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  1. I just bought a new 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T and am experiencing the same problem with electrical pops and crackles. It happens when I touch the screws that hold the rear covers and run my hand up and down the neck and rear of the body. This is pretty frustrating when it happens with a high end instrument like this. I'm waiting to hear back from the retailer.
  2. I will! I'll try and snap some pics as I unbox it. Hopefully it arrives in good shape. I could have had it shipped yesterday but it would have sat all weekend @ FedEx. I requested they ship it Monday. With 2 day shipping, I should get it Wednesday. I cannot wait!
  3. Yeah, I'm psyched! I do hope it sounds as good as it looks, not being able to play a guitar before buying is a bit of a problem but I've done it before with good success. I already own an American Stratocaster, a Highway One Telecaster, a Gibson ES-339 Studio and an Ibanez AFJ81 archtop. This Les Paul should fill out my stable nicely.
  4. A 3/4 view that shows off the flame a bit more.
  5. I should have in in my paws by next Wednesday! I bought it from Sweetwater, I've had good luck with my purchases from them in the past. It's a 2016 Standard T and was a sweet deal. The picture shows the guitar I purchased.
  6. Congratulations on your purchase. It is a cool looking guitar and I'm glad you like it! That Ocean Burst color is pretty cool. I still cannot stand those G-Force tuners and will not own a guitar with crap like that on it. I feel they are jamming those monstrosities down our throats and add insult to injury by charging us more for them. I am in the market for my first Les Paul and am considering either a Standard, Traditional or the Classic model. The problem is every one I find that I like and has the features (pickguard for instance) I want they seem to have the G-Force tuners installed. That is a deal killer for me. I will keep my guitar in tune myself, thank you very much!
  7. That IS nice! Pretty spectacular actually! I'm considering a Standard but if I ran across a Studio like that one, I just might pull the trigger.
  8. Nice article. I did cringe when you spoke of taking the sandpaper to your black beauty.
  9. I currently own an American Strat and a Highway One Telecaster and want to add a humbucker equipped Gibson to my guitar stable. I considered the Les Paul Studio, the ES-335 Studio and the ES-339 Studio. I think I have settled on the ES-339 Studio for my next purchase. The out the door price of $1599 seems like an outstanding price to me and fits my budget. The problem is I noticed that up until the 2016 model, the guitar had a single tone and a single volume knob. This is also the case with the ES-335 Studio model. The thing is it looks like the price has jumped from $1599 to $1999 from 2015 to 2016, it probably is because of the extra control knobs. Ugh! Why does this stuff happen to make my decision so hard? The question I have is, how much of a difference does it make when it comes to the Gibson ES series to have the 2 extra knobs. Would it really make it worth another 400 to me? My Telecaster only has a volume and and tone control and I don't seem to miss it but my Fender has single coil pickups so I probably am comparing Apples and Oranges. It seems like most previous reviews of the 339 Studio are great and no one seems to mention the lack of the extra two controls as being a problem. Can anyone enlighten me? Should I pull the trigger on the less expensive last year's model with the stripped down controls?
  10. How do you adjust the bias and is it necessary each time you replace tubes?
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