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  1. If Im not mistakin those pearoid guards were on a limited run of Acoustics. Ive seen those before. Im just trying to remember the models they were applied to.
  2. heres is the back of one of my AJs This is the only picture I can post. For some reason the others are to big for the file. This is a Madagascar version. I would show the rest of the herd if I could get these pictures to upload.
  3. 2000 is allI would pay for a Nice one.
  4. I believe the zero stands for 1960 historic reissue
  5. That headstock style is of a Kent model guitar. The body reminds of the japan made silvertones , Be amazed at how many makers used the Gibson headstock shape.
  6. There are 200 more out there without repairs. Sometimes its worth spending a little more to be completely happy with a Nice guitar. To me anything restored or one with major repairs is not going to be the happy moment guitar.
  7. I owned a Banner 45 like that. It was a mess. But through all of that it sounded excellent.
  8. Too much. Its been damaged then repaired. Theres a burst on ebay for 15 or there abouts with no damage and that will retain its value
  9. Is that a rub mark on the L3? Thats a deal breaker for me. ๐Ÿ˜. I like it
  10. Date could be 70-71 as well . Not volute but getting the new double x . who knows.
  11. I own a burst 67 SJ with the same guard. Not a second
  12. Nice. Was the Flatiron based off of Rens Designs? A couple of the features are quite simuliar to the Ferguson, and Gibson used those starting in the 90s
  13. Before you mess it up. Get that to a luthier to set up properly. Overtighten ,and it could lead to splitting the neck. Ive seen it before. if the neck is bowed to much and youve released the tension of the truss rod. It may need a heat press. To straighten.
  14. Ya. You dont have to tweek those very much.
  15. Ive owned quite a few 90s Tal Farlows. The one you show is one of those. Nothing wrong with it. Keep in mind there a larger eg of a Es175. Laminated wood.
  16. Yup. I dont think it will go away any time soon. The thin guards were just fine before. Flubber was s flop.
  17. Cold wood or cold walls would do it for sure.
  18. Im pretty sure its a pickguard problem. I was at a dealer saturday. Three birds a couple of 45s , all with the guards lifting. Maybe the issue could be the polish they use after the clear has been applied. The polish might have a silicone base where the glue from the guards are not sticking
  19. Ya. Most guitars are set up to a selling point. Then usually each guitar that is sold to every customer has a different take on how they would like the action to be for there playing style. So you do have the option to have it set up to your style after purchase. Get a luthier to set it up. Im sure youll find satisfaction after its been done.
  20. I was going to post the same thing. But got destracted. ๐Ÿ˜„
  21. Nice Bird. It looks like its aging as it should. Nice top to.
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