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  1. It's good to know the International market is doing well. Is there a marketing plan for the US or is it a wait and see what happens approach?
  2. Being a longtime fan of Kramer guitars and only a recent owner, I have been looking at the history and current market. I can't help but wonder if the brand will ever rise to the popularity and prestige it once knew. I recently took a shopping trip around Knoxville,TN. While it may not be a Mecca for Rock or Metal, it does have several guitar shops. I proceeded to my local Guitar Center thinking they should have at least a couple in stock since they are advertised on their web site. There were none in the store. New, used or otherwise. Disappointed I visited a vintage guitar shop in town. Not only was there not a Kramer to be seen, it was a shop of overpriced, beatup guitars. I experienced the same thing every where I went. No Kramers in site. So, I turned to the internet. Our local Craigslist had listed a couple of Kramers in recent months. a nice Striker 100st sold for $100. and a vintage Focus 6000 sold for $150. So, I searched on ebay. The way to truely tell what something is worth is to find out what people are willing to pay. There were alot of vintage models but most were'nt being bid on. There were a couple of rare examples, but for the most part the demand just dosn't seem to be there. Are we just a bunch of 80's rock rejects lost in the past? If my Gibson/Music Yo era 422 is any example of the future than, in my opinion, the quality is there. It out plays ANY guitar I've ever touched. If the quality is there than the rest should fall in line. As for the new line, I don't know. There aren't any to be played in my area. If you can't pick one up at the local music store and experience it you can't sell it. If a popular guitarist isn't shredding away on one in a music video there won't be a demand for it. If there isn't an ad for it in this months Guitar mags than I can't help but question if Gibson's heart is really in the brand. Not to sound crass, but Fender is pimping Jackson everywhere I turn. Is the market any better in more HIP areas? Is Gibson approaching the future Eddie VanHalens? Or are we all sitting on some of the greatest guitars the world will forget?
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/...=STRK:MEBIDX:IT Try that. I noticed the serial started with SI or S1. Can I assurme the S is for Samick?
  4. cullenszoo

    Neck Plate IDs

    Does anyone happen to know when the neck plate saying "Made to Rock Hard!" came out? I was bidding on a Kramer Vanguard and the seller said it was an 86 but I can't tell if that was a model or a year. The neck plate had the Made to Rock Hard slogan on it. Is this vintage or just a re-issue. For that matter, Are there special neck plates for certin eras in Kramers history?
  5. Thanks for clearing that up. Since you seem to know your stuff, maybe you can tell me something about my serial. I havent found anything about decoding one like mine. its 0901234651. any info you have would be great.
  6. Questions? um... a couple. Where were the Music Yo era Kramers made. USA? I read an artical about a plant in memphis that was building Kramers during that time. Will gibson be releasing the serial numbers of their guitars. What's with the new logo. There are many questions that we would like answered.
  7. so blacksheep. to answer a lot of questions, your saying that Once gibson took over Kramer the guitars were made in the usa. music yo era etc? there has been some question about that. some have stated they were made at the samick plant in korea. my music yo era 422 seems alot better quality than samick usually produces.
  8. Well, from what I've read, NONE of the Kramer guitars are 100%made in the US. From what I understand, reading a history of Kramer guitars, They could never perfect their neck-making so they imported the necks from the ESP plant in Japan. Apparently they only knew how to make aluminum necks. Anyhoo, To the best of my knowlege ALL Kramer USA models were Assembled here but not completely manufactured here. As a footnote, Kramer became vague about their countrys origin, not putting anything but Neptune NJ on their guitars.
  9. Are you saying they are absent?
  10. Are all the reissues made after Gibson took over made in the USA. I have a musicyo era Striker but it says nothing about where it's made.
  11. cullenszoo

    New logo?

    Well I hate to go all moderate on everyone, but I like both. I am a product of the 80s and I remember seeing my rock gods shredding away on Kramers with the block letters on a banana headstock. And the Gibson made Striker I own has them. But, having played it, It dosn't matter what logo it has on it cause it out plays ANY guitar I've ever picked up. The logo is just a logo, the quality is what will put Kramer back on top. I'm sure Gibson, who's name has been around since the early 1900s, and has the same logo, understands that the insturments make the brand not the other way around. Aside from financial issues, Kramer fell from grace because they were more trend than quality. Not that there weren't good guitars, but it was about the style. Metal and Hard Rock aren't as popular today as they were in the mid 80s so insturments that are built for that type of playing have become a niche market. Jackson, another big name for metal was bought by Fender. It only makes sense that Gibson should aquire Kramer. in order to compete in that market. My Striker FR-422SM is built for the demands of a metal player. It plays circles around the Jackson I had. I am fond of the old logo but I think Gibson is making the statment "this isn't your fathers Kramer!"
  12. It's been my experience dealing in guitars resale value is based on two factors. Function and Appearance. Function: In order to preserve resale and collectable value ALWAYS replace any parts with the same brand parts. There are sources for origional parts. You may have to dig around the internet a bit but they are out there. If you can't find what your need, then consider a different brand. Make sure that you don't have to drill or alter the neck or body in any way! On something minor like a tuner, or tremelo/bridge part, your not looking at a huge resale difference if it's not factory. The most important thing is to have a fully functioning insturment. Finish: Most guitars develop character as they are played and giged with. Your best bet is to NEVER alter the factory finish. Guitars with true wear (not reliced[cursing] ) retain their collectable value. The only exception is when the factory or authorized repair center does the refinishing. I've seen alot of 80's Strikers out there that have a crappy clear coat. Even though they were the cheap model they might be worth something in 100 years or so. Seriously, If you just want to make sure it retains it's collectable value stay as close to factory as possible and don't worry about the dings and scratches. If there is serious damage that affects the playability, your gonna have to replace it. As before, there are factory parts out there to be found. On the other hand, If you have a lemon, you can make lemonade! There are alot of old strikers that pass through places like craigslist or pawn shops at about $100 in good shape. If you have one of these you can always make upgrades that make it worth more. Make sure you replace pickups with well respected brands like EMG etc. Let's face it, a Kramer is easy to recognize, what model, original factory equipment isn't. You can sell a hot rodded Kramer to a player who likes the style rather than a collector. Understand if you go to resell it your basically selling your upgrades. Don't just take my word for it. find a local vintage guitar shop or a gibson authorized repair center near you. Show them what you've got and get their advise. Restoration can be tedious just keep in mind what the guitars value is now and figure on modest increases until the brand rises again! PS Be sure to keep all paperwork of things done at a repair center!
  13. cullenszoo

    Striker ID

    Let me be more specific. Where were the Strikers made for Musicyo? I have been all over the net and found soooo much informantion that conflicts with each other it's not funny. If Gibson was making them, surely they have a database of serial numbers or some form of decoder available.
  14. Are there any Gibson/Kramer company representitives floating around on this forum or is it just fans and owners? I would think the company would have someone available through this forum to answer questions and provide information about the product line.
  15. cullenszoo

    Striker ID

    That appears to be the correct model, but what year and where?
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