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  1. Folks, It’s a common thing to hear people say that the L 00 disappeared by 1941 and was replaced by the LG 2 but over the years I’ve seen a handful of Banner L 00’s: Are these unicorns ? JC
  2. The idea behind this is a J 200 for a lead guitar player.And Yes Orianthi selected the red color . i dig everything except the Ebony . JC
  3. Just ordered a left handed Frontier in Sunburst . I’m excited . I’m glad Epiphone is Getting USA reissues. JC
  4. Here’s a second video where he plays both the new one and the original : If you set the video quality feature in YouTube to 1080p the sound improves quite a bit and they really sound very similar (At least in this setting). Gibson is doing some pretty awesome things JC
  5. I could be wrong but by the looks of the finish it looks to have a “terrified” top. If it does that might make me lose some interest in acquiring one. JC
  6. Folks, Check it out : Only for the Japanese market but it’s still a cool piece . I dig the burst. JC
  7. Gibson Montana has a heavy back order of a few thousand guitars .They are expanding the Bozeman plant . JC
  8. Beautiful ! The Majority of riffs torte album “Raw Power” by The Stooges were developed on a Gibson B 25 -N (for natural). Enjoy your family heirloom! JC
  9. T, The Hummingbird Sustainable was built by design with a pick up .If you want one without it you would have to custom order it from a dealer and specify that you don’t need the pick up or strap button . JC
  10. I think it has to do with how fanatical Japanese people are about vintage guitars.The signature models Gibson does with Japanese artists are also only available there as well ( I know cause I tried to order one once and was told NO). Except for some very rare occasions where American dealers acquire them directly and I’ve seen that happen maybe on 2 or 3 occasions since Reverb has been around. I know the Billie Joe Armstrong J 180 that he was playing around the release of his signature J 180 was a Japanese market edition with the Pinless Bridge that some producer he worked with
  11. Very nice ! Enjoy in good health JC
  12. Nick, Empty your messages so I can PM you. JC
  13. Folks, Check out Mr.Petty with his original one-off Wild Flower courtesy of Mark Agnesi: https://www.instagram.com/p/CM4fk_YnIIB/?igshid=kjc35kmrzhqw JC
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