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  1. One of my most fave songwriters and artists. Nice to see a current report.
  2. I am very sorry to hear this, Tom. You had something amazing, a woman you loved and could share a true passion.
  3. I also was surprised when it just showed up. I prefer the old one so far, it was easy to navigate and see if new posts occurred. Maybe all that will be here or already is, but I haven't seen any explanation. I also find the font too small.
  4. Sounds awesome. Guitar sounds great, bass sounds great. That guy has what I want... good looking woman who plays and sings harmony.
  5. Ben, I think you should get the Traveler cd and see what you think. The guy is a monster talent and NOT like contemporary country bs pop crap. He's almost more bluesy than country but whatever he is, it is good. The only way I know about people like this is I will hear it on a jukebox played in honky tonks I play in. Young people turn me on to some new music that is the exception. And as I mentioned, he is in the same vein at Jamey Johnson was... a simply monster vocal talent. Plus plays fantastic guitar and writes dang good songs. He is an anomaly. And mainstream country music has even recognized it, imagine that! Chris Stapleton is one of the few artists on planet Earth who could absolutely SLAY you (you'd love it) and anyone else if it's just him and an acoustic guitar. He is that rare and that talented. Jackson Browne can do it. They are light years apart in style but my, oh my, SOLO? They kill it. Another one is Dwight Yoakum. Also Travis Tritt can kill it solo. John Prine is one of my favorites, he might be the best story songwriter there is, but he will not send chills down my spine from sheer vocal artistry. Chris does. It's all good... I just admire your talent and was surprised that you, knowing what you play and write, would make that comment about Stapleton. Cheers! Lastly, you don't have to agree with me, lol. For instance, I'm probably the only person within 1,000 miles of here who does not love Reba McIntire. Great talent, yes, but I want to gag. Give mePatty Loveless. Everybody doesn't always agree with the masses. Doesn't make them wrong.
  6. "This song is done tuned down a half step, with the 1st and 6th strings tuned down another full step. The result is basically open C# tuning." Hmmm, that seems like Double Dropped D tuning except it's down another half step, so, I guess it could be called Double Dropped Db or Double Dropped C# tuning.
  7. In last weekend's concert, Marty Stuart's SOLO rendition of "Orange Blossom Special" left the stage a pile of ashes. The venue was FILLED with sound and it came from one instrument -- that mandolin. Stunning. Impeccable timing, speed, clarity, tone, volume, perfection.
  8. Wow, that is one of the most stunning comments I have ever read on a forum. You said "Nothing against Chris, just nothing exceptional to me." Nothing exceptional? Are you kidding? No, you aren't. Hmmm. So, the fact that you said the above, that proves that you don't have anything "against" him personally. In the sphere that is mainstream country music... wow... I made this comment just a couple days ago to some friends... I said something along the lines of "I don't listen to the radio anymore (speaking mostly of contemporary country radio these days), makes me want to gag... but about every ten years, somebody comes along and gives a breath of fresh air. Chris Stapleton is one. The one before that was Jamey Johnson." Now, this comment was more about vocal ability and recording music that is somewhat stripped down and not over-produced and over-compressed and doesn't have a pop beat. I am not slamming you, I am just saying I am shocked, you being a highly skilled musician. To me, Chris Stapleton is a freak of nature in the vocal department. And plays dang good guitar. You certainly have a right to say what you feel, it just surprises me. Granted, I have seen similar comments on this forum, which is an ACOUSTIC guitar forum. I have seen comments that have surprised me before where if a song or artist that isn't "rootsy" or "acoustic" oriented, his music is branded as crap. Which means that all of the music I grew up on must be crap, lol. (pop/rock, top 40 radio of the 60s/70s) And I also note that Marty Stuart's show is more full-band electrified with lots of jangly electric guitars than acoustic songs. Seems to me he made his money with electrified rockabilly, not playing mandolin. Cheers!
  9. What does the emboldened part above mean?
  10. For a few years now, I usually pick up a Gibson when I play but for a couple months, I have had my D28 standard (1937 sunburst) and each time I play this, I am reminded what a fab guitar it is. It's different from a Gibson but just amazingly good. Incredibly balanced and in tune string to string and rings out so beautifully.
  11. When I was telling people who I was going to see, if they weren't sure who it was, I would say, "You know, the guy with the big hair and sparkly suits, married to Connie Smith, 17 years his senior." He is very entertaining. And he still has good hair.
  12. I just thought I would mention this as it was that good. I saw Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives couple days ago in a 500 seat theater. I would say it's in the top 5 concerts of all time for me, maybe top 3. Nobody missed a lick and they were flat playing some licks! Vocals outstanding. The live sound was as good as I have ever heard, perfect! How in the world he made that Martin guitar sound that good is beyond me. That cat has to be top 5 mandolin players on the planet and his guitar playing is stellar, too. I guarantee if anyone who can get into trad country goes, they'll be impressed. He also plays quite a few rockers, rockabilly and also surf music so the electrics can shine. Don't miss if he's near. They tour extensively, certainly get around! He's not only uber talented but as natural as they come. The whole band was great. Catch the Marty Show on tv to get an idea.
  13. Welp... I saw him in concert last night. Without a doubt, that was one of the best shows I have ever seen. That's a tall statement but it's true. Amazing professionalism. An act like that doesn't come easy. It looks fluid and effortless but it reminds me an act like somebody like the late comedian, George Carlin. Yes, he tells amazing stories but they aren't just rolling in off the top of his head, he's practiced everything a million times. It was just him and guitar and harp. He plays well and I noted that I noticed that his playing was perfect for a singer-songwriter... no amazing lead runs, no need for it... the rhythm guitar playing served the song perfectly. He never hit a bad note. I also note that he is an excellent harmonica player. His harp playing was the epitome of what I wish I could do. It was just tasteful and the notes were clear whether single notes or chords on the harp. He effortlessly moved between singing and harp. Everybody wanted to talk to him and I wish I had more time with him but I was able to get to him long enough to ask, "Is that a Gibson J-60?" He most definitely lit up and confirmed it was. I said "Those are hard to find." He said, "You are right and that's why I play it?" He asked if he sounded good and I said it most definitely did and he really lit up on that. I also note that not once did he tune his guitar and he used a capo off and on quite a bit. That's a great guitar! He has an amazing pedigree. His spot in the history of Texas music is second to none but he has traveled the world for decades on direction of the U.S. State Department as a goodwill ambassador for music. I think he said it's 32 countries now. If he is ever in your area, see him, it was a fantastic 2-hour show. An intimate listening concert for 70 people.
  14. I think it's outstanding, Sal. On a side note, that song always disappointed me from a songwriting standpoint. I really like the song except for something pretty important -- the hook. I may be the only person in the world who would think this, lol. I always felt that the cadence of "searchin for the ghost of Tom Joad" or "waitin on the ghost of Tom Joad" is just not Grade-A. Something about it that always bugged me. It's like a major letdown at the crucial ending of the chorus, like, dang it, why didn't he make this fit better! Always wished he would change either the cadence or the syllable count or the entire melody, it just doesn't please my ear.
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