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  1. J-45. You've got showy models already. Go for "the workhorse!"
  2. One more note to support the viewpoint that bone bridge pins help with the sound: the missus listened in today as I was playing--- mind you she had no idea I'd had new pins put in--- and said "wow your guitar sounds really different." I asked if she meant that in a good way and she said yes. I asked for details and she said it sounded richer overall and she noticed it projected better. She usually listens from the kitchen so she's used to hearing it at a particular volume and tone. I'm quite thrilled. Thanks forum people who contributed opinions to this thread!!
  3. Love the J-45, 50, 200, and man that new Jackson Browne model looks divine!
  4. Had a Guild in the past. Loved it and miss it still. I could go for another. I also like what I've seen if Collings guitars out of Austin, Texas.
  5. Definitely finger picking as primary. Never used picks/plectrums. I use nails on the downstrokes for the strumming bits.
  6. i forgot to mention this...at the shop i totally blanked because i was talking with the owners about their classes on offer. i should have been watching to see what the tech was up to!! anyway, the tech didn't SHAVE them down, he slightly widened the holes. i looked over and noticed when he was already on the last one. i had said "shave these to fit"---the tech heard "make these all fit" over the noise in the store. arrrrghhhh.... oh well, what's done is done...not that i plan on parting with the guitar ever, but the alteration would hurt its value, yes?
  7. It's two days in and I think I get the importance of it all now. The bone pins definitely look great and the combo of those and a new set of strings make it sing out a lot clearer. Any thoughts on using flat wound strings?
  8. finally got the pins put in today. in my opinion, the guitar sounds a tad brighter overall.
  9. Thanks Laguna. I'll take them to my usual guitar tech when I'm ready for next string change since i don't trust myself shaving them down to size!
  10. Here's a link to the pins... http://s87.photobucket.com/albums/k133/hardmodskin/?action=view&current=IMG056.jpg
  11. These are the bone bridge pins i want to use. They are slightly too fat for the holes in the bridge. Hmm. Wondering if i should shave the pins or widen the holes in the bridge.
  12. hi! congrats!!! just curious---is the model number listed on the sticker inside the body of the guitar designating it as a J-50? just asking, because i'd heard that make was discontinued. again--awesome news on your new baby!!
  13. well, i weighed out many of the comments here--aesthetically, i don't care for the look of my plastic pins, so i got a pack of bone pins with the abalone dot on top. i had recently had my guitar set up---so now i'm wondering if i should wait until string change, OR possibly jumping in now and just loosening the strings one at a time and swapping them out. will that mess with the set up at all, in your opinion fellow forum members?
  14. I own a number of Brubeck's LP's (mostly his 1960's output) and can say hands down my favorite overall is "Jazz Impressions of Japan."
  15. wow, this string is receiving some very well worded responses. the thought-provoking posts are much appreciated.
  16. wish i knew! it would be nice if Gibson had a definitive All Models Spec Page for stuff like that.
  17. arrrghhh...all this talk of upgrading to bone is making me want to try it too. curse you, forum!
  18. whoooa! fossilized bone? i had no idea! haha. i do like the look of ebony pins with the nice mother of pearl inlay on the top. i may go for those. every time i go to a shop though, they usually just have plastic end pins. i need to find a good online site for these things.
  19. so is the general consensus that plastic pins should be upgraded; that bone or ebony end pins will improve sound tonality overall? i've also heard brass pins can be good...
  20. thanks much for the info!! i'm so glad it isn't plastic. it's an early 2000's J-50. 2001, i think. i wondered about why it has that squared off portion on the bridge? never had a guitar with that type of bridge.
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