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  1. Hey Mates, I have purchased a Epiphone Supernove Union Jack (stated on the label) in dark blue - not the Man City Blue. It was made in Unsung 2006 and looks very decent but I haben't seen a second one ever. Can anyone help? Cheers
  2. Hi to all, all the pics that were published e. g. on the Gibson Website or in several Web- Shops have the typical Beatle-burst. That's the reason for my slight dissapointment. I do understand that handmade Things can vary - but nevertheless the Variation on my J-160E is too much!
  3. Thanks to both of you ... it is a neat guitar and the price was great - that's why I'll keep it. Nevertheless I would expect better craftsmanship from a premium brand as Gibson. I believe that sunburst may vary - but that's too much of variation for my taste, even if the top is made of different wood it could look more like we all know it should look like- the paintjob is poor, the woodwork great.. cheers
  4. Hello, here is an pic of my Gibson J-160E built in 2008. Don't get me wrong - it's a very neat guitar but I believe the color is not quite right. To my taste it's too dark in the center. I have never seen a J-160E before but I believe others look more like the one we know from old Beatles pictures or HELP (the movie). Will the color fade with time, will the center light up a bit? Is there a way to accelerate - e.g. sun or UV? Your input will be very welcome. Cheers from Germany SoulBeat
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