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  1. Hey: Does anyone know the dates during which the ES 355 TDSV (Walnut) had pickup covers with the Gibson logo on them and which years had plain gold with no logo? Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks again folks for all the discussion. There is a tone and volume difference even when the Varitone is in the bypass position. There is volume drop and tone difference when using the Y cable versus plugging one end of the stereo cable into the rig. Huge volume drop when both pickups are engaged as well. Thanks.
  3. Folks, trust me, I havent disappeared, just hoping we can solve this collectively!
  4. Thanks for all of the help folks. I am a total convert to Orange amps so I may have to live with the difference in tone using the basic stereo to mono cable converter. Or, I guess I could get the upgraded Orange combo with 2 inputs (I currently use the Orange Rocker 30 which is 2 channels and I input. No easy way around this one.
  5. Just bought an amazing 69 ES 355 Stereo. I am wondering if it can be rewired to Mono while still keeping use of the Varitone. I am currently just using a stereo to mono cable converter into an Orange combo but this method results in volume and tone loss. Any other suggestions. I love the guitar but need to solve this problem. I posted about this before I bought the guitar and the stereo to mono cable suggestion was made but I don't think it's a good solution. Many thanks for any help.
  6. Thanks you guys for the help. So it sounds like the best way to deal with this is externally through a stereo input into a box that then has a mono output. I would hate to have any tonal quality lost in this process though
  7. Folks, is it true that you need to have the stereo cord to hear both pickups and that you need an amp with 2 channels? I would like to buy a 70s 345 or 355 due to the slim neck profile (I have small hands and have a 1974 325 that has a neck I love) but I want to make sure this guitar will jibe with my basic Orange 30W Rocker amp and I'm not sure I understand the electronics. Thanks for any help!!!
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