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  1. So, the guitar showed up yesterday. I must admit, I'm highly impressed so far. It will soothe my yearning until I can either afford a J-200 or find Epiphone natural ej-200. It is more in the line of a Martin, it seems like a solid top, neck is nice and smooth, not too chunky. Not sure what strings are on it, I think mediums, but she's very loud and boomy, which I happen to like. I spent a few months trying to hunt down the natural ej-200(non-cutaway), but didn't find any or the ones I did, the people were asking astronomical prices because they are not made anymore. Happy so far, I'll try to post some pictures over the weekend.
  2. They both look exactly like Epiphone versions, with fake Gibson head stocks. Kinda funny, I have been looking for months for a natural Epiphone ej-200.
  3. Do you happen to remember if the J200 copy was any good? That happens to be the one I picked up.
  4. Hey guys, sorry it's not a Gibson question, but I just bit the bullet on a Hohner hg 720 and can't find much info online. I got it from a guitar center online. Reason i got it is because I'm kind of itching for a J-200, but that's way, way out of my price range right now. The only things that I did find about the guitar is that, they were made in Japan and were modeled after Martin guitars. It is a Jumbo and from the 1 picture I saw it looks pretty awesome. Was just hoping someone might know someone who knows anything about them. Thanks in advance.
  5. Good Lord that's gorgeous. I have always been a whore for the cherry burst Hummingbird, but I'm starting to think I might be leaning towards the natural one now. I have an Epiphone limited natural bird, but it's **** compared to a real one. I would love to eventually get a natural Hummingbird. I'm super jealous, but in a good way. Congrats!!
  6. Hey guys, it's been awhile. Just had a quick question, a few years back I had been having issues with the Hummingbird guards and all that fun stuff. I had bought one of the vintage/molded ones and because it was clear, it had air bubbles all over the place which annoyed the hell out of me. I took it off and put one of the newer ones on, but recently I had the idea of putting the other one back on. My question is, which of the 3m sheets is the proper one to use that won't have air bubbles showing through? I just love the look of the vintage ones and wanted it back on, but I just don't want the air bubbles/pockets to ruin the look again. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. I'm fortunate enough to have both. Two different beasts in my opinion. I absolutely love both of them, but if I had to pick one, I would go with the Hummingbird. Not to say the d-35 is bad, because it's not, it's honestly one of the best guitars I have ever played. There is just something about the Hummingbird though, the look, feel and of course the sound. If you are able to play them both, do that and see what you feel. Either one in my opinion is a can't miss.
  8. Hi MissoriPicker, just wanted to ask what kind of lacquer you used for your pickguard? My buddy wants to make sure he gets the right kind. Any other advice about it? Did you do the entire guard or just the design? Thanks

  9. I had a vintage burst last year, for almost 6 months until i traded it for a cherry burst. I got the vintage burst at a guitar center for a great price. It was a 1996 model and in all honesty it was a great sounding guitar. The only reason I sold it was that I always had my heart set on a cherry burst. If I was able to keep both of them I would have in a minute but unfortunately I couldn't.
  10. Sorry, I think I'm still in a bit of shock. For my guitar it just had a major improvement in volume and each individual string just seems to ring out more. Right now it does not seem to have any of the dead tones it had with the rosewood and even the bone after awhile. It just seems like a sharper and more brighter and volume tone. I hope it lasts but, it really did seem to bring her to life. I realize all guitars are different but It helped my hummingbird out big time.
  11. hey guys, just wanted to share my opinion on the new tusq bridge pins I put on my Hummingbird. When I bought her in may she had rosewood pins in her which in my honest opinion(doesn't mean I'm right) sounded like they muted her a bit. So maybe about a month ago I replaced those with bone pins and immediately heard a difference. Then, I already heard people talk about tusq before I kept reading stuff about how it would make the guitar sound even better so I threw out $15 and took a shot. The pins came today and I put them on (did not change strings) and my ohh my, she sounds soooo much better. I really did not think it would do anything but wow, was I wrong. I might have to invest in 3 more sets of tusq pins for my other guitars. It was a pleasant surprise and I'm glad I took a shot. Just wanted to share.
  12. WOW, that's all I can say. That has to be a joke of some sorts, this has been a major issue for a long, long time now. Gibson knows about this, you must have talked to one of the jackass people I did months ago. Also, the Gibson guard WILL FIT on an epiphone, trust me. Yes, you can get a replacement online, try ebay. Again, I said this before it's just a cheap replacement. It's the same one on the epiphone which means it will fade again.
  13. nope, they won't do that. contact epiphone and they might send you a replacement. it will be the cheap one but, its still a replacement.
  14. yeah, thats what I meant. I bought a used gibson hummingbird in mint condition and the pick guard design is already fading. It's pretty stupid but, they don't seem to care enough to really fix the problem. I tried getting a replacement for it but, since I'm not the original owner I would have to shell out more money. They won't (Gibson) supply replacement guards if your not the original owner. Also, I have heard that if you contact epiphone they will send a replacement pick guard. I don't know if they charge or not but, you could still try and see what they say.
  15. Also, try spending $2000 on a gibson bird and in less than 3 months the design is already fading. It's a topic that has been brought up many, many times. They make new ones today that are anti fade which I'm trying to save up for but, many people don't like them because of the look. But, yes it's a very, very frustrating topic.
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