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    Before I contact the custom shop can I assume they don't do basses?
  2. I guess Axle wants that hair transplant. Maybe Angus doesn't pay him much.
  3. Sure, but I think comparing a western nation (outside of EU states, anyway) wouldn't be fair seeing as China is a still a communist nation without a constitution. Would you feel betting if I said Pakistan or Indonesia? Because your not really cementing your case that China will play ball with CITIES other than saving a little face now and thern. No one is going to go after them for their elite having wall to wall rosewood flooring or foods made from endangered animals. But we don't see much of that here...
  4. The Gibsons Custom Shop can do anything. As long as you have the money. Hows that for customer information?
  5. And the mob pays their hydro bills but are the hydro company going to come around when they tell you they don't owe you this month? China is corrupt to the core, friend.
  6. Except they only police participating nations. They won't attack nations such as China, Taiwan, etc. who eat exotic resources like popcorn.
  7. They always did this. I just bought a custom build last April to my very spec from my local distributor.
  8. Also, I bought my made to order Custom from my local small dealer. The Custom Shop will put in any order as long as their distributer is willing to order.
  9. The custom shop releases non historical standards.For example.
  10. I want to order a Les Paul Standard with a few custom options but I'm curious if theres a standard model and not a historical model I can build from.
  11. So I brought the accursed guitar back to the dealer and he heard the sickening crackle emitted by the volume and tone pots. He's sending the guitar back to Yorkville Sound to have the hardware changed. I have never felt this much anger and resentment towards Gibson before. I'm just so ill right now I might sell this guitar, take a loss and buy a custom shop start. This is the QC that 7700 buys you.
  12. So I flushed out all four pots with contact cleaner and spun the knobs about a hundred times each and still get a very audible crackle when turning the volume down from about two to zero. Also the neck treble scratches a lot, too. The only pot that seems to work is the bridge tone control.
  13. No not every pot, in this case just the two volumes. This guitar is only two weeks old from the factory. My Black Beauty was dated the same year as ordered and it, too, had a scratchy pot. I have had many, many guitars but its always Gibsons that gives me poor volume pots.
  14. I have had such bad luck with Gibson pots. I have had three Les Paul Customs (two new) in the past few years and they all had scratchy pots. My new custom spec'd Les Paul Custom, a guitar that is only two weeks out of the factory, has two scratchy volume pots. It wasn't until practice that I had the volume to a point where the chatter became obvious. I have had Rickenbackers and cheap Ibanez's that have not failed in the pot department as much as Gibson has.
  15. Gibson you idiots. You never mix red and turquoise. Green and red are complementary colors and when mixed will make a ghastly color. That's why you get that ugly grey/brown streak where the two colors meet near the selector switch. This is high school level color theory, here. PRS didn't screw this up.
  16. Out of production already?!
  17. OK, maybe I should ask: Is the Historic SG Customs and Juniors still available for order?
  18. I've heard from my local distributor (Yorkville) that the Historic line is going to be retooled in the next coming month. Any chance for an SG Custom or Les Paul Jr. re-release? I've seen some Historic Juniors on Music Zoo and Sweetwater but not available to general stores.
  19. Jesus, no one has posted in this thread yet? The man was a legend. I'm glad I had the chance to catch two of his shows. That man did not age well.
  20. Retire? Most blues musicians tour until their bones hit the dust.
  21. Finally, they got rid of those goddamn nibs.
  22. Gibson is just creating demand. They also stopped production on VOS Juniors as they flooded the market with them.
  23. Money made is always at the shows. But seriously, go to school first. I wanted to be a rock star, but honestly, it's more fun having a career and recording and gigging on the weekend. I'm twenty-seven, and I consider myself over the hill as far as touring the country goes.
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