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  1. Make sure the purchaser buys insurance of specifically say as soon as your hands come off it your no longer responsible. There isn't much more you can really do besides package it properly and hope for the best. The only thing that really doesn't like traveling in tube amps is the tubes, taking them out and wrapping them separately in a huge wad of bubble wrap may help but probably not.
  2. No mention of being ISO9001 certified, dont waste your time. This is a rule of thumb with any offshore manufacturer.
  3. Islet Cell Neuroendocrine Tumor is what Jobs had in his pancreas, its a less aggressive forum of pancreatic cancer, he was diagnosed with this all the way back in 2004. One of my buddies was diagnosed last year with pancreatic cancer he died 7 months after being diagnosed and it was the worst thing I had ever seen. He had a procedure known as the "Whipple Procedure" to remove the tumor which appeared to be successful, but anyone that knows a thing or two about biology will know the Pancreas is not the most friendly organ to be poked around and stuff its a pretty fragile organ. I am suspecting his deteriorating health is a result of the operation he had. Its a shame we will lose a mind that created so much good for the world of technology, but I think he was pretty much tapped anyways. I mean just releasing the same phones and tablets just with new numbers? I hear an iPhone 5 is slated for this year, what 6 months after you finally start shipping/selling the white iPhone 4?
  4. Here is the funny part. And were going hypothetical with this one, IF Gibson did receive what has been dubbed as illegal wood. What can the "authorities" even do about it besides try and charge them with some ludicrous violation, sure they might have to fork out some cash but this is not new to any company, its the cost of doing business. Sadly being the end recipient of the wood Gibson should be fully aware of where it came from and the whole back story on it, especially knowing the possible repercussions and most importantly being such a "green" company. With that said even if its this so called "illegal" wood what are the "authorities" going to do with it now? Probably destroy it...is it worse that Gibson possibly received illegal wood to make guitars, or that the "authorities" will probably destroy is so it cant be used...hmmm I think the latter is worse. I am fairly confident with Gibson being so green they wouldn't risk tarnishing there reputation by knowingly purchasing illegally harvested wood. Not trying to take a low blow at you American's but is your economic issue such a huge problem where the government has to make up weird charges to large companies in an attempt to extort money out of them or something? As a moderate to large business owner I would be freaking scared right now cause to me it seems like this is what they are doing...I feel sorry for Gibson and the employees that had officials armed with machine guns raiding there plant, like c'mon guys its a guitar manufacturer not a crystal meth lab. What are they going to do bust out a guitar and rip off such a mean solo the cops faces start melting or something? Hold to your guitars Gibson and stick it to the man, cause it sure seems like they are trying to stick it to or possibly in you....yup I went there.
  5. Some of you guys need to keep your asinine remarks to yourself, sometimes I wonder if you're horribly attempting to troll or what, especially the people with several more years on there age, what did you never have the opportunity to GROW UP? So what I don't personally like V8s big whoop, its not like I went outta my way to slander them or anything, geesh. In my line of work there is no bias against engines, hell I dont even have a bias against a brand be it domestic or import or if it has 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 cylinders. An aficionado does not get hung up on brands, labels, names, point of origin or anything like that, try it out some day you might like it. Trust me I started racing go karts 13 years ago and have only gone up from there, the size of the engine never means one thing...harder suspension geometry to make the car handle, I dont know how many of you have even tried tossing a car into a corner at 120km/h but a front heavy car (V8s ESPECIALLY big blocks) have so much weight you will suffer from a little symptom called understeer. Since the majority of you probably dont know... Understeer: When the front end of your car plows through a corner due to turning slower then the radius of the corner, also meaning the front end of your car hits the wall. Oversteer: When the rear of your of your car kicks out further then your front due to the rear end trying to turn faster then the radius of the corner this is also the point when your car will spin if you cant regain control, also meaning your arse end will hit the wall first. Both have applications even in racing. Oversteer is the most common occurrence in racing, left foot braking is an advanced brake technique used in SCCA racing with get this...FWD cars, to induce oversteer since the drive wheels are in the front instead of the rear, oversteering is pretty much the fastest way through a corner when controlled properly and by that I mean the slip angle is less then 3* any more and you start getting into show (drifting). Understeer is WAY less common and is an extremely advanced technique used on corners that have multiple apexes and is a way for a racer to confuse a less seasoned racing by changing your line in the middle of a corner, this will confuse any driver who is not expecting.
