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  1. I just recently put a set of Pearly Gates in my G-400 and they sound great.It got rid of all the muddiness.I also switched out all the pots for CTS,but it might not of needed it.
  2. timmy

    G-400 nut

    Just thought I'd let everyone know how it turned out.I did up replacing the nut and I also put a Tonepros bridge on.I adjusted the truss rod and no more buzzing now,good as new.I tried to adjust the truss rod before installing the new nut with no luck,then took the guitar to a local tech and he suggested a new nut also.I wanted to replace it myself just to try and do it,see if I could do it on my own, and it worked out great.Playing it unplugged I can tell a noticeable tone difference in it over the way it was.It seems brighter and snappier now,kinda more Tele like.I replaced the pickups and rest of the electronics also,so I wouldn't be able to give an honest opinion on a plugged in test. Thanks for all help everyone.
  3. timmy

    G-400 nut

    I ordered(and recieved)two of the Tusq xl nuts off from Ebay.It only cost me $15.00.I may have the guitar looked at by a pro before I try to install one of the nuts ,to see if he can't get rid of the open string buzz first.If he can't maybe I'll just give him a nut to install proper for me.I'm just trying to get rid of the string buzz,so I'm not really doing it to try and achive a better tone,but if I put one in and the guitar sounds better than... great.I'm also in the process of changing all the electronics in it,pickups,pots,caps ect.So even with a new nut,I doubt I'd notice a tonal difference just from that.
  4. timmy

    G-400 nut

    Ok,thanks everyone.You've been a huge help.You got me pointed in the right direction now.I actually have two G-400s.The first one I've had for over a year now and sounds and plays great.The second one I just got a few weeks ago and has an open B string buzz that I can't seem to get rid of,So that's why I've been checking into a replacement nuts.I really love these guitars.Great value for the money I think.
  5. I was wondering if someone could suggest a good place to buy a new nut for my G-400.I was hoping to get one that would just fit right in and has been already pre-sloted for the strings.I've been looking at some on E-bay but I'm not really sure what I'm doing or what I'm looking at,if it's a good one or not or/and if it will fit or not.I was thinking that the Tusq ones look nice. Thanks
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