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  1. Hey i'm glad the guitar is working out for you. and i think standard Gibson Knobs fit over epi's... or atleast thats what i did with my Sheraton when i bought it Gibson Speed Knobs
  2. hahaha.. i didnt know you were a Gibson Forum Member... Out of context im the one selling XD... what a twist of luck eh? :P
  3. Yeah I hea4d about the recent changes about the zakk wylde sig. And I don't uuse EMG's but my friend is in love with them and said the passive pickups are not as good as the active pickups when it comes down to playing heavy metal. The fact that it vomes with ebony fretboard to me is a Giant plus. So I would assume that its worth the extra one hundred something pounds if you like that kinda stuff. Now if only epiphone will put ebony on the other custom models ^_^ . Also let's say you were to modify your current zw sig like this new one it would cost more than a hundred pounds.
  4. Nope when I touch the strings the static goes away but the humming continues at the same 'loudness'
  5. Im not entirely sure but when I had linear pots from 1-4 I had low volume then 5-8 louder than 9-10 was highest. So I think you have linear. I change most of my pots to audio taper cause I like that gradual volume climb. For humbuckers most would recommend 500k pots. I have a mix of CTS and Gibson branded audio tapper pots@ 500k both are good. Pots didn't have a problem and perform the way I want
  6. I posted this topic in the gibson custom section but nobody seems to be there so im going to ask her. e. My 68 reissue has been humming a massive amount, and at certain times it actually statics. If I put my hand on the fretboard the static goes away but the humming continues. This has never happened before it started only a few days ago. Could it also possibly be the wire?
  7. Getting the Epi Explorer would cost something like 500? Tone Pro Chrome bridge/Tailpiece combo ~$120, Gibson 496R and 500T about 300 together, Labor for installing pickups ~$100, Grover Chrome Locking tuner ~$70... so all this would exceed a grand. I'm Fairly Patient i would rather wait around a little longer and save up the extra ~200-300 dollars and go for the Gibson and not go through the hassle of changing stuff out. Just seems easier just out of the box and play... ^_^ although later down the road i might get the Korina Flying V... im in that phase where im really digging the odd shaped g
  8. I have a 68 custom reissue and it just recentlu started to hum like all hell not even just hum I mean it evenbstarted to sound static-y if I hold the strings the static goes away but the intense hum remains. It never used to do this what could be wrong?
  9. I don't know I don't think gibson actually updates their website a lot of stuff that is released or sold in stores don't apear on the main gibson site. As for the prophacy series I don't like any guitar from those series cause to me it looks too metal. I like classic design. So if I did get an epi I would have ripped off the pick up covers and changed it to silver hardware. Im very very picky.
  10. I thought it was 496R... and im still saving up so i actually haven't touched the Gibson Explorer yet. and i didn't like the way Epiphone variation felt, and it wasn't just 1 guitar either the store had 2 in the same color and rest different. and all of them sorta had that unpleasant neck feeling. (Comes to show when Epiphone can be consistent however.)
  11. Hey thanks for answering all those questions in a single shot. I have to go try playing these 500T pickups ive only played the epiphones at the music shop. Didnt have enough money for the Gibson and i generally dont play guitars that i cant afford (incase something goes bad like i drop it)
  12. Gibson Explorer has been on my mind now for 6 years now and as much as i would LOVE to buy an Epiphone Explorer. None of them appeal to me at all (looks and sound). And the Gibson Bug was starting to itch again. So, I have a question for you Epiphone Guys just simply because i hang around here so much, that i feel more comfortable here than asking the Gibson side of the thread. 1) Why doesn't Epiphone make Cherry? 1a) Why is all there hardware gold? (doesn't look right to me except for the Korina Explorer) 2) What is the Gibson 500T? I've never heard of it until i read the Specs of th
  13. The Truss Rods all vary, some say Gibson, some say Black Beauty and some says Les Paul Custom but if it has 3 pickups then it is indeed the Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty and used that guitar ranges from $350-500 from what ive seen on Craigslist and Ebay... It all depends on Condition and Desirability. :)
  14. Ive been looking hard for one but i think the journey is about to come to an end... i might as well just buy a G 400 and play with it and stuff learn to repaint, add the maestro etc... If i cant find what i seek then i shall make it then perfect it! :D
  15. That's an Epiphone Les Paul Custom... but which variation i don't know. It could be the regular Custom or if it has 3 pickups then it could be the Black Beauty 3, i need a picture of the Body but i'm fairly sure its one of the 2 i suggested, based off the head stock. As For what is worth try going to Ebay and just adverage out the prices of the model guitar you have... its usually how i get the price when i post things to sell.
