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  1. Now I looked at on the Internet for the tracking number where the second parcel (with the neck) is located, you won't believe it, the guitar body is already in the USA in my friend's hands, he sent a photo with it, and the neck is still in Russia in Moscow 🤔 It is written on the tracking site that “Prepared for shipment from Russia”. This entry has not changed for almost a week has passed. The case is non-standard, usually vice-versa, guitars go from the USA to Russia. But I sent the second parcel later, when I saw that the first one arrived safely. And the main part was the body, it is with active electronics and the box for it was double. Secondly, the fretboard was much longer than the body and did not fit into the first parcel. And for the neck I had to make a special elongated box, so it's safer, I think. So, I'll be on the train tonight and I will not able already to be here. Then, when I arrive (I'm going to Crimea, please don't scold me, my mom is there), probably I will be at home a couple of weeks, a kind of quarantine. And when I get back, probably in September, I'll play some more Pink Floyd stuff, some ideas too. Although some other things need to be rerecorded. Here is one of them, it seems, it can be made as a beautiful thing for guitar: I hope, maybe, you will record something down by September too. Good luck.
  2. I've always liked Fleetwood Mac. RIP, Peter Green. Very sorry of course. It seems there are many legends about Peter Green's pickups and his guitar since 70s.
  3. Hello fellows, I recently sent a LP guitar to the USA to my friend in Virginia. He has already received the first parcel (with the guitar body) and is very satisfied. Now a second parcel (with the fretboard and other guitar parts) is on its way. And to show him how his new guitar might sound I recorded a couple of tracks, cover versions on the Beatles and Paul McCartney songs (I Want You (She’s So Heavy) and Let Me Roll It). This is of course just sketches in guitar version, but it seems my friend liked it. These sketches can probably be turned into full guitar versions. And maybe some of you will play them better than me: https://soundcloud.com/valeriy-2/iwshessoheavy https://soundcloud.com/valeriy-2/letmer In turn, I am leaving tomorrow and for a while, probably a couple of weeks I will be without the Internet, however I hope you enjoy these guitar ideas 😋.
  4. Great videos, with Grace Potter and the Nokturnals. Videos from the ancient time, probably from 60s, are interesting too. And funny video, saxophone and echo in the pipe. This another funny video from our Russian funnymen, unfortunately one of them has already died. This is from Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Neapolitan… cough <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/NSld0Jth_CY" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Or the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=NSld0Jth_CY&feature=emb_logo
  5. Hello fellows, I wrote an article recently ☺️. I try to analyze the current situation in popular music. And I think that it depends on the progress in electric guitars. In particular, now, since 2000 the wave of musical hits has clearly declined, while the musical world has become almost completely computer-based. I.e. the progress in electric guitars is far behind, or old defects in the guitars do not allow them to be on par with computer progress. But maybe you have a different opinion (?). I hope it will be interesting. Here is the link to this article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/when-time-come-new-hits-valerii-krasnov/ It is not finished. One more chapter should be, regarding active guitars and active pickups. I'm working on it and now I am looking for the info as regards active Fishman Fluence pickups. They seem to have a lot of hype 🤒. But there is a lot of conflicting information. Someone please help me understand Fishman? Maybe there is some more objective info on the Internet, now I see even more negative info about them.
  6. Thank you, bobouz. I read your info with interest. I partly agree. Yet, I must say that the big band era (the late '30s and early '40s), it was not an era of electric guitars for real. Everywhere in big bands and in the musical world were revered only hollow and semi-hollow guitars. “Log” guitars (or solid body) were not in use in mass, i.e., in fact, they were unknown to the music world. The cardinal turn in favor of solid-body occurred only with the advent of Telecaster, i.e. after the 50th year. Only after that there was a cardinal turn in thinking, in the heads of both musicians and guitar manufacturers that solid body can be as a full fledged guitar with its own beautiful sound. That is, finally, it became clear that the electric guitar at all not necessarily has to be hollow, in it there is no need. In turn, Les Paul tried to do this even earlier, as I said in 1945 or 46 as regards the above cardinal turn in favor of solid body. Therefore I said in such a way that he overtook his time by 5 years almost.
  7. Hello, merciful-evans! Like jaxson50 and others I do not subscribe to the "best of all time " principal. My list includes both Steve Howe (Yes) and John Lennon and other good guitarists. But I saw the post from LarryUK about Les Paul and remembered, I read an article about him, it seems in Rolling Stones magazine, that story I said. When Les Paul visited Gibson in 1945 and he was with his guitar i.e. with LP model. I.e. this guitar could be appeared in the music world before Telecaster. Thus, if we can’t choose one guitarist musically as “best of all time”, event history can be of help. And with this in mind, Les Paul, probably, may well be a candidate for this Number 1, I think.
  8. In historical significance, so to speak, Les Paul deserves to be Number 1. He was the First who addressed the guitar company Gibson with the purpose to begin mass production of electric guitars. That was 1945 or 46 year, it seems. But there was a misunderstanding at that moment. He was not believed that this “stick” he brought would sound . I.e. he overtook the time. Only at the end of the 50th year, Fender released the first mass series of that "stick" their Telecaster and there was a success in the music world. So, Fender became as a number first. But as the first, of course, could be Les Paul's model else in 1946. Here is Imelda May & Jeff Beck on LP guitar- How High The Moon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt-lKsOz9H0
  9. I also tried to go here, unsuccessfully at first. But now, it looks very nice. Really thanks to all who made this upgrade.
  10. Van Halen and The Jackson 5, yep, it sounds unusual.
  11. Wow, my first guitar was unsuccessful, the hum from its humbuckers was too big, I bought it from a private master. But I decided to deal with it because a lot of money has been spent for this guitar. And finally, I made it as active guitar with active pickups, there were corrected some mistakes in those humbuckers and after this the guitar became just excellent in sound . I played for a long time and didnt intend to change it until the neck became too curved. Here is one of the things where I play on this guitar (instead of the piano part in an Elviss song)
  12. This is terrible, Tman. I hope you will be fine. Maybe I can also help you as regards electric guitars. This year I made attempts to agree with Gibson to release active guitars (with pickups of my design). It was probably a little at the wrong time. Now is the new leadership and in the near future I will resume my attempts.
  13. This is of course interesting band. Singer-women , their songs are also very beautiful.
  14. Thank you, badbluesplayer I also think that the main guitar business remains quite reliable despite other guitar manufacturers, only it is necessary to stop making repetitive models and not to annoy customers due to strange prices etc.
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