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  1. The AJ has the most bass. The Rosewood Southern Jumbo had a folk vibe to it ... It sounded to me like a songwriters guitar rather than a Bluegrass man’s guitar. I’m trying to rationalize buying one . I loved it! JC
  2. Folks, Check it out: Sounds awesome to my ears JC
  3. I’ve played all three of those. The OJ is perpetual rumble (it has a massive neck) The AJ and SJ are very similar I’d say they sounded really glassy and not muddy at all. But the SJ is short scale vs Long Scale on the AJ.The necks on both of these didn’t feel massive (at least to me) . JC
  4. Have you followed the thread of this guitar ? There’s 2 parts before this one. JC
  5. Folks, Here’s an update on everyone’s favorite dove: JC
  6. I’ve played one Dove in my life. It was used but sounded amazing ! Still think about owning one all the time. JC
  7. Tom, Abosolute stunner! Thanks for sharing. JC
  8. Folks, Check it out: https://m.facebook.com/104431549609627/posts/3140332259352859/?vh=e&d=n Gibson Acoustics have never sounded better! JC
  9. If that happened to an SJ 200 standard that was mine ... I wouldn’t have it put back together with that same cracked top ... I’d have something new put on it or smash it to bits. But not everyone has the means to have something rebuilt. Glad they have pretty nice ton though. Hopefully they last the guy for years to come. JC
  10. Actually the smashed red guitar was Noel’s (A 355 I believe) but the SJ 200 was Liam’s a Rosewood Natural Top: It was a gift from his ex wife. It had the Gibson Block logo . His main writing guitar is a 1962 Hummingbird and an early 60’s LG 3 with no pickguard. JC
  11. I was excited when I first heard about this series but I hate the feel of richlite (don’t like ebony too much either) .If these would have come with rosewood f/b I would have purchased on in a heart beat. beautiful quilt maple though. JC
  12. Nick, Here’s a photo from one of the Gibson tv videos ... Can you confirm or deny the existence of a taper ??? it’s the LG 2 . JC
  13. Folks, Check it out: The Southern Jumbo looks really road worn but the SJ 200 looks to have been dragged behind a bus .Still both have amazing tone in my opinion and it shows that Bozeman has done a great job in capturing the spirit of the Gibson of old. JC
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