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  1. I especially like the short scale. Upgraded the saddle. Narrow fret board ok for my small hands. Good purchase under $300. Mine is a keeper
  2. burlyblack


    I had a upgrade on the saddle, left the nut and pins alone. Epi has a case sized to fit this shape. Some folks have installed a new nut c/w wider spacing. For what you paid you did good. Yes I would buy it again. Its my everyday go to guitar. Enjoy playing a smaller body. Burly
  3. Good to hear happy stuff. It took a while for my EL00 to open up but now its great. Had a tusq saddle installed and tightly fitted a folk/classical case. It is a real pleasure to play. The volume that it has is unreal for a small box. Had an Epi Dove couple of years ago. Health problems forced me away from dreadnaughts and jumbos. The sound was fantastic. I hear it occasionally from one of our jam members. Both guitars are well worth their price. I'm sure you will enjoy them both.
  4. Hi Cal...very pleased with mine, took a while to open up but now sounds great. Get a hard shell case rite off as they are a bit hard to fit. For the price its a good find. Good luck
  5. Sandro, if you go for the Epi, get an Epi hard shell case direct from Epi. Nothing else fits.
  6. I own an EL00, mostly chord country and old time dance favorites. Do some finger picken also. Installed a bone nut, and use d'dario EJ16 strings. I am in love with it. Occasionally let someone else play it so I could hear her. It took a while to open up but now its a beaut. Sorry I have not played a Loar.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Odd as it may be, yesterday a national distributer told me an AJ220 is the one. I was not able to get on to the customer service site, it kept on rejecting my e-mail address, even though its the same one I use here. Go figure. thanks again
  8. I have 2 questions 1) what epi model is closest in size and specs to the J45 2) what is epi's customer service e-mail address thanks in advance..burly
  9. Had mine close to a year now and love it. Its a smaller body with a big body sound. Will miss it if anything goes wrong. Check the reviews on h.c. , they tend to be all positive
  10. Regardless..... in my opinion if you can get an EL00 in pristine condition, I would snag it. In the middle of Canada I had to wait 6 months for mine. good luck. I have another on order rite now
  11. Was the bluesmaster not by gibson?
  12. Just wondering......Does Epiphone have another guitar similar in size to that of an EL00; one which you folks have had experience with?....thanks in advance -BB
  13. upon purchasing it,as my others, I get tusq saddles installed and the action lowered. Initially I had installed d'dario lites and with the new guitar I found the sound a bit sharp. I changed to silk and steel and that mellowed the sound quite a bit. Once it opens up substantially, I'll probably go back to regular strings again. I'm glad someone else is enjoying theirs also BB
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