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  1. All experience types come to this forum for advice. Just because me and you might not find a nut issue a big deal, to the OP it was, and thus he should be treated with the respect he is entitled to. The OP asked for our opinion on the issue he was experiencing not the discourse he received. All I'm saying is when you lay down hard cold cash for a Gibson, it needs to be right - period. Breaking an instrument in is not what this discussion is about. It's about getting the guitar up to the standard ALL GUITARS should be at when purchased.
  2. Beautiful job. Looks like a Bonamassa now :) I own the same guitar and am tempted to perform this operation. How long did it take? Do you do the whole body or just the top?
  3. I think it's sad how many people make excuses and exceptions for the poor quality control Gibson offers to it's customers. PRS makes exceptional guitars without all the problems Gibson is experiencing these days. PRS has a reputation of quality and pride - something that Gibson is seriously lacking. Why are we willing to overlook their issues so we can have the logo on our headstocks? I've seen PRS SE and Schecters coming out of World Music in Korea that blow some Gibson's away. Don't get me wrong, I own Gibson, but no customer should have to settle for any guitar that doesn't meet their satisfaction !!!! and we shouldn't shame them when they come to our forum for advise.
  4. Here is the link to the guitar: My link
  5. The Grover Deluxe Klusons stay in tune great. I highly recommend them !!!! FYI - I also changed the nut to a Graph Tech XL. Here is a link to where I purchased the nut: My link
  6. I changed them out on my Epiphone Dot and they were a direct fit. I used the Grover Deluxe Kluson Style that I purchased from amplifiedpart.com. Here is a link: My link They use a screw on bushing and a large top washer. You will need to drill 12 holes to secure them to the back of the headstock. It took about 30 minutes and was easy as long as you take your time. Here are a few pics:
  7. I bought genuine Gibson knobs at Guitar Center. I couldn't find them on their web site but they are available here: My link Keep us posted with your 335.
  8. I almost went with the look of your avatar but was hesitate to drill holes in the top. Once you do that you're committed and since I was torn between the 2 looks I decided to pass, after-all, I can always go to that look in the future. Ebay even has the "Custom Made" plaques for sale and I own a Bigby B7 so I was pretty close to pulling the trigger. I do love that look !!!!
  9. It came without any holes so you could drill them based on your instrument specs. I wanted the Gibson look so I used a spray adhesive on the backside of the guard and attached it directly to the assembly. It worked great as I too didn't want the extra hole. Here is a link to the pickguard auction: My link Thanks for your kind words :)
  10. This was the Gibson I used as a reference for my mods. Still debating about the truss rod cover as I don't want to loose the "Gibson" script.
  11. Willy, Yes I did all the work myself. Not really complicated or difficult. I think anyone can do it if you take your time and do the research :) Not sure what PIO's at this time since I would like to find a pre-made harness. I might go with tundratone as they seem to get high marks and YES I will be going for that 50's sound. Thought I would share the mods now because what's left will not change the looks one bit. Thanks for the compliments and have a great day :)
  12. I tried the Gibson black top hats but it just didn't look right to me. If the newer top hats had the brighter lettering of old it might have worked, but from a distance they looked boring. Wish I would have taken a pic for comparison purposes before I returned them. Thanks for the comments :)
  13. This is my newly acquired 2000 Epiphone ES335 (Dot). It was completely stock and is "Made in Korea". Here are the mods I've done so far: * Lindy Fralin Pickups - Pure PAF (8.0 neck/9.0 bridge) * Custom Made Gibson Style Pickguard * Grover Deluxe Vintage Tuners - Kluson Style * Tusq XL Nut * Black Reflector Knobs (Gibson) * White Switch Tip (Gibson) * Painted Pickup Ring Screws (black) Only mod left is to change out the complete wiring harness and add PIO CAPS. The Grovers were a direct fit(10mm). Only holes to drill were the 12 holes on the backside. Please make sure you drill the holes first so you don't split the wood or break off a screw head. Put masking tape on the drill bit so you don't drill too deep. Very easy to do if you follow these general instructions !!! Pickguard was purchased on ebay for $40 Hope you enjoy the pics :)
  14. Changed out the amber knobs for the black reflectors and added a white switch tip. Everything else is stock. She plays great and sounds fantastic with the Alnico V pups. The pics say it all. Enjoy :)
  15. Mine is the B7 or the USA Version. Fit the Vibramate perfectly.

  16. Cancel your Sweet Water order and order from Wildwood. They are in stock. Here is their website: Wildwood link Keep us posted and enjoy the hunt :)
  17. I love my GT and have done some mods. I highly recommend the 60's tribute and hope you can find the elusive GT. Enjoy the pics :)
  18. Just added a Bigsby B7 and ES-295 pickguard to my Studio GT Tribute. Hope you like it :) This is the Gibson ES295 I modeled my Tribute after
  19. Check out the below link as they have every color but GT in stock: Link
  20. This is the look I patterned my guitar after and I'm well pleased with the results. I have since removed the amber switch knob and put the original creme colored one back on. Think I will keep the reflectors for now.
  21. An easy mod with the Vibramate V7-LP kit. Took all of 5 minutes to install. ES295 PG was custom made and purchased on ebay. Enjoy the pics :)
  22. Here is the Gibson link: Gibson link Yes it is a Limited Production Run :) I already received my GT and just love it. Going to add a Bigsby B7 and a ES295 Pickguard.
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