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  1. Yes, like a Dread but a half inch thinner. Just enough to not feel enormous on me. But there will be a D-35 in my future. And an OM-35. rct
  2. Yeah, but your D-41 is 5 better than my M-36. rct
  3. Not much. Plonked at my M-36 and Esquire. Made us good cappuccinos. Made dinner. rct
  4. Nobody here ever measures anything. "Tweek" this, "turn" that, "lower" this, action "looks great", "neck is straight and fast". A guitar is set up to function properly, not look good in selfies. I don't understand why people do stuff by eye or hunch of looks good when there are ways to do it such that it functions right, not looks good to you. Weird. rct
  5. The problem with Goldilox is that Ty starts it and they let the audience sing it, so it usually devolves from there. I hope they do it all the way through themselves. rct
  6. Oh Man. Kings X. Ty is just one of the greats. If they do Goldilox please bawl like a baby for me. That's one song I'd play 5 gigs to get to the 6th and do that one once. I'll Never Grow Tired Of You also. What a bunch them guys are, them first three records were just earth shaking. Doug not singin as well as he once did, but he's at least 10 years older than me. rct
  7. Went to the store, cleaned the cooktop, roasted some sweet potatoes, made lunch for Mrs, did some laundry. Rehearse tonight. When did we do all this stuff when I worked? rct
  8. Arranging an Epic Southern Rock masterpiece of One Way Out, get to the middle bit between Other Guitar Player and myself on slide but no, we head right into a slightly truncated Call Me The Breeze, which ends right back into the drum break and we finish One Way Out. Like nine minutes of good ol' boy riffage and rusty guy slide playing. It's really hard NOT to slide the OWO part in the CMTB part. Fun stuff, all thanks to our brilliant bass player from somewhere in England, near Manchester, his idea. rct
  9. On the Layla record you hear Dowd slide up the faders when them goofs started jamming and it was a one take romp through Key To The Highway, which they kept. EC was using a Champ turned all the way up and one of the Imagineers ran in and shoved a mic over in front of it. He went into that Champ on a couple others and they kept those parts too but I don't recall what they were. rct
  10. Gibson bought Epiphone at a point in time when both companies needed it. Gibson was beginning to see trouble with selling Les Pauls and could shove some Epiphone models, possibly even make them into Gibson models. Epiphone had really high overhead followed by super skinny margins on everything they were making. they were headed for some serious money trouble. Most of all, Gibson bought a building full of stuff. Pallet of mini humbuckers that they were still using up into the 70's. All of the USA Map bodies that they made into Gibson guitars, they were all Epiphone. Metric Tonne of big key machines that they again used up into the 70's on their jazz boxes. Bent semi and hollow body hoops needing nothing but tops and backs. And the shoes they bent them on. Pallets of big maple blanks for the aforementioned backs and tops. Late 80's they started making budget Epiphone versions of their own guitars in Asia in an attempt to beat up the fake makers while confusing an already fickle market of guitar players when those guitars started appearing here in America. It has been an almost win/almost win for both companies. rct
  11. She is a beauty, and I am glad she had you for her life. rct
  12. I just squeezed Ichabod for you Brother. rct
  13. I watch these for you PopCat
  14. He had to get home early but left some DNA here. rct
  15. Thank you. It's a follow up from last year, which was good but hard to see, so again to make sure. rct
  16. I remember my job. Vaguely. rct
  17. Drinking. For tomorrow's colonoscopy. Woo Hoo. rct
  18. Hey that sounds like me on a date. rct
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