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  1. I'm not one for cosmetic bling and such, but those do look real nice !
  2. Lighter fluid ?? never would think to use lighter fluid on a pricy instrument. Scares me too much to try it. Got a neck on a CEC Chet that feels like a kid rubbed sticky candy on it. Was just going to strip it and oil it. On that thought, might as well try lighter fluid. If it destroys the finish....well, was going to strip it anyhow. Lots seem to recommend the fluid, so here goes....Thanks for the tip !
  3. Hey, glad to see other uke players too here. They're great fun and lots of guitar music available to 'em Mines a Kanilea concert, but the most fun uke I ever had was an Ohana SK-30L....all solid mahogany & under $150.00
  4. I prefer 1 5/8. but as said above string spacing isn't only about nut width. Still 1 5/8” is comfortable for me. That and a small body 12 is on the gas list
  5. Nice.....is that your new AJ you were considering returning? If so, it sure sounds worth keeping. Congrats
  6. Congrats on a clean removal. I'm a believer in naked tops. Something about a Gibson with no pickguard just cleans up the look So Much. When I ordered mine, I specifically stated No Guard, but they were kind enough to put it in the case for me. There's a definite vibration change also...(imo) Looks Great ! And Yes, I'd remove any guard, even if it's pretty. It's so much prettier without. Again IMHO
  7. I think your question or thought goes to the “ What's good to one person ain't so to another.” I don't like electrics on my acoustics. And have never been interested in a guitar that had any installed. In fact when I ordered mine from Gibson, I specifically ordered it without electrics. I thought it was going to be a custom order and cost me more, but the dealer actually discounted it about $500.00. I figured electronics will only get better as time goes, so if I wanted them later, I could get the up-to-date stuff put on.
  8. I remember having an Ovation some 20 or so years ago and think you're right about playability with em. I just never bonded with it or it with me and it went away with many others. I've had my Gib since '95 and hate to part with it. Maybe it's just getting older and less muscle. That might be it. Get one of those super clamps at the depot and build the muscle...keep the Gibson...sorry, thinking outloud, or on the keyboard as it is. Thanks all
  9. Congrats ! Do you folks find that sometimes it works and sometimes it don't? That is your question. Absolutely !! Too often it just don't come and to the point I wind up putting my guitar in it's case for weeks. Yeah, weeks... it gets frustrating having SO much fun just to suddenly have the skids put on everything I try. Good thing I have another guitar and an ukulele to change things up. Sometimes just conversations make great lyrics. I do that a lot.
  10. Anyone know if Gibson has a replacement guy for Ren or will they move someone up from within. If so, who are Gibsons other fine luthiers in line for the job ? Curiosity
  11. does anyone have an acoustic you can play chords, bars etc. as easily as an electric or close too. Electrics require so much less effort and wonder if anyone has an acoustic that plays as easy as an electric ? What guitar is it or what did you do to make it play so easy ? Other than standard set-up
  12. All at the same time and clean that guitar up. It'll love you back for it
  13. I am also curious about that Dove's saddle. Is it a fragmented saddle ? Is it my eyes or does each string have a separate saddle piece ?
  14. Martins IMO are great guitars. But, if I could only have 1 or 2 Gibson wins hands down. I've had a few Martins and they all eventually got sold. I'll keep my Gibson and add another
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