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  1. Hey guys, im trying to get ideas for my next les paul. if you think you have a really beautiful guitar, post it up so i can get some ideas! Thanks
  2. les paul classic. its all dented and messed up. so he says he will fix all that for me, and re paint it and re design anything i want. hes charging me 500 dollars for the whole thing. its a pretty good deal because im bassically getting a new guitar. i just need ideas for what i should have the look customized too.
  3. I got an offer for a man to completely customize my les paul to any design i want it to have on it. he said he can customize anything (headboard, frets, pickups, paint, color, binding, anything on the guitar) Im wondering if you have seen some crazy les pauls out there that are unique for ideas. or if you have any drawings or renderings or ideas of unique les pauls that you have seen. I really like the les paul custom black widow so i might have him do something like that. If you have any ideas for me please let me know! Thanks - Dimitri
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