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  1. I have an EVH circles striped guitar that I have had listed on Craigslist, and have a gentleman that wants to trade his Kramer SM-1 for my EVH. Anyone familiar with the SM-1? Seems like a pretty solid guitar but haven't looked at a Kramer for awhile. I am really wanting to make the deal, also anyone know how the serial numbers on current Kramers are listed? Thanks
  2. Just put Les Paul on layaway, pick up in two weeks.
  3. you can see the differences in color. First and last pics are of the ultra, 3and 4 are of honeyburst and 4 and 5 are heritage cherry sunburst.
  4. Noticed that alot of new cherry sunbursts, honeybursts and Ultras coming into the store within last month or so are completely different colors than what they used to be. One of the managers at guitar center told me that Epiphone has gone to a cherry sunburst and are no longer making the heritage version. Have pics of the differences, which the new ones I think are horrible. Anyone know anything about this? Try to post pics later.
  5. Thanks for the info glad to here think I am sold, the only bad thing is that store was the only one carrying one in town. They don't seem to easy to find. And when it comes to Epiphone plus tops or ultras i don't buy online cause they differ way to much from one to another in color and some look downright awful. Thanks again.
  6. Was set on getting a LP plus top then I happened to see an Ultra which I haven't seen much in the stores and really liked it. Anyone know the differences between the two especially sound wise. The Ultras have recently dropped in price and that's why I am considering one now. I like to play rock and read online that the Ultra isn't really geared toward hard rock. Any input on this appreciated. Thanks
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