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  1. What year did you purchase the guitar ? JC
  2. From the serial number the guitar is a few years old … Any number of things could have happened to that guitar especially at Sam Ash. JC
  3. I say if you love the tone .Keep it and embrace what nature has produced for you in that piece of Sitka Spruce. you might get a perfect top next time that won’t blow your socks off . Just my 2 cents JC
  4. A 3rd NG J 150 is now on Reverb (4th if we count the first one from Japan) JC
  5. I understand that if they are long scale it makes them uninteresting to you …but not for me .The whole point of it for me is it’s the best of both worlds . I love the regular birds as well but these just tickle my maple obsession. From a sold listing of a different one I pulled : Up for your consideration is this fabulous Gibson Maple Hummingbird. The serial number is 104906 which clearly makes this one of the famed 1963 Hummingbirds that were made from the Dove bodies due to lack of Dove sales and a high demand for Hummingbirds that year. These aren't your average Humm
  6. It’s not the same one since Ray purchased it from a lady . I think these maple birds were all long scale . JC
  7. Personally I have very boney hands/fingers and 12-53 kills my fingers .I use 11 Ernie Ball Earthwoods on my J 200 and it’s a dream to play . You might have the same issue. JC
  8. This is heartbreaking for me and I’m sure for others who wanted these guitars to play them . It’s pretty obvious the sellers ordered these with full intention to resell … Gibson screwed up big time . JC
  9. Noel’s 4 bar model is a Ronnie Wood J 200 . His J 150 is a 2 bar . The GC studio is from the old line of studios nothing like the newer studios. JC
  10. Yes , The differences were only in the Wood grade and the trim . The new studio line features a thinner body. JC
  11. That’s the old studio line from at least 10 years ago … that line is very different from the current studio line which features walnut and a thinner body . Notice it doesn’t have the birds beak like the J 150 did .Grover tuners no design on the guard Here’s one in action: JC
  12. Personally I don’t see why Gibson would bring it back into production , at the time it made a difference because you were still getting maple b/s like the high end model but just less trim and lower wood grade .Now it seems in order to keep prices down Gibson resorts to Walnut b/s .A J 150 with Walnut would be a totally different guitar . If a J 200 Standard is priced at $4,649 I’m guessing a J 150 in Maple would have to be priced at around $4,000 which compared to the J 200 studio at $3,149 is a big difference. JC
  13. It’s gone . I guess either someone purchased it or it was taken down . JC
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