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  1. I just bought a new 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard T and am experiencing the same problem with electrical pops and crackles. It happens when I touch the screws that hold the rear covers and run my hand up and down the neck and rear of the body. This is pretty frustrating when it happens with a high end instrument like this. I'm waiting to hear back from the retailer.
  2. I will! I'll try and snap some pics as I unbox it. Hopefully it arrives in good shape. I could have had it shipped yesterday but it would have sat all weekend @ FedEx. I requested they ship it Monday. With 2 day shipping, I should get it Wednesday. I cannot wait!
  3. Yeah, I'm psyched! I do hope it sounds as good as it looks, not being able to play a guitar before buying is a bit of a problem but I've done it before with good success. I already own an American Stratocaster, a Highway One Telecaster, a Gibson ES-339 Studio and an Ibanez AFJ81 archtop. This Les Paul should fill out my stable nicely.
  4. A 3/4 view that shows off the flame a bit more.
  5. I should have in in my paws by next Wednesday! I bought it from Sweetwater, I've had good luck with my purchases from them in the past. It's a 2016 Standard T and was a sweet deal. The picture shows the guitar I purchased.
  6. Congratulations on your purchase. It is a cool looking guitar and I'm glad you like it! That Ocean Burst color is pretty cool. I still cannot stand those G-Force tuners and will not own a guitar with crap like that on it. I feel they are jamming those monstrosities down our throats and add insult to injury by charging us more for them. I am in the market for my first Les Paul and am considering either a Standard, Traditional or the Classic model. The problem is every one I find that I like and has the features (pickguard for instance) I want they seem to have the G-Force tuners installed. That
  7. That IS nice! Pretty spectacular actually! I'm considering a Standard but if I ran across a Studio like that one, I just might pull the trigger.
  8. Nice article. I did cringe when you spoke of taking the sandpaper to your black beauty.
  9. I currently own an American Strat and a Highway One Telecaster and want to add a humbucker equipped Gibson to my guitar stable. I considered the Les Paul Studio, the ES-335 Studio and the ES-339 Studio. I think I have settled on the ES-339 Studio for my next purchase. The out the door price of $1599 seems like an outstanding price to me and fits my budget. The problem is I noticed that up until the 2016 model, the guitar had a single tone and a single volume knob. This is also the case with the ES-335 Studio model. The thing is it looks like the price has jumped from $1599 to $1999 from 2015 t
  10. How do you adjust the bias and is it necessary each time you replace tubes?
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