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  1. Sorry for taking so long to answer your question.......I am very happy with the tone. I use a Fender Vibrochamp XD Tube/DSP hybrid at church going through the PA system, and when with my band a heavily modded Fender Pro Jr 1 going into a Marshall 4x12 cab. Going into both is my Line6 POD XT Live and hopefully soon another Morley Mark Tremonti Wah. I sold my first one and regret it......anywho. I love the sound of the Burstbuckers clean and with a moderate amount of Gain. It seems they excel the most at those. Going through Fender tube amps which are my all time favorite it has a really blues j
  2. Thanks! The pics still don't do justice to the Silverburst finish. Also the more I play it the more I am thinking it has converted me from a PRS Singlecut person to a Gibson SG person. The Epiphone SG Special and Epiphone SG Custom made me not want another SG, but due to the price on this one I got it. I was hoping to trade it for a PRS Singlecut or sell it for some gear that I need for Civil War Reenacting but can't imagine getting rid of it. I am not a fan of a lot of the Gibson pickups but love Burstbucker. Luckily this one has them. It is a great guitar that I'll keep. I even love the coil
  3. Thought this would be fun and I'll go first.......... ^my guitars prior to my SG coming into the herd. ^My Gibson LP Custom and Gibson SG. ^the rack of awesomeness!!!
  4. My 11 years ago with my purple Squier Strat. My last December with my band......I have the red PRS Singlecut and the guy beside me is playing my Gibson Les Paul. I'll add a pic of me and my SG when I get one for a more recent one.
  5. That's the spare bedroom at my parents house where my wife and I were visiting for Thanksgiving. It is also the room they use for storage.
  6. Looking at it it looked real to me. Now I play primarily PRS guitars so I could be wrong about this. The whole fishy looking S in GIBSON looks like other logos of the same suspected era that the guy starting this thread claims to have bought it from. If it has little wear and spent most of it's life in a hardcase the little wear makes sense. I think he is being honest, and if a guy at Gibson has authenticated it I think it is real unless the people there don't know what they are talking about. I do believe this is real. Here are some pics I found when I googled 1980 Gibson Les Paul He
  7. OOPS....in my excitement of posting the thread I forgot the pics. I have 4 for now and will get more later.
  8. The story begins on labor day when a friend of mine texted me the pic of this guitar in a pawn shop for $465. The next day it was on layaway.........the back to school sale they were having made it $377. It was used as colateral for a loan and they were wanting the rest of the loan money and wanted to sell it fast. Well my wife said to stick it on layaway for my birthday in October. I just got it this past week and thought of originally selling it or trading for a PRS Singlecut (sorry yall I am a huge fan of their singlecuts), but am going to keep it. It's sweet and I love anything with coil t
  9. Did you sell your Melody Maker and are you buying the pickups?

  10. I can hold them no later than Monday for you. You don't find a fellow Christian musician on these forums very often so I'll hold them til Monday for you. After that they're fair game again. also I would trade them for a Boss Delay. My cheap Behringer one that I got a couple of years back as a gift is going out on me.

  11. Hello, I am interested in your Pick ups, I also play Christian music, but more on the heavier side. I'm selling my Melody Maker on EBay, and I will have the $$ (I'm praying it sells) when it sells by Monday. Please, Let me know if you can hold them for me.

    God Bless,


  12. Well it looks like eBay isn't going to pull it off. I've reported it and I know a few of y'all probably did the same. How do I report it to Gibson so they can make eBay take it off?
  13. When is eBay going to remove the listing? It's $610 already!
  14. Me too!!! What makes me even sadder is that it's now at $365 and it's a fake and the seller knows.
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