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  1. That Epi Leonard posted above sounds real good.
  2. I actually love the sound of his current voice, it's cool, but I just can't understand all of the words. Part of it is 'his fault' and part of it is I have hearing issues. I am a huge Dylan fan. What I find so impressive is that he continues to write such profound lyrics and the overall feel of the tracks is superb. The dude is almost 80 and producing fine art. I actually find it easier to understand his sung words better on this than on some of his prior albums when he was in and past middle age. My take on his lyricist god stature is he's about as good as it gets. I don't know anyone who writes such amazing lyrics; it's truly astounding. Deserving of a Nobel!
  3. Very nice job on covers, well-written original, and cool guitar!
  4. I don't know if this has been posted. To my ears, this is about as good as a guy with an acoustic guitar can sound on a strummy song. He seems to be doing all of this with his badass thumb. He must have one helluva callous. Also, one of the best guitars of all time for strummy. And... a pro crew with acoustic expertise. Son of Connie Smith, old country star married to Marty Stuart now. She was married to Jody Payne, Willie's guitarist for a long time. At least, I don't see a pick. And on other songs, he just uses thumb, so, I assume there really is no pick. He sometimes it looks just like he is using a plectrum but I don't see one. I tell ya... it is damn hard to get such an awesome full-accompaniment sound with just an acoustic guitar; this guy is really talented. If you have an opinion on how he is getting such a percussive attack, weigh in! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q39CLFlEwG8
  5. That is the way a guitar should sound. Fabulous! Good playing, you're good! That really is stellar sound.
  6. Very cool, well done! I just wish the guitar were a tad heavier in the mix in some sections. He's good.
  7. I lean toward being pretty impressed with the Maton! The Dove sounded pretty good, too! And you're a good player.
  8. That is an amazing post. John's gone now and I agree that musicians certainly can mean an awful lot to many of us. The power of music. And creativity. He certainly was a songwriting genius.
  9. I think it's sheer genius. The lyric, alone, as a poem should win an award. Actually, that's what it is, a poem set to song. Amazing talent to write something like that, to be able to even come up with all of that. Especially and have it make sense. Love the very end where he says play this very song, lol. Vintage Bob. Soon as I heard it, I told my bud I bet this wins a grammy.
  10. To me, it was strange when Neil was walking around, facing / not facing the camera... huge audio quality differences. I suppose I should salute quirky.
  11. Good job, keep at it, best wishes on your return!
  12. Buc, it's a wonder I clicked based on your evasive title, lol, (pet peeve) but thanks a bunch, this is awesome! Bravo, bravo, bravo! From Ukraine, holy cow! That's a day brightener!
  13. I think the overall feel is really good. I can't really evaluate the song without seeing the lyric. Your guitar sounds great, the recorded sound is terrific and you have improved your voice dramatically, for sure! I'm impressed, keep at it! I like "regrets, regrets" in the chorus.
  14. I have never seen that particular video, thanks! He seemed nervous. I was going to recommend a j45. Congrats!
  15. I love it! Such fabulous tone, I love it when he picks individual notes, especially.
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