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  1. well I got 12s on it, they are ok just happy to have new strings on it , it's my only guitar. Everything is ok now just got to keep the ceramic saddle in there since the Tusq won't fit anymore for some strange reason. ALl is zen like now....I am one with the universe when I am playing my gibson. cheers
  2. Today I got some new strings in the mail so I pulled off my old strings to polish up the guitar , I know some people change one string at a time and I do too but not today I really got into cleaning up the guitar making it all pretty for the new Gibson 12 gauge strings I got... I have a 2009 J45 I ordered from a dealer via the custom shop to make it look like a oldie from the 60s, it has the double rings around the sound hole , vintage tuners, adjustable bridge and a fantastic cherry sunburst finish like Donovan's Guitar from the 60s..... It came with the Tusq saddle and I found a original ceramic saddle from 1964 on eBay to put on it which I did, to me it sounded and feels a little tiny bit different from the tusq saddle and I can't really tell if it's for better or for worse, it might have a little more brassy ping sound and it feels a little chalky compared to the Tusq saddle... OK here's the thing I took out the ceramic saddle today and was contemplating if I wanted to go back to the Tusq saddle so I tried putting the Tusq saddle in the bridge and it would not go back in ! I can't figure out why the heck it would do that, did it curve a little bit not being in there for almost a year ? did the wood shrink ? something happened.
  3. got the strings in the mail today will report back in a couple days how the 12s feel to me....
  4. I love string threads ! Gibson J200 strings are my favorite, I am going to try 12s on my j45 I am pretty sure it came with 11s from the custom shop.
  5. ok so I just made a order for some 12s and a set of 11s if I don't like the 12s Gibson strings of course, I like them best. cheers
  6. hey thanks for all the replies, I won't be going with 10s but I am kinda hesitant to try the 12s I have Pyramid 11s on it now, maybe I can find some cheap 12s just to try them out. I got Pyramids on it now but I like the Gibson j200 strings best and will stick with them in the future. I thank all you guys for the tips.
  7. anyone use 10 gauge strings on your J45 ? I joined this forum to get some opinions. I have been using 11s on it since I got it new last year and a friend made a funny face when I told him I use 11s and said to try 10s.
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