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  1. The maple cap is clearly visible in the last photo marked "one piece body no seam"
  2. Namvet


    Thnx. It is by far the best player I have.
  3. Namvet


    Picked up a 2017 Gibson Les Paul Classic Gold Top back in February. Had misplaced my forum password and finally found it this morning. For some reason, the photo won't load. Was asked this past week to play rhythm at a July gig. Should be fun!
  4. Lately I haven't spent much time on the Gibson or Epiphone groups. Most my time on the internet has been following links and stories of political happenings here in the states, trying to separate the bullshit from the facts so I can make informed decisions when I vote next week. The state of my nation has become a priority this election cycle. So, that being said, my guitar forum time is approximately 20 to 30 minutes daily with my research time fact checking is in the order of 2 to 3 hours daily.
  5. I own two Epiphones, an ES-339 in Black Royale and a 60s Tribute Les Paul in Midnight Sapphire. Both guitars play well and sound great through my Marshall.
  6. My goulash and home made pizza always have them asking for more!
  7. Met some very large monitor lizards in SE Asia. Tasted like pork roast.
  8. Thin 60s neck very smooth. It also has the baked maple fret board that is smooth
  9. I have one of the re-makes (2011) that sounds just fine. Did have a 61 that needed electronics replaced. Had to sell it in the 80s when I was laid off so my kids could have Christmas. Headstock on the 61 was marked Les Paul Jr.
  10. Namvet


    Congrats on the new addition!!! [thumbup]
  11. Myself with granddaughter #4 taken last month.
  12. Namvet


    Extremely nice! Congrats!!
  13. Due to an old injury, I can only use thumb picks. I do have a pick clip that allows me to use flat picks as thumb picks.
  14. Namvet


    Marshall Haze 40. I have two guitars with P90s.
  15. I keep all my guitar maintenance stuff in a small tool bag along with picks, strings extra cable etc. It zips closed and I know exactly where everything is and can take it with me.
  16. I've been using Brite Wires for some time now. No complaints
  17. So right you are Farns. I had posted a reply about global warming citing scientific evidence and some liberal had the audacity to state the science was not true. That is what we have to deal with in today's world. If it doesn't fit the agenda, it's not true.
  18. Weird December weather in the Bluegrass. Highs in the upper 60s and lower 70s for this weekend. Averages for this time of year should be in the lower and mid 40s.
  19. #1. Tabasco #2. Moore's Buffalo Sauce #3. Home made Ghost Pepper Sauce (don't use if you have hemmoriods)
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