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  1. Hmmm...so Gibson finally got back to me but this guitar still remains a bit of a mystery... They said: 'The serial number refers in our database to a guitar Gibson LP Studio Plus with Zebra pickups, made in 2006 in Nashville US. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find available information about guitar specs. Probably was a dealer order, but seems the differences with a regular LP Studio Plus are the finish and pickups. Hope this helps.' So its a bit of a custom guitar by the looks of it :) Does anyone know how to tell what type of Zebra pickups these are? If I take one out will it say anything on the back? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, I emailed them a few days ago but haven't heard back yet. Thought the forum might be able to shed some light on this for me. I hope they email back soon thought as I've wondered about this guitar for ages!
  3. Anyone?? I think the color might be Manhattan Midnight at a guess. This guitar almost looks black until you shine a light on it, then it shines up blue.
  4. Hi guys, I bought this Les Paul secondhand a few years ago and the only thing I was told about it was that it was a Studio Plus model. It was made in February 2006 according to the serial number. I love Gibsons but I'm not very technical when it comes to guitars, types of hardware, Pups, etc. Its a fantastic guitar and I've always been intrigued to find out what this dark blue color is called, what type of zebra burstbuckers are in there, whether the black Grover tuners came as standard? I can't find a great deal of info on the Studio Plus models from 2006 so maybe some of you guys can help give me the technical specs for my prized possession. I have added some pictures. Thanks :)
  5. I have a Les Paul Studio and a PRS Santana SE. These guitars are completely different in every way. Each one has pro's and con's in my eyes, yes even the les paul. The best thing about my PRS is the way it plays. It is the easiest guitar to play. Low action and the neck shape mean playing this guitar is effortless on every fret. Fingers never get tired or painful. I find it much more difficult to play my les paul, especially reaching the high frets. i like the PRS for its funky clean sound, but it doesn't compare to the les paul for rock tones so they each have their place. Overall the Les Paul is better for me most of the time but you can still get some cool tones from a PRS. Depends what you fancy playing on that particular day.
  6. I bought my first Les Paul in March this year, aged 24. As soon as i saw it i had to have it, simple as that. When i plugged it in to the VOX (AC 30 i think) amp in the shop and played the thing i was amazed at the way it played and sounded. So different to my Jackson, PRS and Tele at home. Still yet to see another Les Paul Studio in this colour! And still paying it off on finance but it was worth it!
  7. Here's my little beauty! (bad photo's i'm afraid!) Dark Trans Blue Studio Plus, 2006 model. New to me!
  8. Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a LP Studio Custom?
  9. So what do we think then people? Is it a LP Studio, Studio Plus, Premium Plus, Studio Lite...
  10. Here are some pic's people. Sorry about the quality but hey, you get the picture. This guitar is awesome!O:)/ Its really heavy compared to a les paul standard i played the other day, really heavy!! You like???
  11. I'll be back home a bit later on so i'll take some pic's. Hopefully you guys can help. Thanks for the quick responces!
  12. I thought it could be a studio lite but didn't they stop making those a while back? This guitar is a 2006 model, pretty new and looks completely unmodified...i need Gibson's help!
  13. Thanks, i'll try that. I hear they're not always that good at getting back to you though.
  14. I bought a les paul studio a few months ago from a store in the uk. Problem is that it is a second hand guitar and i didn't get a whole lot of information about what type of LP Studio it is. Apparantly it is a Studio plus. I will be posting pictures of it as soon as i can but heres the specs that i have: 2006 Les Paul Studio Trans Blue, flamed maple top (i think!) no binding rosewood fretboard, trapezoid inlays All black hardware and tuners etc 2 open zebra burstbuckers Its a really nice guitar and i can't find a single guitar like it on the internet, does any one have any ideas?? Photos coming soon...
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