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  1. Hey i came across this guitar in my area ... but don't know what it is My link cheers
  2. Greco sg Ibanez destroyer with 3 pickups Gibson les paul triple pickup Duff mckagan pj bass Gibson explorer (80's) Esp exp ( 80's) Esp eclipse ( 80's telecaster model)
  3. Nah... his solo's are more flash sounding but steve had a great way to write chords and he could solo too Steve rockin' out in 83'
  4. Druel.... Would give my left nut for that , steve clark looker
  5. Thats not true , most of his guitars where donated to his family , but Joe hid one of the tri-pickup les pauls in a lockup and gave it too Phil on his 40th birthday , You can hear it on the MAN-RAZE stuff
  6. Well i'm new here And i've gotta say ... Gibson i love you your the one and only in my opinion .. I've played almost every brand and nothing has the same bite and quality as a Gibson guitar But i have one issue .. Why is there no Steve clark Signature guitar? You make tons of signatures for people noone knows or cares about.... And late steve gets no glory at all... Steve was a true gibson fan , almost exclusively played gibson I know many catagorize Def Leppars as 'Mom rock' but there a very original band with really cool music.. And steve was the main writer . It has been 20 years ago since he passed :( and i think he deserves a signature Gibson les paul 2 gibson pickups ( standard) And a dirty fingers in the bridge Kahler bridge unit Or at least Re-release the Les Paul XR-1 Cheers Jesse
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