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  1. What a cool pic. He looks so devilish sometimes!
  2. I have j45 and D28 and love both. If you play strummy songs, the J45 is better IMO.
  3. Songwriting (great songwriting) is hard. Great lyric writing, specifically, is apropos for this comment. I will mention some things that struck me as having potential for improvement. Two hands on the wheel, heading South in the rain >>> good There's a white line to the unknown >>>”There’s a white line” is slightly weak and "to the unknown" is stronger. If I suggest a lyric change, I am just giving an example improvement of something that pops into my head. You, the writer, could spend hours, days, on a single line. I write the following with not much attention to your meter, but IMO, possibly better… The white line embraces (or points to, leads to, etc.) the unknown Or You could make something up about the white line being a separator or a line that keeps two opposing forces separate. Or two forces attracted to one another. Doing that in one phrase would be a challenge, but you get the idea. And a dozen red roses on the passenger seat >>>It may be fine but might could improve. Perhaps something like… And a dozen red roses riding shotgun Or And a dozen red roses where I want her to be (in that seat) Or Make something up about the dozen red roses looking lonely in that seat. I'm so tired of being alone >>>This is trite, it seems a bit boring. “I’m so tired of being alone” just doesn’t work for me. Jason Isbell wrote one of my favorite songs and wrote essentially what you wrote except the word “traveling” changes everything; the verses about him traveling alone lead to his chorus of being tired of traveling alone. “And I’ve grown tired of traveling alone, tired of traveling alone, I’ve grown tired of traveling alone, won’t you ride with me.” Please, please, oh please, may each passing mile help my soul awake >>>"Help my soul awake" bugs me because it would seem to me that your soul is already very awake; are you not wishing for her soul to awaken? Actually, her heart might be a better target in a song like this. It ain't easy, Lars, keep at it! Lyric books could also help. Yeah, you sing fine for singer-songwriter stuff; some of my favorite artists are not singers. Neither am I! It doesn't matter so much if one writes great stories in song. Your guitar sure sounds great, nice! Good luck!
  4. This is great! I have played this song similarly at gigs. It's a great song, she did great and sure plays well!
  5. I just found this, don't know if it's been posted. I've listened three times, lol. I friggin love the Bob and this rendition provides a joyous revisit to his genius. This is such a cool song, it's actually pretty unique with its structure and when it was on the radio in the 60s, it sure was a singalong! All of these kids do a great job but this lead singer is outstanding! She could be a star! She sure likes the song, too! Kids sing Tambourine Man
  6. I still buy cds, as I play them in my truck. (Edit: Lars and I were posting at same time!) The house concert / folk fans still buy cds. Vinyl fans still buy vinyl. Of course, I realize that all of this is not much. Jinder, did you come to USA? Jim Hoke played horns on some of my tracks and he is from Nashville, far as I know. Maybe he travels to Europe for work, too.
  7. The female ones, anyway! She certainly is an icon to young females. This gal got amazingly rich, and quick. Even in the age of piracy and streaming.
  8. So awesome, thanks much for posting, can't get enough Bob and just hope to be alive at 78.
  9. Thanks much! I enjoy watching her solo like this, she is uber talented. Not my kind of music but she can (obviously) write a hit pop song! She has grown into a very confident woman. On stage, anyway. I find her personna very watchable, engaging. Nice guitar! I wonder what kind of mic she is using, that's interesting.
  10. Very sorry to hear of your challenge, Dan, hope the best for you. The old guitar is nice!
  11. Thought this may be of interest if it hasn't been posted. Haven't been on here in awhile. Upon returning, I immediately noticed the changed format of the forum and recall it changed about the last time I was on here. And that I don't like the new versus the way I used to be, lol. I doubt it matters but it sure is not nearly as appealing to the eye as the old one! Anyway, here is John Kay and an old Gibbie. He plays plenty well enough for me! I very much enjoyed his interview. The two songs start about the 20 minute mark.
  12. One of my most fave songwriters and artists. Nice to see a current report.
  13. I am very sorry to hear this, Tom. You had something amazing, a woman you loved and could share a true passion.
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