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  1. I've never lied once. Name an instance.
  2. Ya'll in here griping like a bunch of old ladies. lol Merry Christmas! Scott Grove
  3. Oddly enough, there were NEVER any Kramer guitars made in the USA. It's a bit of rare history of Kramer's history. The ones that were though to be made in the USA (Yes, even the aluminum neck ones) were actually made by Godin up in Canada. Mr. Kramer only made 4 "Kramer" guitars and he was gone (with his 4 guitars) he sold one and still owns the other 3. Kramer was ghost built from MANY sources. Of course, most folks are familiar with all of the cheap stuff and that the "American" and USA series of stuff were all made by ESP. But yeah.....their headquarters was in the USA of course, but
  4. Can't wait to mess you up. I look so forward to it. I truly do.

  5. Thank you. Yeah, it's a groovy axe. Gibson should possibly consider doing one of these old puppies for the Explorer lovers. Then again, I guess that's what mods are for. lol Thanks again.
  6. For anyone who likes tinkering.....here's more. Yeah, I'm really going there. lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7skVTzfkCcg
  7. Norlin years were the best by far. Enjoy some fun Futura / Corvus axes of mine. I love those things.
  8. You are a moronic ****** little boy. Grow up.

  9. Yes, at least 90% are idiots. How does it feel to be in the majority? You'll grow up some day.....probably not.
  10. It is a fake. Your observations are correct.
  11. It generally will stand for Worn Cherry. They do make the Lucille model in that finish, not only Ebony.
  12. Heres mine, I really like it an aweful lot.
  13. Yep, that is what they are. They were made by Schaller. I've got one on my 1984 Challenger III, They were also found on some of the Plum Burst (purple burst) flying V's and Explorers. So, they were out for just the one year. I'm still trying to find the whammy bar for mine. It's very similar to the Floyd Rose bars of the time where Schaller also made the bars, but the Floyd bars will not fit. The shaft that goes into the trem hole is just a tad big.
  14. If anybody really wants to see one. Here's one of mine. The humbucker is split via the push / push volume pot. All is shown and explained in the video. Enjoy.
  15. any more plans to put up more vid of you jammin the trad-pro

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