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  1. For a little less money, you could track down one of these... http://www.gibson.com/en%2Dus/Divisions/Gibson%20USA/Guitar%20of%20the%20Week/LP%5FClassic%5FCustom%2DWeek%5F28/
  2. Yes, binding most certainly affects the tone. It affects it just as much as what material your strap is made out of.
  3. I hope that's not the photo he's using to advertise the 335 because that's MY photo of my sunburst 339 that I photoshopped into a silverburst about 6 years ago.
  4. Okay. Well I guess I'm not able to express my opinion unless I agree with the OP that Marshall amps are the t!ts. I guess it's true what they say... Opinions are like a$$holes, everybody else's stinks.
  5. I have four SGs. A Classic, a Junior (the regular production one from a few years ago, not the Custom Shop), a Standard with P90s and a '61 Les Paul Custom reissue with a Maestro. You can certainly feel the difference even with your eyes closed. It's hard to say as far as sound because my other three all have P90s, but it's a notch above my Les Paul and that's really saying something. Having said all that, it's up to you to decide if it's worth the extra money. I got mine in a trade for an amp that I had about $2300 into. Would I have paid $3500 plus for it? Probably not, but only because I don't have that kind of cash to throw around on one guitar.
  6. Kinda' remind you of anything? Gibson would probably stand a much better chance with this lawsuit than the whole "single-cut" thing.
  7. Not to derail the thread... I don't know where you are in Canada, but I pay nowhere near Gibson list price. Most shops are the same as the Musician's Friend prices and I've even gotten a few cheaper.
  8. Jimmy Page recorded some of his most iconic riffs on a Supro.
  9. Well, it's not a Gibson IIf you had just googled "Zapp guitar", you would have found the info you were looking for. It's a cheap Japanese copy, likely from the '70s or '80s. It might actually be a cool guitar but probably isn't worth much more than $100 to $150. If you post pics, we could tell you more. In the future, as a general rule, Gibson guitars usually say Gibson on the headstock.
  10. There's another great forum that a lot of members here also frequent. www.mylespaul.com They have a MUCH more active classifieds section and with the knowledge level of the members there, a price in the $10,000 plus range isn't going to scare anyone like it might on craigslist.
  11. I have a 2001 Classic Plus in Trans Amber. Inside the bridge pickup cavity is "LPCP" for Les Paul Classic Plus and the neck pickup cavity has "TA" for Trans Amber. In all my experience, the markings usually indicate model and color. I've never heard any instances of batch numbers. Yours was probably destined to be some sort of 58 at one point.
  12. The few times I've tried a Marshall, it just hasn't really done anything for me. It's great if you want "that Marshall sound", but I like an amp with a little more versatility.
  13. February 29th, 1996. The first and fifth digits are the year. Digits 2, 3 and 4 (060) are the day of the year. Since 1996 was a leap year, the 60th day was February 29th. The 534 is the production number. Anything over 300 (since 1990) indicates it was built at the Nashville plant.
  14. Sounds like something Pete Townshend would have done to a '70s Deluxe.
  15. House of Guitars. Rochester, New York
  16. You think you have it tough? Look to the left at the guitar in my avatar. It's a Custom Shop '61 Les Paul Custom reissue. It's not an SG, so it doesn't really belong there. Les Paul guys get all weird when you put it in the Les Paul section. It's a reissue but you can clearly see it doesn't belong in the Historic section. Oh well, I guess I'll continue to go around just stickin' it wherever I can. Very nice Black Beauty and welcome aboard.
  17. I have a 2001 Classic Plus with a Vibramate and a B7. It has the brown case with the pink "Les Paul cozy" and fits just fine. I imagine any Gibson case from that era or newer would work. Can't vouch for aftermarket brands.
  18. http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/luthiers-corner/71965-gibson-case-combination-lock-problem.html
  19. Am I missing something? I've never heard of a slide damaging the strings.
  20. I'm not sure about newer Gibson acoustics, but if they're anything like the newer electrics, don't expect crazing... EVER!!! There have been many threads from guys looking to "check" their Les Pauls, SGs, etc. who have gone as far as leaving them in a freezer for a day or two, then sitting them next to the fireplace with no luck. The hair dryer/compressed air trick has been tried as well. Gibson started adding more plasticizers to their lacquer quite a while ago for various reasons, but one of them was to prevent checking. To a guitar maker, checking is a bad thing no matter what us commoners think. Perhaps the acoustics are different due to the wood being more pliable, but I think that would be a reason for Gibson to make the lacquer even more forgiving.
  21. On my ES-339, the same thing would happen when my hand would brush the pickguard.
  22. A link to the auction would be helpful...
  23. Easy solution. For the price of a set of Schaller locks, I bought about 15 of these and throw a couple in each case. I can use any strap I want.
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