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  1. mine fit loose with the saddle it came with too. is the bone one you got compensated as well? Hard tell from the picture? thanks
  2. Looks good, did your saddle fit pretty loose in the saddle slot? mine sits a little loose and the saddle leans a bit. I put one of bobs in mine too, and theres still a bit of play in the saddle slot. yours looks really good. thanks
  3. cut the nut down in the grooves a bit
  4. its 8/64ths low E and 2/64ths high e no doubt plays good it just bugs me the that low E is so high. My other j45s are 6/64th and 4/64ths
  5. brand new for about 2 months. had a guitar guy look at it and said he lowered the action at the nut but I just that thought was too low.no buzzin or fretting out. I just want to lower it at the low E. I should have probably had said that first. sorry.
  6. hello, I got a 2013 J35 and I got question about the string height at the 12fret. Its shows to be 8/64 at the low E, and at the high e it's 2/64ths,why is the high e so low?, could it be the nut is cut to low? I want lower the low E to about 6/64ths but if I sand the saddle the high e will go lower too and then it might be to low then. what should be the best way to fix that? Gibson says the action should be about 6/64th low E and 4/64th on high e. thanks kevin
  7. Yes it's the the bridge of the 2013 J35
  8. I would if I had some good mics. The 35 does sound a little bit different than my 45's not as thumpy as the standard but probably will after a few months of playing. Has very nice mids. Very nice sounding guitar can't wait for it to open up.
  9. Thanks for your help that makes sense. My 45's are not like that. That's why I wondering. The 45's bridges are a lot thicker so I guess why there not like the 35. Thank you.
  10. Ok thanks I was wondering. The 35 sounds awesome but I seen that and kind of freaked out. Why is it like that?
  11. Is the bridge suppose to be sloped like this? and its not the wood grain it makes it look like that. I measured it. any ideas?
  12. sucker is killing my fingers! the action feels great. I think it might me the thicker neck or the new Gibson strings. I usally have daddarios 11's on my others. could that be it. I think the guitar comes with 11's anyway.
  13. does it have a thicker neck than the 45's? And also I notice they put the pickguard in the right place.
  14. will do I got it for 1699.00 from AMS
  15. I will be playing mine Tuesday when Fed Ex delivers! Well of course I have to wait a few hours and then I will.
  16. Just order one from AMS said they should have them within the week. cant wait!
  17. levidale


    You can take some brown shoe polish rub it on the nobs, let it set for 20 min and wipe them off. Gives it that vintage look. Looks good.
  18. I had my j45 standard for 2 month and I kicked my iPhone into the gutair as the phone was slipping from hand. My 45 was sitting in its stand. It broke threw the bottom left corner of it. Lol the weight of an iPhone is no match for a gutair,and plus the edge is sharp. Lol. It sucked. I couldn't believe it. Shes repaired now.
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