind me asking)
  2. It seems that 99% of people will that the Les Paul has a more refined, creamier sound and the SG has more "bite", whatever that means. I own an SG Standard and used to own a Les Paul Standard and I'm at my local guitar center probably once a week just playing around with what they have and am always picking up different SGs and LPs and honestly I have never agreed with everyone's comparison. Everyone is right, the LP has more sustain but the SG has nice sustain, especially considering its size and weight. But as far as tone goes I was never too drawn to my LP. It sounded a little...harsher...Than my SG I dare say. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but there was just nothing about it that really drew me to it like the tone of my SG. They sound roughly the same when it comes to distorted riffs and power chords, but when your playing something acoustic sounding like ramble the SG just sounds so balanced and beautiful. I used the same strings on both (ernie ball 10's) and usually maintained them at the same time and they both had roughly the same set up. I don't know what it is. Does anyone else know what I mean or feel the same way? I understand how subjective sound is.
  3. Why does everyone want to change their stock PUPs. I love the 490r 498t combo. It's so versatile, and on treble I can get any lead tone I need, and on rhythm I can get great chord tone.
  4. I noticed this too, as mine are pretty close, but check if your neck is bent. if it is adjust the truss rod, or have a pro do it.
  5. how much is that first black guitar. I think the finish is cool, but I really wish my SG had a headstock like that.
  6. Oh, I agree, almost any guitar can play metal, but the SG can obtain that metal sound, but it isn't a metal guitar by sound. It is a very versatile guitar, but it is a hard rock guitar, not a shred, floyd rose and locking nut guitar. It has that classic crunch sound, but no ceramic crazy distortion pick ups.
  7. Or maybe it is because people judge the SG by it's shape. It is not a metal guitar. I can play metal with the stock 490 and 498, but it is not intended for metal. It is a solid classic rock/hard rock guitar, and you can get almost any sound out of it. For some reason I get angry when I see people asking what they should get in forums and saying SG or (Insert Guitar Name Here), and having people say "if ur gonuh play metle get the sg, Anything else get (Insert Guitar Name Here)
  8. What type of bridge/stopbar is on that?
  9. What nut would be on a '08 stardard gibson sg? I think mine is bone, I bought my sg used, but i'll describe it. It is a very white color, almost plastic looking, but it is very, very dense to the touch, and looks and feels like bone. i'll post a few pics. Sorry for the low res.
  10. i'd go with the standard, but i'm not a fan of P-90's personally.
  11. i dont think they liked it when people bashed their QC so they buckled down
  12. I'm now jealous. your making me want to cheat on my SG. I wish I had the money for one of those. May I ask how muhc you payed for it? About gibson QC issues. In my opinion, the rave is still going on, but once it started becoming a factor gibson buckeled down. I think they are making better guitars than the past few years, but the QC noise will go on for a few more years atleast before people realize they are working on it.
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