  16. I recently found out what the name of a certain shade of blue was, it was Pelham blue, but by the time i realized the color existed and i figured out what it was called, it seemed every single guitar company so far i checked has deserted that color and is no longer available on "standard" guitars. I know Gibson has a Pelham Blue SG from the custom shop but thats too steep for me. Anyway did Pelham Blue every make its way into the Epiphone G-400, with a Vibrola?
  17. I've had my acoustic (although not as heavy as a les paul) for about 2 years now... I had my high school senior teachers sign it so it became a memorbila. Anyway it is still very much playable, as long as the strings are changed... as the post above states it gets dirtly ergo alot more attention is required for the cleaning and maintaince... but with that aside its not broken, neck is straight as an arrow and still plays like the first day I bought it. On a side note if you are serious about keeping your guitar clean try to get one of those glass cases
  18. Yeah its a Sheraton... :D and I've been aching for a gold top a long time, i was thinking about getting the Epi... with the coil taps etc... but in the end i decided to go for the Ibanez... cause i already have a Les Paul in my collection. (i don't like to have 2 of the same guitars. this Ibanez resembles a double cut Les Paul which is a nice niche.) ^_^
  19. I found an awesome Ibanez double cut goldtop. its about as thick as a les paul and itnplays like butter. As soon as I do aquire this guitar I do plan on installing Gibson 498T and 490R that I had lying down from my SG :D ill post pics of it as soon as I get it
  20. I finally received my Grover Rotomatic Imperial Tuners... although it might not be genuine Imperials with the 16:1 ratio these set of tuners was put up to the job and held quite nicely very sturdy i'm happy... And i'm almost done customizing my Sheraton... i got the new pickguard and put the E on it and put the imperial tuners on. Final thing i have to do is send it to a luthier and have frets 17, 19, and 21 installed. Grover Imperials! :D very happy No More Ugly Pickguard... and for tradition i put a E on the Pickguard like my Casino.
  21. Hmm i don't think ill care that much if i do get a proper gold guitar... i just want a gold one... when i first heard about the Gibson company when i started playing the Goldtop immedietly got my attention... so ive been over due this guitar for a long time
  22. I know as far as gold tops go there are many different types of shades... im just wondering how close this looks to the Gibson LP 57 Goldtop. I've always wanted a Gold guitar but cant fetch the cash for an actual Gibson, and i don't like P 90's (to me it only feels it works on a Casino) and then i came across this Epiphone LP Trad Goldtop... even though guitar center pictures do the guitar NO justice what so ever i'm wondering if the shade of gold will match or come close to a real gold top... playability and sound comes second in this case (very rare) cause right now I've been just itching f
  23. I have GFH 59's inside and they Are awesome gives you alot of vintage sounds. Also has a ton of tone and warmth... If your not sure about GFH maybe Gibson 57's but I'm assuming your going for the blues/rock sound
  24. It could be the cable... i mean if all the other guitars were sounding the same muddy sound through the amp it can be either A) both amps are weird which is highly unlikely or B) the Epiphone cable you got is well crap like it is... id opt for B cause i had the Epiphone cable too and it was absolute garbage mine broke after about 2 days of use (being a wire to connect my guitar to a tuner but not into an amp). Also that mini Fender Deluxe Amp is crap... i have one... well i'm not using it anymore cause it juts doesn't sound all that great i'm still looking around for other mini amps or maybe i
  25. Well i cocked up real bad... i misjudged the hole i have to drill in the pickguard... now its about 1 millimeter off the original hole in the Sheraton... i got wood filler... and going to drill a new hole soon... o.O
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