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  1. 😂😂😂 thanks for keeping the shtick going. I’ll admit the guard was the only weak point of the guitar . JC
  2. Folks, For your consideration 1 used but very elusive Gibson Sparrow Dreadnought. https://reverb.com/item/33640026-gibson-sparrow-acoustic-electric-2012-sunburstohsc-papers-fancy-hummingbird No affiliation with seller. JC
  3. Folks, Here’s Music Villa’s Demo: Enjoy !!! JC
  4. Actually that buying online idea was conceived by the old Gibson owners. The new Gibson owners don’t want that ... so they have marked everything OUT OF STOCK in order to prevent people from buying online.Unfortunately the L 00 fell through the cracks and has not been marked OUT OF STOCK. JC
  5. The price on the L 00 standard just probably fell through the cracks on the Gibson website, Sweetwater has it at the same price as the Original: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LSL0VSN19--gibson-acoustic-l-00-standard-vintage-sunburst JC
  6. Folks, Here’s a Gibson in action for Father’s Day: Enjoy! JC
  7. I think this is a similar situation to the prewar Herringbone/Scalloped D 28’s vs the postwar No Herringbone/Straightbraced D 28’s “which is better argument” .Both have a place and so do both versions of the Super Jumbo. Pete Townsend showed us that if you have a constant strum/rhythm on a Maple SJ you can achieve a bunch of volume.In essence what he does is not allow the notes to die. I rarely play with a constant strum ... I like to use my maple Super Jumbo almost in the opposite way ,with separation between notes and to the point where the notes are like ghosts because they fade away quick. I’ve never heard any other wood with this ”ghostly“quality and for that reason maple remains my favorite guitar timber.But I always say that if I was to live out my days on a desert island a Hummingbird would be the weapon of choice because mahogany has more variety. JC
  8. BK, Very Nice! One major difference that will affect the sound is that the old Doved had mahogany necks (perhaps this gives the woodier aspect thay you mention) Starting at some point in 1968/1969 the necks became 3 piece maple .This featured on the Doves through the 70’s and Bozeman has kept it going. JC
  9. Tom, Always a pleasure to see your collection and hear it as well ! JC
  10. I think he said in one of the first video that he thought that this lower tunning was the sweet spot for the guitar at least in his opinion. This guy mostly plays electrics so It’s pretty clear that by putting lighter strings on a 25.5 “ scale he is trying to make the guitar as comfortable as possible.It’s his guitar and he can set it up as he sees fit for his playing style. The luthier did a great job in my opinion and it has retained the magical tone that it displayed when he first recieved this guitar months ago. JC
  11. Folks , Check out the 65 Dream Dove ... It’s back from the repair shop: Enjoy JC
  12. More info here: https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/listing/gibson-eas-deluxe-cherry-sunburst-1993-s031/12169972 JC
  13. I played one at NAMM , thought they were absolutely incredible ! JC
  14. Folks, Check it out : I Love this guitar ! JC
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