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  1. Same with wood … And why Gibson is using Walnut to make their most affordable models (it’s a North American wood so no import costs).Mahogany has gone up and there’s a lot less of it than 50,60,80 years ago. The new generation’s mahogany will be walnut and in my book that’s a good thing … Hog J 45’s and Hummingbirds will be a luxury . JC
  2. It happened … you just didn’t notice it . Inflation eventually was going to force them to raise just like any other business. JC
  3. DB, Both the L 00 original and the standard have the same guts , the only difference is the tuners and the silk screen logo on the original vs the Pearl inlay on the standard . The reason they did that is because they are aware some people who are touring musicians need the grovers for dependability vs maybe someone who plays at home who will be more attracted to the white plastic buttons .So buying a standard and swapping the tuners would defeat the purpose of both lines existing . I own an L 00 and the body is very comfortable, and it’s very versatile. If you’re in Texas give the shop I do business with a call : Fuller’s Guitar in Houston Phone :713-880-2188 They have a standard in stock but if you really want an Original they could order it for you (if you are willing to wait ) : https://www.fullersguitar.com/gibson-l-00-standard-vintage-sunburst-40982487.html they stand by the products they sell and are a world class shop. P.D My own personal experience is L 00’s are magical guitars . JC
  4. Nope . I said personally I didn’t like that D 28 conversation… but I do like Martin guitars mostly their style 18 small bodies and style 15 small bodies . I’ve stated from day 1 that I’m not a fan of Rosewood guitars for the most part but I’m sure there’s a couple out there I would dig . JC
  5. No , only for the body which is Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer.For the Fingerboard you want to watch this video for proper cleaning method : JC
  6. Folks , Check it out: Personally my favorites were the SJ -100 and the J 185 . I thought the Martin sounded like junk . Obviously you can’t get a detailed opinion just by a YouTube video … but it’s what we got to enjoy and comment about . JC
  7. Also keep in mind Gibson developed their sunburst as a way to hide flaws in the wood , historically the blonde (natural)guitars had the prettiest wood because you would be able to see everything. With a sunburst you can shade things to darken certain imperfections in the wood . JC
  8. Wow , what a find ! old mahogany is gold !!! JC
  9. D, Use some Gibson polish : https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Cleaning-and-Care/AIGG-910 A few drops usually do the trick . You can use an old (but clean)cotton shirt or rag to wipe it down .You don’t have to do it too often , just once every few months . Let us know if you have further questions . JC
  10. RIP Mr. Charlie Watts . Had the privilege of seeing the Stones twice (2015 and 2017) and i value it more now. JC
  11. Only on the neck joint . The braces and everything else uses modern glue … for hide glue on the braces you have to purchase a Historic Model or order a custom through a dealer . JC
  12. Apparently Paul Weller scored one of the NG’s J 150’s : JC
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