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    Jimmy Page, Classic Rock, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Metallica, Queen, etc. MARRIED thanks :). Practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). I like glitter and sequins and pink. I drool over guitars I can't play. Author of popular Led Zep humor on Tumblr, @pagingpage.
  1. zosojett7178 asked: Benedict Cumberbatch lol ❤❤❤ http://t.co/od0S9WA27S

  2. Photo: evalikesthewho: this should have a name xD I think it’s “baseball” http://t.co/L6meflTLcd

  3. seblaine: what do people do if they’re not obsessed with anything become hipsters http://t.co/7WbfhnFwbu

  4. Anonymous asked: You are amazing. http://t.co/ob50w9aoA9

  5. Photo: Gosh darn it all!!!! My prettiest DoubleTail Cambodian Delta male betta died. Glass lid fell in on... http://t.co/5tWQgxBHcV

  6. Photo: The smile remains the same http://t.co/s2eKQIuDoC

  7. Photoset: halalarian: Danville, California: A small town with a big appetite. If you’re looking for a new... http://t.co/rMjo9yS34T

  8. Item for Charity - From twitter @The_Andy_Goode: Wasn’t going to advertise this o/seas but know anyone who... http://t.co/nzTIqQxu0h

  9. Photoset: pagingpage: introducing my new Jimmy meme have fun folks hehe @ledzeppelinorg http://t.co/AYAtBOVUUS

  10. Photo: Aaaajhhhfdsdhjkl I am so happy right now ^________^ http://t.co/vu0tBpqHYS

  11. I turned in my audition papers on time!! Now on Monday I need to show up in Hollywood at a bonafide studio... http://t.co/6MfCxRBiS4

  12. SO TODAY during my workout I saw this - Infomercial on TV at the gym: a Dr HoBelt Yes folks a HoBelt from... http://t.co/3kqV3h5vm7

  13. AAAAAAHHHHHH SCREAMING!!!! Hubby just got us great tix to Heart w/Jason Bonham Tour Aug 28!!!!!!!!!! YES YES... http://t.co/txWGHBpS0U

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