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  1. In need of money I sold most of my guitars... the only 4 that remain are my 2 Gibsons and my Epiphone SJ 200CE... anyway I discovered that guitar fetish sells guitat kits and I found a les paul kit for $200,,, has anyone ever worked on these guitars? If so how was your expierence working with it? And what are some tips, also found out that this one is a set neck instead of a bolt on which seems like a aplus to me... anyway thanks in advance
  2. Its not a stupid question every beginner guitarist needs some basic guidance on how to operate their instrument. Anyway to check if everything works put the guitar on your lap in playing position. There are 4 knobs as you mentioned the top 2 are volume and tone controls for the rhythm (neck) side and the bottom 2 knobs are for your treble (bridge) side... so switch the toggle up and mess around with the top knobs and vice versa for the treble. As you twist the volume knob, you should hear nothing on 0 and gradually get louder. The Tone knob if its on full 10 the guitar should sound bright
  3. Hahahaha very funny supersonic nice to see football fans :D
  4. I decided to just revive this old thread cause i didnt feel starting a new one was necessary. - I got the Grover Imperial Tuners - Gibson ES 335 Style Pickguard (got the old E and stuck it on this new Pickguard) - got Inlay Stickers (they do work like a charm, you really dont feel it when playing and it is a HELL of alot cheaper than actually getting the remaining 3 frets inlayed.) did a couple of other things to proclaim its mine. I am a BIG Manchester United fan so i will show it other wise. - Put the Manchester United sticker in the middle of the body - Plan on getting a Custom I
  5. I think the Epi Sheraton II poses as a better stand in for the ES 355... Seeing that the Gibson ES 355 is the "blinged out" version of the ES 335... All the Sheraton needs is the "Custom" Diamond Inlay on top :D... i love my sherry id rather have her than the 355... the diamond on that headstock does not look right, but the Flowers on my Sherry does :D
  6. hahah sorry to hear about your little prediciment... i remember gasing for many guitars at once... it was heartache :P
  7. Hahaha.... yeah she is a keeper and i have yet to name her o.O ill figure that out later.
  8. My New/Used Guitar... I cant find my Cameras charger which may present to be a problem in the future. I used my iTouch 4. Also what i recently Discovered is that this thing came with Schaller Strap Lock strap pegs... not the actual locks them selves but that's awesome cause my Les Paul has Schaller Strap Locks so i can just alternate the strap between the 2 Paul's... :D
  9. right ok well it doesnt matter i found an old 1999 Black Beauty 3 that has a fairly large Diamond Inlay :D
  10. After many months of staring at the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty and even almost desecrated my Gibson Custom trying to turn it into 3 Pickup Guitar. ill post up pics as soon i find my cameras charger... O.O... got a great deal on it 300 dollars with hard shelled case, came with the Seymour Duncan Slash sig in the neck and middle and it had Seymour Duncan 59 on the bridge... sounds and looks amazing very pleased. Time to Update my Signature Picture as well... :D
  11. Ive asked alot of questions on this forum asking about the Black Beauty 3 even thought about putting a 3rd pickup in the 3rd pickup on my Gibson Les Paul Custom. Anyway i pulled out of that id ea and got out of it just in time. But i still want a Black Beauty 3, and im very picky about my guitars and i search for MONTHS... and my main question is, What year did the Diamond on the Les Paul Black Beauty get smaller? I hate these small Diamonds, Mostly because on my Gibson Custom the diamond really shines and says Look at Me i am Extraordinary. But the modern small diamond's that these epiphone c
  12. I remember asking question number one a while ago the only result I came up with is get a refinish (200-300 dollars {my personal luthier gave me that price}) and buy a Allparts reproduction Vibrola (150 dollars) I didn't actually make mine yet cause im gathering money also in the middle of other projects... as for their existance they used to, not anymore you have to scout ebay/craiglslist for that Also engraving the vibrola costs a bit too... I engraving mine with the US Navy logo... something out of the norm... don't want what everyone else has
  13. Both Guitars seem a little too light i have 57 Classic in neck and Burstbucker 3 bridge... my SG Did have the 57 Classic combo but didn't like the output of the bridge pickup... I might put 498T, 500T, Burstbucker 3, Angus Young Sig PU something along those lines. Something Rock and Roll sounding. Might go look at some Seymour Duncans as well.
  14. What pickups are in the vos and the reissue? I don't want to get the same sound as my current sg
  15. What is the main difference between buying a Gibson SG 61 Reissue and simply slapping a Vibrola on it and getting this... Gibson Custom SG Standard with Maestro VOS Electric. The 61 Reissue is half the price but what differs from the Custom Shop Model? I already got a Gibson SG Standard with a Vibrola on it (and i love the way it sounds) but i also like the looks and sounds of the older 61 Reissue Guitar then i saw the VOS looked exactly the way i wanted but what sets it apart?
  16. I dont know about the UK but in the US Guitar Center sells Levy's Straps and the widest they go is 3 inches wide for about 60 dollars... Im pretty sure they sell Levy's in the UK, just gotta hunt harder for a store dealer that sells them :D As for owning... Well before i got this i couldn't play a gig for an hour with the thin strap i had (about 1.5-2 inches)but now i can go on for Hours... the wideness really helps distribute the weight of the Les Paul across the entire shoulder rather than dig down into one area. Edit: Scratch that... i just went to Levy's website they only sell to
  17. well i spent i think around 400 dollars on the VOX VT100... but they do have smaller variations of the amplifier the Vox VT50 for 260 dollars... its a 50 Watt amp. Its also a Hybrid Amp so you get all the different amp models Vox has created over the years digitally stored into the amps memory but its powered by a Tube. So you get the Warmth of the sound via the Tube yet you get many different features including some effects like Chorus, Delays etc... i love my amp it simply is so versatile
  18. I know to some from some of you im going to get slandered... but im going to put up my own Gibson Les Paul Custom for the 3 pickup. I really like the Design and my guitar is a Gibson Les Paul 1968 Reissue in Tri Burst. the pickups im putting in are Bridge: Burstbucker Pro, Middle: 57 Classic +, Neck 57 Classic... i dont plan on reselling this guitar so i dont care for its future value all i care for is my personal taste :D
  19. Im not really in it for the coil splitting... the 3 pickups cause i tried out a Gibson Les Paul 3 1957 Reissue... and i loved the sound that came out of it... i dont know what you mean by HHH aren't good combination... but if you configure the wire the way i have it it will be different... I put my guitar in to the luthier and we made a plan where the toggle switch is going to be standard... but im going to have 3 volume switches and each volume switch is controlling each pickup so if i still wanted the Full treble all i would have to do is to switch off the middle.
  20. Ok so im in the negoication process of buying a Epiphone Les Paul Custom for 325... and a Black Beauty 3 costs about 800 with tax... would the edit cost more than about $500
  21. No, i meant will the work cost more then a Brand New Black Beauty... if it was second hand id buy instantly. But will this modification cost more than a New Black Beauty?
  22. I have a very creative idea... I've wanted a Black Beauty by Gibson/Epiphone but im not willing to modify it if i have to pay full price. But on craigslist there are no Black Beauties sold and only the standard Epiphone Les Paul Custom... 3 Questions Concern me... 1) Has it been done before? and if it has i want to hear how it turned out for you 2) I don't plan on doing this myself... i am no professional luthier... i plan on sending it off to my personal luthier. My main question is... This modification... is it going to cost more than a brand new Black Beauty 3? (I plan on spending a
  23. I don't have an answer but my question is the same but with the epi black beauty 3... how are these 2 guitars wired
  24. Intonation? to fix it you have to adjust the bridge saddles...
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