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  1. I don't know him either, lol. But we should. This fellow is a great player and singer. His playing doesn't seem hard but it is. And to me, his little Gibson sounds as a guitar can sound for guitar/vocal.
  2. I am very sorry to see this, he was an amazing talent, a true virtuoso. RIP Tony.
  3. Wonderful job, Sal, have always liked the song, play it at gigs. Beautifully played, sung. I have noticed over the years, we have similar tastes in music.
  4. Very nice, sir, good job! And your guitar sounds nice.
  5. Thanks for posting the SC songs! She is uber talented! Doing that Petty song, that guitar sounds so fab!
  6. I am very sorry to read about your illness, Jinder, and wish you continued success in beating it! Cheers!
  7. That Epi Leonard posted above sounds real good.
  8. I actually love the sound of his current voice, it's cool, but I just can't understand all of the words. Part of it is 'his fault' and part of it is I have hearing issues. I am a huge Dylan fan. What I find so impressive is that he continues to write such profound lyrics and the overall feel of the tracks is superb. The dude is almost 80 and producing fine art. I actually find it easier to understand his sung words better on this than on some of his prior albums when he was in and past middle age. My take on his lyricist god stature is he's about as good as it gets. I don't know
  9. Very nice job on covers, well-written original, and cool guitar!
  10. I don't know if this has been posted. To my ears, this is about as good as a guy with an acoustic guitar can sound on a strummy song. He seems to be doing all of this with his badass thumb. He must have one helluva callous. Also, one of the best guitars of all time for strummy. And... a pro crew with acoustic expertise. Son of Connie Smith, old country star married to Marty Stuart now. She was married to Jody Payne, Willie's guitarist for a long time. At least, I don't see a pick. And on other songs, he just uses thumb, so, I assume there really is no pick. He sometimes it looks
  11. That is the way a guitar should sound. Fabulous! Good playing, you're good! That really is stellar sound.
  12. Very cool, well done! I just wish the guitar were a tad heavier in the mix in some sections. He's good.
  13. I lean toward being pretty impressed with the Maton! The Dove sounded pretty good, too! And you're a good player.
  14. That is an amazing post. John's gone now and I agree that musicians certainly can mean an awful lot to many of us. The power of music. And creativity. He certainly was a songwriting genius.
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