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  1. Actually this worked out very well... i asked the previous owner what strings he had on and it was an 11 Gauge... i guess putting on 9 gauge did bow the neck a little bit, but with the bridge saddle backed up ALL the way against the bridge... its still Flat... and only the Bass side of the guitar is Flat... the 3 treble strings are still intonated perfectly... Actually the first thing i did to the guitar when i bought it was take out the old strings and put new Gibson 9's on it, and tried to switch the bridge from the Stock Epiphone to the former Gibson SG bridge i had... although it
  2. now i gotta ask how do you remove the individual saddle... i see a little metal wire holding them down and i'm afraid i'm going to break it if i tweak around with it, actually never mind, all the treble strings are perfectly intonate nothing wrong with them. but ALL the bass strings are flat, and the saddle is already up against the edge with the flat side facing the edge...which would mean at this point i do need a larger bridge to accommodate this problem.
  3. cant get any pics as i dont have a camera... well maybe i can just tryin find a machine head online and just photoshop what i did to make it close to what the final product looks like... maybe that will help?
  4. I have my casino with me (finally) and i tried to Intonate, but that seems impossible to do seeing that the actual saddle hit the very end of the bridge so i actually CANT intonate any further, meanwhile i tried to fit my old Gibson SG's Bridge which did fit, but had a slight flaw, Each of the Casino's bridge is at a different high i guess to accommodate for the fretboard profile. Which made sense seeing that when i put the Gibson Bridge on the Middle strings would always buzz while the 4 outer strings are way to high to be played. Anyway long story short what style bridge is this? and is ther
  5. Actually i fixed that broken Machine head, just got some sand paper and rubbed down the corners of the machine head, and just applied solder, this time the solder actually stayed on and wouldn't come off, i guess its just time to wait and see to see if the solder hold
  6. Actually i fixed that broken Machine head, just got some sand paper and rubbed down the corners of the machine head, and just applied solder, this time the solder actually stayed on and wouldn't come off, i guess its just time to wait and see to see if the solder hold
  7. i had that coming at me, however im not goign to write off this Sticker idea completely, like i said first im just going to do some MAJOR testing using my Fender, just play it constantly put the stickers through the paces, if all seems well and they show no wear and tear or signs of coming off i wont mind sticking them on the Epiphone
  8. Ehh im not partial to using stickers... even though they most likely will give me a similar look as the actual mother of pearl itself, it just doesn't seem like its going to work for me, my mental break down works like this, paper has density, and when it has density it takes up space, that space is ultimately now making the sticker taller than the fingerboard rather being flush against it like a proper inlay, and seeing that this is supposed to be a very strong sticker, also going to assume that its not all that paper thin either. However even though im highly against the idea ill give them a
  9. Thats brilliant... haven't actually found the time to switch the parts yet... seeing i dont have any strings so just going to wait till i get them, meanwhile thats one problem down and 1 to go but i think i found a second solution to my Machine Head Problem... the actual mechanism isnt broken all the gears are in tact... only the casing that housed the mechanism broke off... perhaps i can reattach that? And soldering doesn't work... i already tried that... nor does hot glue gun, so i have to find some type of adhesive thats strong enough to keep this compartment closed, any suggestions? (oh a
  10. I am very interested in hollow body guitars i have a Casino and i want to get a Sheraton because of its frills... but im kinda annoyed how the last 3 frets are not marked off by that pretty inlay. I was hoping to get this done by a professional Luthier (i do pickup replacements, body drilling to fit metric to standard pieces, but drilling a perfect sized hole to fit a inlay is too nerve racking) has anyone ever done this? i even photoshopped (badly i might add) the 3 inlays to see what the guitar would look like (just cause i thought epiphone took those off cause it looked too busy, but seemed
  11. You can go to stewmac or perhaps your local music store perhaps they sell different material nuts
  12. nope this is just the Run of the Mill made in Made in Korea Casino i think its a 2002 model. And as for the Machine Heads... from the 2 responses this means that i actually have to go out and buy new set >.<... maybe theres a Set of 7 for a 7 string guitar or something... and just take one of those and include it into the old set... now i shall go prowl google for a "set of 7" Gibson Kluson Machine head set
  13. actually on the topic of "salvaging" old Gibson parts that i have collected over the years... i also found a Tune o Matic bridge that once belonged on the Same SG mentioned above... would that fit the Epiphone Casino Posts?
  14. I have an Epiphone Casino and i realized that the Gibson Kluson Style tuners can fit into the back. The back story goes as so... my Gibson SG had to undergo repair because the headstock fell over onto its side (thank the lord that the neck didn't break) and one of the tuners actually broke off. So in haste i had no time to just find one so i went out an bought the another set of Gibson Kluson Tuners, seeing that 1 was clean and the rest are dirty decided to change them all out. Now i have a Bag full of the old Gibson Kluson machine heads that i was going to use on the Epiphone Casino, but simp
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