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  1. I loved this guy. I remember watching him debunk frauds like Yuri Geller way back in the 1970s on Johnny Carson. https://www.npr.org/2020/10/22/926717787/amazing-escape-artist-magician-and-skeptic-james-randi-dead-at-92
  2. One of my old bands did Your Love, but the female had to sing it. RIP Tony
  3. Went to Patterson NY and back today. Our shop is looking to purchase a new CNC Mill, so the owner and I went up with the sales rep to check out the plant where they are assembled. During the tour we saw a mill being assembled for Martin Guitars among others. Pretty cool trip.
  4. I watched the Foo Fighters Saturday night from The Troubadour. I enjoyed that and even donated a few bucks. It was part of this same fund raiser posted here but I wasn't aware Miley Cyrus was involved. I'm not a fan or anything, but I watched some of the video posted above and honestly didn't find it horrible. Her singing was more on key than many live acts I hear that I am fans of.
  5. Funny. I had a gig last Saturday night and brought this pedal up to my buddy who's son is Jack's manager. He said yeah for like $400. Then he told me the story (apparently it was in news but I hadn't heard) of how his son was called at the last minute to see if Jack could play SNL that night The original musical guest was fired by Lorne G. He had to fly from L.A. to Nashville and meet Jack and drummer and then they took private jet to NY and had to take Covid test and fill out a bunch of questionnaires about where they've been and who they had contact with etc before they could enter the studio. Paul Simon was going to also participate but that couldn't be organized in time. Our gig ended early enough that I got home in time to watch his performance. It certainly was different, and I liked it more than the electronic, choreographed, auto tuned stuff they usually have as "music" on SNL. Not exactly on topic, but thought it was worth sharing.
  6. Some older ones 2017 acoustic gig 2009 old band July 4 party 2011
  7. Good thing you didn't try to describe your conversation with the luthier.
  8. Does look pretty fun to play with. I'm not sure I would have much use for it other than goofing off. One of my bandmate's son works for Jack. Maybe he can get me deal on one. 😎
  9. So much I could say, but too lazy to organize my thoughts and type them out. RIP EVH
  10. I thought about that, but I figure people see my plate in real life every day
  11. My head and neck are bothering me, since being plowed into today while stopped at a Red Light. 😠
  12. There's no rhyme or reason with me. Some songs or artists that I might have considered my favorite as a young kid or teenager, but I don't actively listen to now. If I happen to hear it playing somewhere I still enjoy it for the nostalgia. That's why I love hearing almost any pop music from the 70s. It might not be music I would call my favorite, but it just reminds me of being a young kid and hearing these songs while riding in the car, radio at home, playing in public etc. As I became a teen in the 80s, I ignored a lot the music that was popular. But again, now I kind of enjoy hearing those cheesy MTV era songs. There are some bands/artists I didn't care for when I was a teen, I've grown to appreciate later. The Beatles, The Police and Steely Dan would be a few examples of that. So to try and answer the OP, I don't think the music I listened to in my formative years totally informs my taste today. It's mostly just a nostalgia thing.
  13. One time years ago, my wife had a bunch of coupons for free food items at this local deli. I don't even know how she got them. Our kids were very young and we barely had 2 pennies to scrape together then. I didn't want to go and look like some schmuk just getting a bunch of free stuff. She brow beat me until I reluctantly went off with the coupons and like $3 cash. After getting lunch meat, milk whatever else it was I took everything to check out and put it all on the conveyor belt and handed the girl all these coupons. She joked and commented wow that's some good coupons or something like that. Anyway even after all the free coupons, I still owed a few bucks for taxes or something. I went into my wallet and was like $1 short. All these people in line behind me waiting to check out and I'm holding up the line with all my free crap and still a buck short! I couldn't make eye contact with anyone. The cahier just let me slide on the $. I slinked out of there with no self esteem at all.
  14. I feel like I'm the only one around here who's getting real gigs. I'm not trying to rub it in. Actually had three gigs in a row this week. Played the golf course Thursday, acoustic gig Friday and then tonight at Baltimore Yacht Club. As you probably can guess, it was on the water. It was windy and already the temperature is dropping. We were a little chilly. But it was an awesome night. There's a long time local newscaster who is a friend of the band, and he has been trying to get us to play the club for awhile now. We had a gig booked for July 3rd but that got canceled due to Corona virus. So we played a private party tonight and it went great. They booked us for some more dates on the spot. Some of the members wanted me to hang out and party some more on their boat after the gig, but I thought that wasn't the best idea. Tempting as it was. Here is a view of the scenery and stage.
  15. I was working as a Supervisor for US Airways at the time. I was also what was known as a Ground Security Coordinator (GSC). All that summer my email was inundated with Information Circulars and Security Directives. They were well aware that something was being plotted. I worked late the night before and got home about 2AM. My two oldest kids were in school and my wife went with her mom and my youngest to Ikea early in the morning. I got up around 9AM and noticed it was eerily quiet. Normally I would hear planes flying over my house. Then I noticed the sound of a jet but could tell it wasn't an airliner. I looked out the window to see two A-10s flying just above the treetops. Went downstairs to let the dog out and turned on TV to see total chaos. I knew immediately it was Bin Laden.I was scheduled to come in at 3PM but when I finally got hold of my manager he said don't bother, BWI had been evacuated and I wouldn't even be able to get close. Eventually I would hear all kinds of wild stories from the people who were at work that morning. Needless to say my airline career was never the same. I somehow kept my job for awhile even after massive cutbacks and layoffs. Eventually I got a position in Corporate Security handing Homeland Security and TSA Regulations but even that didn't last. Finally left in 2006 when my airline merged with America West and I would have had to move to Tempe AZ to keep my position. By that time I was fed up with airlines and dealing with TSA, LOIs and Watchlist issues etc. Took my severance package and walked away. I often wonder how my life would be different if I had remained.
  16. I live in the suburbs but my part of the county is pretty close the the Baltimore city line. It's getting more congested by the month around here. Just about every bit of woods or open field has been cleared and within days houses are up.
  17. My first concert was BOC on the Fire Of Unknown Origin tour. Good to see they are still going with a few original members. This song is actually good IMO. There's even a cowbell reference in the video.
  18. Why did I listen to that? 😱
  19. Played another gig tonight at the golf course. We have one Thursday a month booked there. Crowd was great tonight. Cars were parking out by the road cause all the spaces were taken. That's a good sign. Lots of nice dancers which is nice. As far as music. Well we played pretty much same set as always with addition of Tin Man and Motown style of Proud Mary. Big difference for me was I borrowed my friends Strat tonight. I haven't played a Strat with a band in years. It took some getting used to. It's about a 1981 natural blonde with a maple neck. The neck is blade thin and has a serious radius. Man I forgot how much I missed that quack! Plus those single coils really cut through the mix. I did play a set with my Les Paul too, and the difference was very noticeable. I love the feel of the LP and for some songs the sound is great, but on other songs it seems to get lost in the mix. Many of the songs this band plays are more suited for a Strat sound. Hmmm. Well, it;s appropriate, Our band name is Sagamore Band, so I'll have some Sagamore Rye before I go to bed. 🥃
  20. I wish I had some method to achieve a unique sound. I just run my guitar into whatever pedals I have at the moment into whatever amp I have and hope for the best.
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