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  1. Congrats to you. Its a hard habit to break.
  2. Yes. But it wasnt aimed at the seller. We never got those up here. And Im going to guess it would of been the 6000 plus cdn price tag.
  3. Any one seen one of these yet?
  4. Limited editions, custom shop, 1 of 50. Great marketing. The one of 50 gets me the most. Just because a color change made it different. The custom shop sticker guitars. Theres more of those out there than the standard runs.
  5. I have friends that work at both. Commission , they can relax a bit on price. straight time worker can wait till someone walks in and will pay the price. There are other guitars to sell so theres no focus on just one. talk to the store. See if they budge. Most wont. As soon as a vintage guitar is sold below whats market. That could reflect on others of the same. Most are not that desperate.
  6. All depends if you walk in with cash. If they pay there employees a commission or if there paid by the hour. they usually have mark a 20% up if consigned. or what ever a vintage book price guide dictates on condition.
  7. To bad its been refinished. Archtops Ive found have been a hard sell as it is. Unless its super cheap.
  8. A 66 J45 is a good guitar. But now that. Sitting under a bed for how long? I would check for a neck set. I would rather own a J45 than a J29. But that would depend on how much you want to spend.
  9. Beings that would of been painted overtop of the finish. There are certain colors that will actually seep or bleed into the finish. If the lettering was removed at some point. The bleeding seeped into the clear. And it will stay there. Chances are its all the way through the finish right to the wood. I bet when you look at it or run your fingers accross. You dont feel anything. Or maybe just a slight bump. Sign paint is a bad one. As well as jiffy marks. with urethane clears. Jiffy mark in most cases will wash off. Unless its red.
  10. Hi. The best place to sell is on Reverb. Any and most guitars nuts shop there. You set your price. And let the offers come in. Just be honest with your listing. Mention any defects. If its your first time there. Youll have to register. And a card. First sale payment is held till item delivered. But it does get paid out.
  11. Hmm. Well since the first batch was presold. Chances are there could be another Run of those. When , is another question. Hope you get what your after.
  12. Juan. Were these a Europe release only? I didnt see any listed here in Canada .
  13. From what Ive seen. There all the same other than a signature on the RJ. At least the RJ is not over done. Just a simple nice sounding. L1. I sold mine RJ many years ago. 1200. A tribute last fall for 1600. I would maybe pay 1800 tops for a clean one. If I was going for another. Reverb has some. But way over priced for what they are.
  14. As well as the Tribute series L1
  15. I like the blues junior. As well as the princeton reverb. All thats required in my home.
  16. If Im not mistakin. These have Bar frets as well. Martin had a H model as well (bar frets) The tangs are wider. So fretting one of those requires filling the slots so the frets stay in place.
  17. Get better. Those crowns can be expensive.
  18. You get what you pay for and most people dont care as long as they make a sound
  19. My day consisted of trying to get my 59 princeton going , puttering on my Style U harp guitar.
  20. No wonder they cant drive. How can you see where your going in that?
  21. Southern jumbo or country western style pickguard.
  22. all the 60s B45 12s Ive had were the sj guard.
  23. A 12 fret too. Looks like a J45.
  24. Here in Canada. Usually what ever US list is. Say 5990.00 US list. Is about 5990.00 cdn selling price. the Petty J200 selling up here for 11,000 cdn .
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