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  1. I bought a Breedlove Oregon-made limited run 25th anniversary model of their CE model couple years ago -- great small-bodied OM guitar, especially for finger picking. Myrtlewood back/sides and cedar top. I have martins, Gibsons, Larrivees and it holds its own in the stable. Craftsmanship is flawless.
  2. I own several DI boxes (Venue, countryman, Radial Pro, Radial JDI, Para DI, Radial Deluxe Pre, Fishman Platinum Pro). I also gig out couple times a month so sound is paramount to me. My advice: IF you don't need tone shaping, go with a Radial Pro for $99 -- can't beat it for a straight DI box. IF you need tone shaping, go with a Fishman Platinum Pro.
  3. kebob


    Best wishes Jeremy. Like others, when I needed assistance, you were there. Always appreciated and remembered that. Good people make good organizations. Glad to hear you'll still be around the forum.
  4. I actually traded in my Hummingbird for a Humminbird Pro (cutaway) a few months back. As MP stated -- completely different animals, despite the name similarity. While the Hummingbird is a great guitar, the Hummingbird Pro was more to my liking -- deeper and louder with more of that Gibson thump/growl than the Hummingbird. I do not regret the trade at all.
  5. I bought one a couple months ago and love it. Actually traded my Hummingbird for it. It's a different animal than the regular Hummingbird -- mine has way more low-mid thump to it, rivaling a Martin dread. And I love the thick neck on it.
  6. Been playing gigs for several years and, with all due respect, most people could care less about guitar tone. Plus, my "beater" guitar sounds better plugged in than my SJ-200 or Hummingbird plugged in. Just because it's high end unplugged don't make it high-end sounding plugged in. Give ya an example: Last year I played a small town dive bar just a few miles outside of my city. Was a great night -- place was jumping and fun to play. But toward the end of the night, couple drunk guys looked at each other the wrong way and an all-out brawl started. It eventually spilled out into the street while I was loading my gear out. Yeah no thanks -- I'll leave the J-200 at home for those gigs. Shame on me for that? -- Good by me. Like I said, it depends on where you play. When I play a winery, the good stuff has a better chance to come out.
  7. Like another post stated -- it depends on the environment. For places where I'm close to a rowdy audience, I leave the high end guitars home. If I'm playing on a stage that is away from prying hands, then I may bring one of my Gibsons. That said, my typical gigging guitar is my Alvarez Yairi -- it has the best of both worlds for gigging -- it isn't as valuable of guitar as my higher enders, yet it sounds better than my high enders when plugged in. The built-in pickup system on the Yairi is great. I've been on the lookout for a used Tak pro series due to their pickup system. They are rare around here though.
  8. I play out about 3 times a month at small bars and use a a Fishman Soloamp for my acoustic and electric guitars and two vocals -- since we use 4 inputs I use a small mixer. I typically use another main (QSC K8) for mains on each side of us, but I have used the Soloamp by itself and it works nicely. I initially planned to buy a second QSC main, but the Fishman sounds so good that I haven't had a need to purchase a second QSC main. You can't go wrong with either the Fishman Soloamp or the Bose L1 -- they are great units for what you need.
  9. Ah, so you bought the HP? I must have missed that part -- enjoy! Great guitar when you find the right one. I picked up a used Alvarex Yairi couple years ago and it's nothing too special unplugged, but plugged in it really shines. It has the Alvarez barn door style pickup. My experience with that guitar (still gig with it) taught me that a great pickup can make a performance guitar, even if it is average unplugged. Enjoy your new Hummingbird Pro!
  10. I almost pulled the trigger on a GC Hummingbird Pro a few months back -- it played very nice. I was intrigued by the built-in pickup (Fishman) -- it was the barn door style" and had EQ on it. Normally I don't like the huge footprint of the barn-door pickups, but I was looking at this particular guitar for a performance guitar. I didn't get the trade value I wanted for one of my Martins so I passed on it and ultimately landed a Breedlove Oregon concert guitar and I really enjoy -- although different kind of animal than the Hummingbird Pro. Anyway, if you buy that HP, I'd be interested to know what your impressions are of the built-in pickup system on it. All the best...
  11. No one is sparring. You stated you didn't know the value of the guitar in question so I stated it. The 100 percent markup is more than I thought for sure. Plenty of places to try and sell so no biggie. Also plenty of places to buy gear other than my local GC.
  12. It retailed for $2,400 -- Martin no longer makes this model. A regular D-18 right now retails for $2,300.
  13. Ok, I'll bite. Say they offered $1,200. They resell it for $1,600 (a very good price). $400 profit for the store. I'm certain there's more to it than this because that makes too much sense to me.
  14. They did nothing wrong. But offering $800 for a Martin D-18V -- c'mon, that's laughable. OK -- moving on from this...
  15. Let's not get carried away. I've participated in several forums for years and didn't know their policy. I just assumed they offer me a fair price so they could make some profit off the deal. I've made several trades with my local mom-pop shop and was never low-balled like this. No big deal for me. Just learned of their policy through personal experience. To each their own.
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