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  1. Em7, That’s not Clayton but he may have lent the guitar to that guy for a recording session. Clayton appears in blue with Keef here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/4524295.amp/ he was or is in a band called Dirty Strangers. I’m saying it’s a 64 because Clayton has said it is.Either Keef told him he bought it in 64 or he has had the serial # checked out. Some people seem to think Brian,Jagger and Richards shared one blonde bird and that it was passed around for years between them 3. I think it’s pretty clear this is not true after seeing these recent pics of Keith’s old blondie.The guard is still intact and has no screws ... Whereas Jagger’s had the screws back in Vienna 1973 and still does today. The only mod I can see on Jagger’s is it used to have the Belly up/Insert saddle bridge and it now has a belly down/fixed saddle one. I’ve cut the photo of Jagger’s so the screws in the guard can be seen more than anything else. JC
  2. Folks, Many of us assumed it was stolen and never recovered. It appears that was never the case.From what I’ve been able to piece together Keith always has that guitar until the year 2000 when he gave it to a guy he worked with named Alan Clayton. Also it appears to be a 64 and not a 67/68 as some people believe JC
  3. Folks, Check it out: True Vintage = Non Torrified Adi Vintage = Torrified Adi For me the True Vintage wins it just sounds more organic. How about you? JC
  4. Joe, Glad you are getting into maple. I’ve never found a Rosewood guitar that I though sounded any good (I guess my ears don’t like harsh tones) ... Maple has never let me down ! Some people consider maple a dead sounding wood but I believe that what they are actually reffering to is it’s quick decay as far as notes. That’s what I love so much about maple ... It’s almost like the notes are ghosts , they are there for a second or two and then they disappear. With Rosewood getting harder to source I believe the majority of guitars in the future will be maple and I love that ... It doesn’t get too much respect among rosewood lovers but I am glad you can appreciate the qualiy of a fine maple or two. Play your guitars in good health! btw even Neil Young who has been a staunch Martin man now plays a small body Gibson Century of Progress (maple back and sides) on some songs of his last few tours. I heard it was a gift from his gf /wife Darryl Hannah JC
  5. Sal, Your Country & Western is awesome !!! JC
  6. He talks about it at the 7 min 45 sec mark: JC
  7. The thing is this: Cesar one of the new faces at Gibson said that they were going to STOP putting the years on the back of the headstock as of January NAMM 2019 because they believed that the guitars from one year to the next should be of the same quality . Since your model has a 2018 serial number it has the 2019 still stamped into it. But no it’s not strange at all. The new Gibson management just made a conscious choice to STOP that (admittedly dumb) practice. That’s all. You can explain that to any buyer you may have ... in fact I may be able to find a video of Cesar talking about this exact topic. JC
  8. I think the one that was hiding at Heathrow was his Blonde Bird. JC
  9. Folks, Check out this photo from Hitparader (May 1972) featuring Mickey J holding a belly down Hummingbird. You can peak a bit through the soundhole just enough to see thicker bracing. I think this bird was probably one he kept around the house because there are other pictures of him serenading Bianca with it. JC
  10. I disagree on the fact that the Everly Brothers chose that body size because they were “small” ... Phil was 6 ft. They most likely chose that size because they needed notes to fly out of the guitar quickly . Don Every recently said that the Everly Bros guitars were cool looking but not the best sounding. What he meant by that I guess is that they lacked the “rumble” that other Gibsons had. But that’s the way those guitars were designed . Jake Bugg then says he played one of the original Everly models and that to him it was magic. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. JC
  11. Ronnie played his signature J 200 and Keith used a Collings: Mick used his cherry Hbird for Dead Flowers. JC
  12. Gilmour’s Costello Century of Progress sold for $68,750 . That might be the highest price a Bozeman era instrument ever sold for (not including the Master Museums) JC
  13. Quick Decay . Bright tone. Clear note separation. JC
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