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  1. Friends don't let friends Bigsby. rct
  2. No man. School night. Long week ahead. rct
  3. Some Bouillietteeiiieettee. An unopened Knob Creek. And a bottlea Heaven's Door. rct
  4. Just the ordinary bourbon. Nice for cocktails, nice for the occasional slug. rct
  5. ...after a beautiful 65 degrees and breezy day in the garden I made us a couple rounds of fresh-from-the-garden mint juleps. As the chef du jour of the day, I turned it up and drained the last shot or so of delightful dark amber goodness. We are out of Heaven's Door. It is not a secret in my band, among many others, that I will play 4 sets of garbage to get to that song. Since I sing it, I call the shots, and we've been doing it the God way, the '75 reggae way. But after that third verse, that heart breaking gut wrenching Baby stay right here with me verse, my version devolves into a
  6. You should measure relief at the 8th, .010 is optimal, .012 is ok. I do think they measure string heights at the 12th on GIbson scale, I guess that is the mid point of the rise on that scale length. 5/64 for the fat E sounds right I guess. Try 5/64 at the 16th, should be good. When I used Les Pauls with 9s they banged against the frets a lot, they are a bit lose at pitch on that scale length. That is probably what you are calling "buzz". It never bothered me because it wasn't an amp thing. It is important to note that a fully functioning neck can make some righteous noise when you get j
  7. Nice guitar, I had one of them. Hate to tell you but he may have burnt the winding while put on/taking off the cover. I don't know how to even approach asking or telling him that. If it was me I would have known how that guitar sounded when I started and I would have finished with it sounding the same. rct
  8. Ok, so you can get down to about .010 and be good for relief on most electrics with a 12" radius, if that's what we are talking about. Where are you measuring string height? 17thish fret on a GIbson, I hope. rct
  9. Setting up a neck is not just picking numbers out of the air and trying to achieve them. Setting up a neck is a function of function, that is, you set it up to play correctly. Learn how to do it, get the specs from the maker, get a few basic tools and make the neck function properly. Once you can make it function properly you can understand how it all works and you could then start trying to achieve some number you want, for whatever reason. rct
  10. Glassa wine and a cheap cigar, gallons of water. rct
  11. A. There's a bunch of ways to not mess yer set up up when de-stringing a tunermatic. Makes it less of a pain. 2. Floyds were, at the time, the worst thing that ever happened to guitars. c. I have found that uh, well, less expensive guitars with crappy hardware, that brand in particular, do not stand up to the rigors of being a guitar. That was about as delicately as I can put that. I didn't think we were talking about such a guitar. But you should always follow your own experience until you don't. rct
  12. 1. The setup hasn't subtly changed. b. Removing all of your strings at once has never, EVER harmed a guitar. In fact, for quite a lot of decades before there was an internet, everybody always took off of their strings at the same time. 2. You don't have to let a guitar "settle". Ever. I don't know where that came from, I don't know how the internet spawned generations of guitar players waiting around for their guitars to "settle" rct
  13. Saturday was great. Sunday I drifted off at some point early in the song and bass player had some trouble singing. We were getting tired, it was just ok. rct
  14. We did I'm 18 Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. rct
  15. The harder, more persistent, downright insistent people are about how smart they are the more successful they are at failing. rct
  16. Last time I was at Cream City out there in Milwaukee I stunk up a 12,000 dollar Borge Wah and a pair of ~3000 dollar Collings. I'm surprised they let me play them. rct
  17. Had a great night last night. Decent size crowd, but a great crowd. Paid attention, participated, danced, laughed, clapped, golf clapped, all of it. We were pretty good, always sing and play better in front of people instead of the back of the studio. Took out the two pandemic Teles that have been rehearsed a lot so they know what to do, but hadn't been out to a gig. It was a good night. rct
  18. In NJ it's about 55 cents a POUND. Half an ounce or so of aluminum in a soda can, so you can hopefully do the maff and see that there is no good living in collecting recycling. rct
  19. The last Reptile Show I attended was out at the Expo Center in Oaks. The Philly Summer(maybe Fall) guitar show was there, so after not buying anything at the guitar show, -><- close to an Esquire, we headed into the Reptile Show. Good times. rct
  20. It's been just great. I expect the same this weekend. rct
  21. Yeah well, no. Not here. People actually believe someone is stroking their gray beard and fretting over QC and making the most schpanktacular guitar on the planet. They aren't. Money in, product out, keep as much of the money that came in as possible, give that leftover money to the owners. Repeat. That is all. In times of corporate financial distress it is often advised that the seller raise their prices, but you can't make citizens understand that that actually is a strategy. rct
  22. Well then that is just plain stupid. I had no idea they actually advertised ungettable stuff at you. I wouldn't buy anything from them after the first time that happened to me. rct
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