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  1. It is some weird looking fret stuff. I'm not breaking your balls, but there is no "seem" in tuning. It is or it isn't. It intonates or it doesn't. Some whacky high fret could cause you to have a problem with that string when you fret there, that would be very obvious and very repeatable. I don't about warranty issue. If you are inside the return time I would just return it. If you are not I would have it looked at by somebody competent if you have anyone around, and get an opinion. rct
  2. That is some odd looking frettage going on there. Guitars don't seem to intonate very well, they either do or they don't. The intonation doesn't care about that weird looking fret stuff there. rct
  3. I'm not an expert, but that headstock looks all wrong, from shape to logo to the machines. rct
  4. In my day we would hose clamp it and just bite down hard when we had to fret there. Now get the effoff my lawn. rct
  5. Really? The "pros" I know don't do that at all. Most of them are not looking forward to the day they can't take out this guitar or that one anymore because it can't be re-fretted again. rct
  6. So this February is 50 years playing for me, 46 of them in bands and out in bars and other not great places for a kid to be in. In my whole life I have not ever heard of or known of anyone having a guitar stolen at a gig. I've known an awful lot of guitar players in my life, from all over the place, plus the internets in the early 90's when that started. Not a one. rct
  7. I would keep them both in ordinary rotation. Like, where we are going to be at doesn't matter, it's what I used last week and what I really want to use this week. rct
  8. I am blessed with some stupid good guitars. I don't exactly pamper them, I definitely don't abuse them, I need them, I rely on them to perform, so I have to take the care that requires. Oh, sure, some guitar that has family or other value beyond a guitar I could see not taking it anywhere. Maybe. If I was Saturn's passed on best friend, and I'm not, I'd want him to wail the tar out of that thing. rct
  9. Every gig has someone that wants to talk to you about your guitars. Every all each every. That's my <whatever>. I have a much nicer <whatever> at home, I don't take it out. So sure, it's one person in the building but the idea that a guitar player would actually say that is ridiculous to me. Playing them wears them out and can damage them, but that's what they are for. Why waste 4 grand on a fancy Les Paul so you have to spend 1500 on a "cheaper" one to take out? Makes no sense to me. The sheer joy of playing that 57 RI would make it very hard for me to walk past it for the rest of my guitars. I like having that problem, all too nice to leave home, not the other way around. rct
  10. If you think that is what I meant perhaps you should work on reading comprehension, context, and content. Critical thinking and concept adaptation would probably help too. rct
  11. No guitar in the world is too good to gig. rct
  12. I would take that thing out and at the very least get mildly vigorous with it on Wish You Were Here. rct
  13. Nothing says audience appreciation like "...yeah...this is my crappy guitar...you should see the ones I have at home...". rct
  14. Dang. My pickguards with nothin in 'em cost more than that. rct
  15. Nice! Sporty lookin. rct
  16. That would be the only way I'd have it damaged. All of them. Sell the broke one, gig the not broke one, look for more! rct
  17. rct


    No, I brought home a HSS Strat, and said something to Mrs about one of these days finally making my own HH Strat. I didn't have a HH pickguard, didn't have a pair of Hums I was enamored with, it needed routing for front hum, and I had an SSS white pearl guard and a set of stacks, so I hooked it up quick so I could use it a while. Turned out I like the Pau Ferro fingerboard a lot, so I finally got around to it! rct
  18. If I were you, and I'm not, I would not refinish that guitar. If you are going to hang on to it the rest of your life and play it and enjoy it I would do that knowing that one day those lines may become full on cracks. If you are not going to hang on to it I would sell it on in the condition it is in, let the next guy worry about it. You won't get a whole lot for it like that compared to super clean mint versions of the same year, but you'll have moved it and the headache it could present along to someone who wants to and can deal with it if needed. First you'd have to find someone to paint it in your area. Good luck with that, not easy to find. If Indoor Storm is still down there you could start by showing it to them and asking whom they know that could handle such a paint job. If Indoor Storm is no longer around, I have no idea. As for the signature, I have no idea. rct
  19. The short answer is yes, you could have it refinished and yes, it will be expensive. rct
  20. Well, usually being able to feel them means they are cracks along the grain or glue joints. rct
  21. You can feel them all? That's not real good. Not grain filled right maybe. Weird. rct
  22. rct


    I thought it was 1977 for a minute. rct
  23. The pots and switch are more than the pickups. That can't be right. rct
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