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  1. jason is one dedicated dude. he was great back in the day and was an insparation to me back then. i seem to be back to one of my original insparations Rory Gallagher. that guy was an incerdible guitarist and a true showman. i don't think "WAS" is the proper word for him maybe "IS". i don't think anyone touches him to this day. there's not one bad album in his collection of work. i'm not just saying this because i'm irish, but erin go bragh anyway.
  2. it's ok , it's pine. he was probably just trying to build a house with it.not guitars. they probably let him go with a warning and some stitches in his arse.
  3. let the current admin. fade into the history books and all this stupidity will LIKELY dissapear. if we as americans don't start standing up to crap such as this we are all going to be under some form of socialist control. forget about a foreign power comming in, we will just be led like lambs to the slaughter. and then we'll cry about it later and play the "remember when" game. this is how we fall boys and girls. sheep... that's what we are, or maybe sheep puppets. do you like being told what guitars you will play? personally i like what i choose to like not what my democrat mom and daddy tell me i can like. to hell with this.
  4. +1...although we here in the south still refer to them as "game wardens".why would you send in those guys? i guess the gov. felt sorry for them and said "we'll send all ya'll in together because ya'll always by yer selfs. this time you don't have to ax fer thier fishn' licenses. just ax to see thier wood." some how that is so sarcastic it almost sounds correct. i have a good story about a game warden, a ghillie suit and a drunk guy fishing, funniest story ever.
  5. does it come with fried 'taters and biscuits and mustard?
  6. it's like this ...if you are a guitar player and DO NOT have at least ONE Rory Gallagher album in your collection you should sell your guitars. you don't even know about playing one. erin go bragh. Rory will take you to school no matter what your level of playing.
  7. i'm an electrician. all i would need is to bump or snag the pump or the line on something.i get into some tight spots. i need a desk job but i don't kiss butt, so thats out. i have the routine down to a science. i'm good with it. i'm 40 so maybe in a few years i can put this career to rest and get on with my life. there are a lot of new treatments comming along some seem very prommicing.there is one that deals with the liver's sugar producers and shuts them down because adults it seems do not need them. lets hope that if they can't cure it they can come up with some less invasive treatments.
  8. swleary, i too am a type 1. i found out i had it when i was 17.scariest day of my life.that was 23 years ago.i hope the pump does well for you. i can,t use one due to my job. i guess i'll stay with the injections.it works well for my lifestyle.again best wishes bro.
  9. fed ex has been a little off thier game as of late....did you see the video of the delivery driver throwing the package over the wall. i think it was a computer. i usually get most deliveries from ups. the drivers in my area are cool.
  10. fender bassman, not the retard reissue.the real thing.he said in an article it was his favorite amp. like most musicians he likely uses a bunch of different amps when he makes an album.
  11. best was an ibanez 540r (2 humbucker version) i had to go halfzies on that one back in 1990. worst was a pair of socks and a used coloring book from my step-grandparents they hated me..i think i was 8 or 9. they're dead, i out lived them, i win.
  12. oops i goofed.....i hit the wrong button. no gibson paied thier taxes they just didn't join the union.
  13. oh man this post went to hell.....what ever.better a smart *** than a dumb one.
  14. no answer for the wraparound tail piece huh?.....do you think they even cared back in '54? guess not.thats all they had back then. anybody else got something like that to compare with?i'd love to know.
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