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  1. Folks, Check it out: absolutely stunning guitar. JC
  2. Folks, Check this amazing L-Century of Progress out : Absolutely wonderful maple tone. JC
  3. @Nick, The Rosewood on both the AJ and Southern Jumbo was gorgeous looking to my eyes.I’m pretty sure it’s select Indian. JC
  4. If you place an order with a dealer you should be able to order it without any electronics. JC
  5. Nick, Good Question. the finishes looked just fine to me. Maybe some Haze but honestly the sound and the feel of these guitars is just something else. Most of the old guitars probably have hazed finishes themselves at this point .If I’m honest I wanted one of each but I if I could only pick one it would have been the Rosewood Southern Jumbo JC
  6. Here’s one final video: the 1934 Jumbo is demoed in it. Enjoy. the sound clips and Don explaining everything is much better than I can do. JC
  7. Folks, Check it out: Some people here trash slash because they think he is just a Les Paul guy but I’ve played this guitar and it’s excellent. The huge 58/59 style neck gives it a massive shimmer/vibration. It’s not like any J 45 I have played before. The video in my opinion captures the tone very accurately.It’s an amazing guitar even if you hate Slash .... a few strums on this thing and you can’t deny that this is a wonderful J 45. It has so much power that you could almost mistake it for a Rosewood backed jumbo. As I said in the other post Gibson Acoustic is on fire right now. JC
  8. As a small update ... this video really captures the powerful sound of the new Gibson Historics: I unknowingly was featured in the video. That’s me in the red jacket playing the guitars upside down. I hated rosewood guitars for a long time.The best rosewood guitars I have ever played were the 36 AJ and The 42 Rosewood Southern jumbo they sound better than any rosewood Martin (to my ears at least) I have ever played. JC
  9. Folks, The New Gibson Acoustic Collection sounds absolutely stellar.Every last one of the guitars I played was wonderful sounding. Some of my favorites were the 1939 J 55 and the 1942 Rosewood Southern Jumbo,The small LG 2 1942. 1942 J 45. 1936 AJ , 52 J 185 and 1957 J 200 Bozeman is on fire.The USA made Epiphone Texan is a very fine guitar. The Slash J 45 sounds wonderful but the neck is very unique. I’ll update this post when I have a minute to write more. JC
  10. I don’t think this this is going to be a grandfather vintage spec 45.I think this is going to be a “play all over the fretboard” instead of just a “cowboy strummer” I’ll be at NAMM .Will report back with thoughts on the model. JC
  11. Folks, Slash Signature J 45’s have been announced Taken from Guitar World: The J-45s feature a custom Slash-approved C-neck profile and a "fatter and more modern" 16" fretboard radius (the 2019 Standards have a 12" fretboard radius). There's no wood spec revealed by Gibson just yet but it looks very much like the regular run of J-45s with a solid Sitka spruce top, solid mahogany on the back and sides. As with the Les Pauls, the J-45s have signature or blank truss rod covers, Slash "Scully" sketch on the back of the headstock – and, yes, they come with the picks, too. 45s available in November Burst and Vermillion Burst. JC
  12. Folks, Check this video out: I think it will help anyone looking for their first Gibson . JC
  13. Folks. Here the 65 Dove owner talks about some of the repairs that the guitar will need. Enjoy JC
  14. Folks, Check out this amazing sounding 1965 Dove: As much as I respect the prewar Martin dreads ... This Dove is a maple lovers dream as far as dreads go. I had a big grin on my face the whole time this guy was playing. JC
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