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  1. okay, here are a few pics, jurors. the lighting is a bit yellowish, but so is the nut. the bridge pins are definitely plastic, and have a different brighter yellow/cream color. anyway, what say you? is the nut plastic? is the bridge Tusq? any input appreciated!!
  2. experiencing some technical difficulties (i.e. crappy camera). pics in the works!!
  3. ah, good idea posting pics! thanks....hmmm, i'm starting to wonder about the nut on my J-50---it certainly has yellowed on the edges. hmmm...i'll snap some pics and post when i get the chance, and if you the jurors could let me know what you think, it would be much appreciated!
  4. i must admit i honestly couldn't tell! i have an early 2000's lefty J-50. i thought it had a plastic nut. anyway, i recently took it in for a set-up and told the tech "while you're at it, swap out the nut and bridge for bone, please." he said alright, but then when he looked at it, informed me i'd had a Bone nut all the time. he said the bridge appeared to be Tusq or some other material, but was Not plastic. i was pretty surprised. the bridge pins, however, are definitely plastic and he recommended swapping those out. is it the color of the bridge/nut that allows one to tell?
  5. Is there a general rule to what type of nut and bridge materials are used on each acoustic? like, do certain models receive Bone nuts/saddles while others receive Tusq? do any models receive plastic (shudder) nuts/bridges?
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