  6. Racing lights on a road is for retards, I say that as a person who holds both an NHRA license and a SCCA Solo license. Neither of the motors I listed are 4 cylinder and neither were in front wheel drive cars. The Renault as all FIA approved F1 cars utilizes a 90* V8 with a maximum of 2.4L of displacement, The 20B as all rotary engines is marvelous not only does it have minimal moving parts (I think about 8 in total) allowing them to rev higher then any piston engine could ever dream of, and the 20 in 20B refers to it being a 2.0L engine however due to the design of the rotary engine it produces the power equivalent to that of a 4.2L engine. I dont mind v8's but the fact that for 9 hours a day 5 days a week for 5 years I have sold the parts and given advice to people to turn there v8's into race cars its what I get paid to do. It gets boring its all the same take any V8 throw a 282 cam into it and it will chug just like any other V8. Renault Mazda 787B (first use of the 20B rotary) Thats my friend/coworkers 1967 Chevy II with a Reher Morrison built engine it cranks out 683HP on All Motor and propels that 3100lb Chevy II down the 1/4 mile at 9.8s almost dead on every time and is the car I got my NHRA license in.
  7. I wanted to watch Top Gun after that...thanks alot!!
  8. Maybe people are exercising the "if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all" clause thingie? I try not to talk down about peoples posts, ideas, comments or whatever it's just not a cool thing to do.
  9. leave it to the boy who works with race cars... First up a Renault F1 engine on the dyno, yes that is the fuel being sprayed directly into the intake, it provides better atomization for the fuel allowing optimal power and efficiency. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_QyUD6V5_I 20B Three Rotor Race engine, they used these in the Mazda Le Mans Race cars, I dont know what they rev out to but my buddies two rotor 13B makes its power at 11.5K RPM. This one sound peripherally ported. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPfghudUfoM I like anything that winds high and screams loud, the lopy cam chugging of V8s has gotten tiring over the last 5 years, most people I see driving muscle cars either have small wangs or think there cars are unbeatable but its just sooooo not true.
  10. *Shrug* I love space too, I am a huge nerd like that always going to the planet-arium and stuff, space is just too cool and mystifying (nerd alert!)
  11. White Zombie > Rob Zombie I agree! Thunderkiss '65 is impossible not to rock out too!
  12. ne14t?

    Explorer Knobs

    Yes with the pickup selector in the middle position when you turn down one knob all the way to nothing it will cut out both pickups completely. I was letting my buddy rip it up on my rig this weekend and he preferred playing on the bridge PUP only using the pickup selector as a kill switch.
  13. That my friend appears to be a James Hetfield explorer, not sure if this was a signature model through the custom shop or not. But thats EXACTLY what his guitar looked like minus the More Beer sticker and the EMG pickups.
  14. I dont have a Chambered Les Paul but I do have a little bit of info to contribute if it matters at all, my Explorer is the standard 76 reissue nothing fancy and it sounds great as a solid body, then I saw the Holy Explorer and was like whoa thats gotta sound like poo. Sure enough it didnt sound quiet the same I dont know the proper terminology for it; however it sounded more errr "Airy" if that makes sense it didnt have as much snarl and sustain as my solid one did but it sounded five times better then I figured it would. I dont really have a preference to chambered or non-chambered; however I would like to see it available as a purchase option just like your finish, I mean it takes more time to make a chambered guitar then a solid so its not like it would cost more to produce and its apparent that some people REALLY like there boat anchors!
  15. If he can, get him a singer that can scream high and growl low and the kid will be famous! Edit: I saw some video clips of the 02 Arena performance and I thought it was GREAT Jason beat the heck outta them drums very well I think his dad would be proud of him.
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