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  1. Hello All, I greatly appreciate the well wishes. My time here at Gibson has been a very important part of who I have been for the last 5 years. It has been an honor to represent the Gibson brand and to serve the guitar community. I will be playing Gibson guitars for many years to come. I will continue to be part of the forum to say hi and also chime in where I may have helpful information for fellow Gibson lovers. So by no means is this farewell but just that I will be one of you! Which I have always been. Jeremy
  2. As far as changing a battery I change mine every six months or so. I have never had a battery go dead because I never let it get to that point. Plan ahead and you will surely be ok.
  3. Hello, A normal feedback back buster will work fine. You may need to cut a small section away to accommodate the volume wheel. As far as the feedback you are experiencing I would suggest a Preamp / DI that has a notch filter on it. That will allow you to keep your volume up and slightly pull out the frequencies that are activated by the stage and mains sound. JM
  4. Hi Martin1940D28, I do not believe I was vague or dishonest with the answer that I gave. Many guitar owners believe they can do work on their guitars themselves. What seems like a simple screw into the heel can turn into a cracked heel, lacquer checks or even a strap that won't hold. Go to a professional who has a good reputation to have the work done. if you would like to let us know where you live I would be happy to provide you with some contact info for some reputable Luthiers in you area. All the best JM
  5. Hi Kelly, Same situation. putting a strap button on does not void warranty. However is damage is done due to incorrect installation it would not be covered under warranty. Always best to have a good Luthier work on your instrument. JM
  6. The act of installing a PU will not void the warranty. If the PU is installed incorrectly and causes a problem that would not be covered under warranty. Go to an experienced Luthier who has a good reputation and has installed many PU's and there should not be a problem. All the best. Jeremy
  7. Yes it is the same bracing found on the J-45 Standard. JM
  8. Lights 12-53 Medium 13.56 Different companies will vary a little. All the numbers will be on the string packs and also visible on the manufacturer's web sites.
  9. Hi Richie, 12's are considered light gauge even with the slightly heavier bass string. Using 12's and even 13's will be just fine. If you were to use Heavy gauge strings you would want to tune down a bit. Give the 12's a go! They me just what you are looking for. JM
  10. There are a couple members that have them. I know GT Hurley plays one and it sounds great. I have had a chance to play quite a few of them. I think they are a special guitar! JM
  11. Way to go EA! Crazy things can happen anytime on stage or at home. Good to think about what can happen because it will eventually. JM
  12. Give the Dimarzio Angel a try! It has a cable that is designed specifically for that application that comes with the PU, 1/8" to 1/4". Also a very good sounding magnetic. JM
  13. I would contact Epiphone to see if they can be of help. Stumac may have a bridge that will be suitable otherwise a Luthier local to you could possibly make one? JM
  14. Hello all, 40%-50% is suggested range. Below that the guitar can and will show signs of drying out. Once you start getting north of 55% the top will rise a fair amount and action will go up. 40-50 is ideal. JM
  15. The FB and Bridge on a 2010 will not be madi. We stopped using madi in 2007. I would take a close look at this years J-45 Vintage. Played 4 of them yesterday. All had a different voice but they were all great! JM
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