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  1. According to what I saw at the Play It Loud exhibition at the Met he used it for the Yardbirds and for Zepplin on Kashmir, When the Levee Breaks, In My Time of Dying, and Black Mountain Side. Tuning was DADGAD.
  2. I have always tuned my Strats w/ locking tuners down, but everything else I tune up. Funny though, the Strats are the most stable guitars I have so I guess it works.
  3. Acoustic? My Yairi WY-1: Electric would be the 12 String Strat:
  4. That means Gilmore gets about $15 million of it. The buyers premium is usually about 20% plus there are other fees and taxes. I just missed going to see the showing when we were in New York over Memorial Day weekend. I think it opened the day we left.
  5. I hadn't seen anyone comment on this yet but we were in New York this weekend (my wife was singing in a choir at Carnegie Hall) , but for any of you who are planning on being in NYC anytime between now and October, this is definitely worth the price of admission: https://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2019/play-it-loud Jimmy Page contributed a bunch of stuff to it, but there are lots of interesting iconic instruments and a few short interivews.
  6. Me too! And I still play it occasionally.
  7. I live in Houston now, but I've lived Texas and New Mexico for 40 years including DFW and west Texas and it's never been a real problem. In Houston the A/C keeps the humidity right around 45%. Same for DFW only more like 40%. Midland was a little drier (around 25%) but there never was that big a problem. If the wood was properly seasoned before they built it, and you're not leaving it in the sun I wouldn't worry to much. If you're really concerned a and live in west Texas a small, cool humidifier will be fine, anyplace else, don't worry about it.
  8. Closest I come to an overdrive is a TS-9. But a JangleBox makes it sound really good. I have 2 Casinos - a Standard with a Bigsby and an Elitist. Both play through an AC15H1TV.
  9. We had a break in the rain here from 6-7 where we went through 2 1/2 bowls of goodies. The third bowl got flooded out about half way through it.
  10. Nice find - the first 12 string I owned was a 67 Stella H912. Played it until it (literally) fell apart.
  11. The forth one is kinda hiding in the herd.
  12. Me sometime in 1969: Me (with the wife) present era:
  13. Wild Horses - acoustic. Alternating between the 12 string and Nashville tuning on a 6. Can't really decide what I like better.
  14. Congrats ! I just started a new job on Monday after being out of my normal profession for 2 years.
  15. Two functions. It provides a constant load to the pickup so the control acts as a volume rather than a tone control and it completely kills the output when the control is turned fully down.
  16. GAS is the same, I just have slightly more self control...
  17. Wish You Were here on the acoustics. Got the 12 string part nailed, now working on the solos.
  18. Good luck. I have a friend (professional musician) who blew out a tendon in his index finger. It took 9 months (4 with no guitar playing) and two surgeries but he's back playing as well as ever now.
  19. I've got about 200 miles in on this one so far this year:
  20. I should have been clearer - he was talking about the pickups.They were trying to make the PRS humbuckers sound strat like.
  21. It's sort of inline with something Carlos Santana said a few years ago when asked about the latest release of his signature guitar. When asked about the tone Carlos said they worked "...really hard to make it sound just like a Strat..." Wonder if he'll start playing this new PRS instead?
  22. Here's most of the electric side: and a few of the favs:
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