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  1. Were/are there any years/models of the ES 330 that have a shape like that of the Epiphone Casino? The 330s I have seen tend to have a compressed, squat, 'mickey mouse' shape compared to the Casino which looks more elongated and skinnier.
  2. What material is used for the Gibson logo inlay on the headstock of modern custom shop acoustics? Abalone? Something else?
  3. What was the retail price on a left-handed Epiphone G400 back in the day? I'm talking about the original plain model, not the G400 Pro with coil splitting that seems to have replaced it. I bought one back in 2011 and no longer play it so want to sell it but am not sure what I should list it for.
  4. Is there a full list of cleaning or disinfecting agents safe to use on Gibson guitar finishes and fretboards?
  5. What modern sunburst Casinos have had a nitro finish? So far I know of the John Lennon Limited model and the Elitist "1965" Casino Vintage Outfit model. Are there any others?
  6. What type of pots would come stock on a 2008 R7?
  7. The smell becomes much less after the guitar has been out of the case for a day or several. And then after I leave it in the case, it's smelly again. Just the empty case alone reeks of the smell.
  8. While I love Gibsons, I do not love the strong smell (vanilla-scented) that the Gibson cases have. The smell gets on the guitar and sometimes bothers me while I'm playing it. How do I get rid of this smell?
  9. What is the proper string gauge for a J185-12? I will soon be the new owner of one. It will be my first every 12 string guitar.
  10. Gibson ended up replying to my email and confirming this is a 2008 model.
  11. I recently acquired this used lefty Gibson R7 (photos from the original seller) and would like to figure out what year it is without opening it up to look at the pots. Neither the warranty nor the COA include a date. The original case still smells like vanilla. I'm guessing 2008? Full photo album here. P.S. I did fix the reversed bridge.
  12. I've have a G400 for around 2 and a half years. Around half a year ago I started having issues with the pickup selector. Whenever I would push it from the rhythm position to the treble position, there would be no or barely any sound. The issue seemed to go away after a few weeks but has recurred again. What's going on here and can it be easily fixed?
  13. Is the bridge on the Casino drilled to the guitar or is held in place by the tension of the strings?
  14. I was thinking of doing something like this too. Is is possible to remove the black color around the Bigsby logo so you're left with just the metal?
  15. Any currently or recently produced Casino models with a wider headstock like on the older ones? For reference here's a pic of Paul McCartney's (on left) as an example:
  16. Any idea on how one can acquire a left handed epiphone casino? Seems as if though there aren't really on eBay. Is it possible to special order one from Epiphone?
  17. Since I am a huge fan of Paul McCartney, I'm thinking of getting the Epiphone Inspired by 1964 Texan. However, would it be possible to convert it for left handed play by just replacing the nut? I've seen Paul's Texan, and the saddle and pickguard are still orientated for a righty player. All the shops I've contacted say that if they do the conversion, the intonation would be off, especially for the higher frets. However, they are not familiar with the IB Texan, and are not Epiphone dealers. Do you guys know if the conversion is possible, and if so, would the intonation be off?
  18. Which one do you think will end up being less common in the future? According to some eBay listings the EJ160E is a limited edition model. Do you guys think either guitar will still be commonly available in December?
  19. I am a huge Beatles fan. When I started playing guitar late last year, I used a cheap guitar from Costco. However, I'm not very happy with the quality of the sound, so I'm looking to get a new guitar sometime soon. Since the Epiphone Texan and Gibson J-160E were two of the most famous acoustic guitars used by the Beatles, I've decided that my new guitar will be one of the cheaper ($499) replicas of those guitars. Since they both cost the same, I'm not sure which one to get. Since Paul is my favorite Beatle, I'm leaning toward the Texan. If I get the Texan, I'll most likely end up taking it to a shop to convert it to a left-handed guitar. Would this affect the sound in any way? At this point I'm really undecided on which guitar to get. Do you guys have any suggestions? Edit: Oops, I posted this in the wrong section. Can a mod move it?
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