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  1. Both very nice guitars! Usually see the finishes the other way around... thanks for sharing the pic.
  2. And once again, Milod saves a trashy thread with a dose of humor and Longfellow. =D> Oh, BTW: You're needed for cleanup in asile "Celebrity Crushes". Stat. ;-)
  3. Awww, that's totally a "One for every style in the set."
  4. This It helped me that for years and years I was not the front-man, so the pressure was never on me - I had great confidence in our singer/rhythm guitar to manage the crowd, and I just hung out on the side. I know, no such luck for you, but brundaddy is right nonetheless. My own classically-trained and super-observant wife often misses mistakes in songs she knows when I play live. There's just so much more to a live performance than a single botched chord or some bad notes. If you roll with them, you and the audience will have more fun than if you never make an error.
  5. Heh. Yeah, that's me. I take my acoustic in case the LP dies... which it never has yet.... :unsure:
  6. This poll hits close to home, since I only own one electric and one acoustic guitar. But, since we often moan about GAS-ing after more and more guitars (whether we can actually buy them or not), I thought it might be fun to imagine what we could get away with if we had to. I bet there will be some real variety from member to member. Let's hear it! :-)
  7. Providing the guitar you're playing isn't fighting with you, I love the open C for how many melody-type notes you can add, and very easily, from that finger position. Also providing you don't mind using your pinkie, as some of the other guys have said. :-)
  8. Hunh. That's cool. I'll have to read in more depth. Thanks!
  9. This is the only cool thing I've ever heard of Axl doing where it seemed that he cared about his fans. Of course, they wouldn't have had to go acoustic if they'd gone on in time, but... still. A long way from the F-you attitude he's had ever since I can remember.
  10. I understand your emotional response, especially since he wasn't respectful of you as a person. But Fringe is right on with this one. The perimeter of the roof is exactly where you would expect to find water damage after years of freezing and thawing, and it's an important part of the job. Soft wood won't hold the shingles on in a bad wind, the new nails just make smush instead of holes when they go in. The consequence over time can be a roof peeling off in a storm, from the bottom up. I live in a pretty low-cost area compared to a lot of guys (I could buy four of my houses for what Caliman ju
  11. And you should. ... just kidding. These things go in cycles, don't they? Play what you're feeling right now. Just don't sell the Gibson, it will come back around.
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