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  1. All experience types come to this forum for advice. Just because me and you might not find a nut issue a big deal, to the OP it was, and thus he should be treated with the respect he is entitled to. The OP asked for our opinion on the issue he was experiencing not the discourse he received. All I'm saying is when you lay down hard cold cash for a Gibson, it needs to be right - period. Breaking an instrument in is not what this discussion is about. It's about getting the guitar up to the standard ALL GUITARS should be at when purchased.
  2. Beautiful job. Looks like a Bonamassa now :) I own the same guitar and am tempted to perform this operation. How long did it take? Do you do the whole body or just the top?
  3. I think it's sad how many people make excuses and exceptions for the poor quality control Gibson offers to it's customers. PRS makes exceptional guitars without all the problems Gibson is experiencing these days. PRS has a reputation of quality and pride - something that Gibson is seriously lacking. Why are we willing to overlook their issues so we can have the logo on our headstocks? I've seen PRS SE and Schecters coming out of World Music in Korea that blow some Gibson's away. Don't get me wrong, I own Gibson, but no customer should have to settle for any guitar that doesn't meet their satisfaction !!!! and we shouldn't shame them when they come to our forum for advise.
  4. Mine is the B7 or the USA Version. Fit the Vibramate perfectly.

  5. I get mine on monday. Which Bigsby is that a 7 or 70? I've read that the Vibramount won't fit a 70. I'd like to fit a trapeze bridge on mine to make it like a 52.

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