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  1. Played a gig with EED at Proud Camden last night for the Soul Food festival, went pretty well looking forward to wednesdays show

  2. In a moment of weakness due to the days stresses at lunch I ordered a cheeseburger and chips…………Now I do not believe in the man upstairs, however on this occasion I believe he intervened by force of my hand by adding too much mustard and increasing the potency tenfold. I believe this was an effort to aid me during my moment of weakness and to get back on track with my health……the devouring of the select few chips was my bonus for spitting out the chewed...

  3. off to Germany this weekend!

  4. I love Melissa Rose sooo much she is always right and I am always wrong and I love Peter Wright and Mackenzie Wright they are clever great kids and Mackies does not like sausage rolls....

  5. RIP Jim Marshall the legend of amplifiers and the king of loud.

  6. Me and Melissa Rose are off to see LIMP BIZKIT 29th May!!!!!

  7. Korn was amazing last night Brixton was owned!

  8. Visiting the Brighton GAK guitar store saturday to see their new guitars, then Korn sunday night with Nav and Mel. Another musically busy weekend :)

  9. made a good impression on a few music industry guys last night. Live Showcase next month with current band and at least 1 more new project on the way recording dates to be set. Business first live performances coming ;)

  10. yet another new project! 9 songs to learn perfectly for an industry showcase end of March all expenses paid including rehearsal and food.I could get used to this session stuff ;)

  11. Jay 'Old Fingers Franklin' Talenejad

  12. 365 days of me an mary-jane............completed :)

  13. and the voices tell me to blow you away

  14. I just had the best venison starter.....the best 8oz steak.....the best weird science desert I ever tasted................

  15. led zeppelin, a blunt, jack daniels and my guitar....great afternoon x

  16. 10 hours recording, just finished ******* sweet

  17. great gig last night was kool to dust off the gigging cobwebs! we ****ed that place up!

  18. hhhmmmmm :) ZZ Top - Tres Hombres, what an album

  19. I got the friggin job *****es! start 1st december!

  20. off my rocker on naughty things with my tools all over the place covered in buffer compound and still working on this custom bass im building for Mr David Norman. bliss.... x

  21. the cat welcomes me home after a week by moaning sleeping on my feet all night, waking up to him sharing my pillow laying next to me and this morning having to type with him sitting between me and the keyboard.

  22. Chip Shop friday at work is the best!

  23. Its funny when the only relief you can get is when you self inflict pain. Its theraputic, clears your head an ****, no body else in the room but you an ol' mr pain. Problem is i'll eventually run out of skin to tattoo.

  24. its far too nice today to be stuck at work.....

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