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  1. That’s not a Southern Jumbo . And it isn’t a mystery either it’s a Gibson Songwriter body shape . JC
  2. As much I appreciate Martin and Taylor . Gibson is the brand that makes the sound I hear in my head when I think of the sound of guitars . All the boutique stuff is incredible but it’s not for me . Gibson has an aspect to its guitars that I can’t really describe but that I really enjoy. JC
  3. J 200 M’s started being produced around 2007.What you probably have is a J 200 Junior which started being produced in the 90’s. M stands for Mini JC
  4. Call Fuller’s Guitar in Houston, TX: 713-880-2188 They are incredible ! JC
  5. Last year from Guitar.com: Noel Gallagher has hinted at an upcoming signature acoustic guitar from Gibson: the sunburst J-series acoustic he wrote a large amount of Oasis material on, famously adorned with an Adidas sticker. Speaking to Guitar.com about that particular guitar, Gallagher said: “Gibsonis doing a signature model of that one. I sent it there to be photographed, the grain and the whole thing. It’s not even a J-200, you know. It’s a J-150 that I just took off the shelf in London, played it, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll take it.’ I never thought anything of it. But I’ve writ
  6. Beautiful! People obviously don’t understand that this guitar is trying something new ... Fender does the electric necks on acoustics all the time . A Tom Petty Wildflower SJ 200 is in the works and so is a Noel Gallagher J 150 . People also criticized the Slash J 45 and to be honest it’s one of the best J 45’s I’ve played. JC
  7. Sierra is one of my favorites. Love her voice and her picking. “Rosemary” and “Why’d you do it”are some of my favorites from her. A true gem of an artist! JC
  8. Thanks Em7 !!! JT is one of my idols for sure. While I don’t like Beatles music a whole lot ... I do think each member are mystical figures individually. And to step into a room with 2 of them would be a religious experience almost .Good to see him still treating his old friend well . JC
  9. Nick, Here you go: you can see the bridge clearly at around the 10 second mark. JC
  10. To be clear , the only Artist Models currently in production are: 1)Slash J 45 2) Sheryl Crow Country Western Supreme 3) Frank Hannon Love Dove 4) Gibson also lists the Eric Church Hummingbird Dark back on the website. The Donovan J 45 was produced years ago . JC
  11. Here’s a pretty decent demo : Also: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CCpInmTBbpX/?igshid=16xr0e0o5pybh JC
  12. Perhaps your expectations are unrealistic ? How much playing do people do around frets number 10 and 12? if the action is high a competent luthier can adjust that for you. The pickguard issue is something common in standard series instruments since Gibson changed to what people call the “flubber” material. Gibson should issue you a new guard if you are buying from an authorized Gibson dealer.Gibson made the change because people would always complain that the artwork on guitars like the Hummingbird or SJ 200 would wear off. JC
  13. It’s still on the website so it’s still available to order . the “out of stock” designation is just a solution the new owners of Gibson found to stop what the old owners were trying to do which is allow people to order online. The new management believes in their dealers . JC
  14. The Firebird is definitely one of my favorites!! JC
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