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  1. Here’s a pretty decent demo : Also: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CCpInmTBbpX/?igshid=16xr0e0o5pybh JC
  2. Perhaps your expectations are unrealistic ? How much playing do people do around frets number 10 and 12? if the action is high a competent luthier can adjust that for you. The pickguard issue is something common in standard series instruments since Gibson changed to what people call the “flubber” material. Gibson should issue you a new guard if you are buying from an authorized Gibson dealer.Gibson made the change because people would always complain that the artwork on guitars like the Hummingbird or SJ 200 would wear off. JC
  3. It’s still on the website so it’s still available to order . the “out of stock” designation is just a solution the new owners of Gibson found to stop what the old owners were trying to do which is allow people to order online. The new management believes in their dealers . JC
  4. The Firebird is definitely one of my favorites!! JC
  5. Larry , Awesome guitar !!! Enjoy it in good health . JC
  6. Your theory is wrong.Gibson offered all hide glue acoustics while Ren Ferguson was there and even after that. They did HG series guitars for Wildwood: JC
  7. I might be in the minority here but this doesn’t bother me at all ... it’s just glue . The sound and tone of a guitar is subjective as well . I’m sorry Gibson wasn’t the brand for you. JC
  8. Folks, Unfortunately do to the pandemic the audio is terrible (online concert) but at least it’s actual proof that Keef’s Nellcôte bird is still loved and making music : JC
  9. You are probably referring to the J 45 custom : http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/2017/J-45-Custom.aspx JC
  10. Folks , Check it out: It seems to me the reissue sounded almost exactly like the 38 (the experience might vary in person) . Great job Gibson ! JC
  11. Maybe production was affected by the covid slowdowns and they had to put some of these together with what they had at the time. I’m aware Gibson has always had the right to change specs without notice and the original banners came in all sorts of combinations so there is really no harm done. But other less comprehensive people could totally bad talk Gibson because of this. I posted the question mark at the end because I wanted to get other opinions on this and you have all made valid points. It certainly is a great guitar regardless of the changes. JC
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