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  1. I've tried to support the local guys. Well, the few left, and they are an hour away at best. They can't/don't get the big names, can't afford to, so they have stores full of 300 dollar guitars, which are great, but not something I need. Not something many need really. And buying strings from them is like a car dealer that only sells windshield wiper blades. They won't be around long, they have to sell the cars to put the blades on. It sucks, but that is how it is. It's just too bad these big distribution deals have become normal, the little guys are out. rct
  2. I know the McEwans, i lived in your Queens colony once, long ago, the mythic land of Bermuda. Tenants XX Ale or Innis & Gunn for me. CAN'T GET THAT SH1T HERE though. Buncha panty waists in this country I swear. Well, Innis & Gunn yeah. No Tenants though. I don't even know if they still exist. Have to ask Pippy, he's a cheap git from up there. rct
  3. Depends. When I make the Rob Roy Turin, an Italian knock off of Scotch and Vermouth, I make 'em pretty ugly. We are getting hammered, whoever is drinking them with me. These bourbons and soda are like when I make her a Hendricks and Tonic and a Vodka(whatever we got that's good) Tonic for me. Pretty lightweight for her, welterweight for me. Second or third though, I'm pourin like Ali, unified worldwide universal heavy weight. No sense stepping right up to the line, might as well not be able to remember tonights cigar tomorrow. lolz Sound like a lush. rct
  4. It's circling under me...Shell Pink stracaster... rct
  5. Nice! Yellowstoda for me, bourbon and club. Cherry, dash of bitters. Big fat giant ice cube. Almost gone. I'll be back... rct
  6. Can't go, stupid pandemic. I've put away my share this year instead. Proof that god loves us. rct
  7. What kind of tape is it? Most tapes come right off most finished surfaces. Sure, there's some glue left behind, easily handled. A 76 Explorer with a bunch of tape all over it is not a 76 Gibson Explorer original, it's one with tape all over it. If you want an original 76 Explorer, take the tape off and see how it has faded, if at all, over the decades. It it's been in a case all this time then maybe not too bad. Either way, if you want to try and get it into the hands of a collector or someone who just wants an original 76 Explorer, the tape is a massive issue. rct
  8. Isn't it hide glued on there? rct
  9. Nope. The creditors exchanged debt for equity. You can only do that so many times before the creditor owns the company. Like, well, Gibson Guitars frinstance. rct
  10. Take the tape off and don't worry about it. Jesus H it's a guitar not a nukeyaler facility. rct
  11. rct

    Amp help

    I am really happy with my ToneMaster Deluxe. I highly, strongly recommend them if you are not interested in lugging a tube amp around and all the junk that goes with it. rct
  12. We can only hope the empty guitar box was made with hide glue. rct
  13. I almost did the first time I met him, 1977 when Great Southern on first tour. He's a nice guy. Many decades later he was hanging around by his bus right off South St in Philly and I sat down with him for a while. I asked him what he was thinking during that One Way Out solo and he said "nuthin". He just played, and was in the right spot and had the right volume to get those nearly train wreck harmonics off that thing, SG he was using at the time I think. He said he tries not to think while soloing, and that helped me a lot, because I've always tried not to think when I'm soloing. rct
  14. What time is the 3 o'clock parade? I ask the street comedians that every time we are in Hollywood studios down there, and that is a whole lot of times. Well, used to, before the covid. Never. Gets. Old. rct
  15. I have Dickey's autograph, to Ron, so that's special to me. I've talked to him a lot, that means the most to me. Gregg's autograph too. I have emails with Bobby Whitlock. Lots. We had long conversations back in the AOL days. He couldn't believe anyone knew who he was. I have emails with Butch Trucks, lots of them too, same time, the AOL days when he did all the talking for the Allmans back then. I pestered him for the Betts Hall Levell Trucks record(s) and he balked and said Dickey owns them, couldn't help me. Got them a few years ago when Dickey let them out. What a shame that guy turned out to be. I have Derek Trucks, he signed his Uncle Gregg's CD cover for me after a long time at the bar talking about what else, Dickey. I have a signed hot sauce bottle from Joe Perry. I also called the number he (mistakenly) put on the first round of those bottles, and I talked to him for a while. I'd turn for that handsome hunka man bashing at anything slung low. What. A. Guy. Everybody in Extreme signed a few things for us and we've spent quite some time with Nuno and Gary, but mostly Gary singer got us into VH show so I got to talk to Edward and the rest of them. That was priceless. Slaughter signed some stuff for us, Mrs was thrilled, still has all that stuff. Few others of minor note around here. Billy Paul signed a packa cigarettes when we were making a record with him. I didn't get Hughie Thomasson's autograph after an hour with him and the rest of them on their last tour before he died. Man that still pisses me off. I didn't get any of their autographs after opening for them 40 friggin years ago. That REALLY pisses me off. I had an opportunity to hike up to Noo Yawk City and meet (all bow and look at the floor) Leo. But I didn't go. MAN that was dumb. He died a year or so, maybe 2, later. rct
  16. Good deal Zig. I am glad they took care of you and I hope you enjoy that thing. rct
  17. I hope they use hide glue. rct
  18. There's a couple on Reverb for about 2300, so 2 grand sounds good. rct
  19. I drill a hole above the end pin spot and hammer drill a dunlop strap lock on there. That thing is bangin. I would be all over that for our acoustic set. Very nice, congratulations on that one! rct
  20. The biggest problem they have is an archaic, DOS 4.0 based company wide inventory system that from what I've seen, and I don't work there, is just awful. Because it is so clunky and cludgey the managers don't get it updated very well at all. Our local guys have talked at me about coming to work there and just doing the inventory system because I'm basically an old operating system guy, so it doesn't scare me. But man, I just can't see dealing with that lump of poop all day every day. And they seem to have no intention whatsoever of changing it any time soon. rct
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