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  1. Ive read a few good results now with the minwax marker. I am thinking about trying this with my Nighthawk Reissue. I got the Transparent black and the fretboard doesn't look right on it. They claim that they come with Ebony fretboards but I swear its rosewood. I put it next to my SG's and it looks absolutely identical... Can you post the results pictures for us?
  2. You were asking about the slanted JB on the last page. I have not seen one available yet either.
  3. Hey congrats new guitar! I just bought one of these with the intent on modding it. I am doing a complete electronics upgrade on Sunday. Bought Seymour DUncan Jazz for the neck and JB for the bridge. Here is a pretty detailed 2 page thread about my new guitar: http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/epiphone-les-pauls/134477-epiphone-worn-g-400-vintage-thoughts-reviews-experience.html
  4. That is the coolest fretboard I have ever seen!!!
  5. Get some dye from www.stewmac.com and go for it!! Ive seen a black Les Paul with an ebonized fingerboard and I thought it looked WAY better afterwards. Just make sure to clean it really good when your done or you can get some black smudges on your fingers for a little bit.
  6. If you weren't partial to that particular guitar, i know people would buy it just for the fact that it has no screw holes in the body. Thats something some people look for. Then you could buy one that comes with a pickgaurd with the sale money.
  7. That guitar looks killer now!!! Congrats, I'm actually pretty jealous about it!
  8. Thats a slick look. Can you guys explain to me why P-90's seem to be so highly regarded? Not that I don't feel that way, Ive never played through them before. Seems like a lot of people on this board an MyLesPaul.com love them.
  9. Every time I see these, I can't help but think of this:
  10. This is about all thats out there right now about them: "You get an expanded range of tone options with the HSH pickup configuration consisting of a Slant NHT bridge humbucker, NSX single-coil middle pickup, and NHR mini-humbucker along with a 5-way pickup selector and push/pull coil-splitting for the humbuckers." Im only buying one with the intention of modding it. The unique body style and pickup options make it an attractive guitar to one.
  11. Hey I appreciate the offer but I already paid so looks like Im just gonna wait.
  12. Tell me about it. I actually ordered another guitar in the meantime. It will be here Monday where the nighthawk isn't supposed to get to me until May 6th... I first saw an ad for the reissue in a January edition of Guitar Magazine. Ive been waiting that long..
  13. Whats the point of covering the serials? I know their are counterfeit Les Pauls all over Ebay but havent heard of many SG's being copied. Plus it looks legit to me. Maybe stolen?...
  14. I'm new around here and just wanted to say thanks for all the help so far. Just curious, its sounding like a general rule that Korean built is better than Chinese built?
  15. Thats funny, I think its much more attractive than the red or black. Here's what will more than likely end up on my doorstep: More pictures: http://www.sheltonsguitars.com/2008/4-6-08/epiphone-g-400-sg-worn-brown-4-6-08.html Not nearly as nice looking but I will still enjoy it. Good eye there, I would have never known that until I got it.
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