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  1. Thanks man. Lucks got nuthin to do with it though.
  2. Just put in for a Production Supervisor postion here at Memphis. I'll let ya'll know how that turns out. I REALLY need the job.
  3. 43. Black 1992 Les Paul Standard. Paid $299.99 for it in a pawn shop. The pawner had pawned a black Studio LP & a black Standard LP on the same ticket. Shop had changed managers & the new guy didn't know shinola about GEE-TARS & pulled the loan. To him a Les Paul was a Les Paul. I told you what I got Standard for BUT the Studio hung in that shop for over a year. It was only priced $1700. Wonder why nobody jumped on that "deal". LOL
  4. No just the Firebrand LP. Got the Dimarzio X2N in yesterday & roomate didn't tell me til I came in from working 10 hours today (yeah, yeah, yeah si it's Sunday...somebody's gotta feed all these guitars I own). If I run across one (or hear about one), I'll give you a shout. I'm the master of low ball deals. Bought a 1980 Strat for $69.99 back in 2000; then got a 1979 Strat HARDTAIL for $119.00 4 years ago. The Les Paul Standard I pawned & lost last year I got for $299.99 (& put it in a one week layaway). Got more guitars than time or money just waiting on that Kubicki Factor for $31
  5. I own an '82 L2. Have owned it since 1991. As I said in my post, "A Steinberger is a Steinberger." No guitar/bass will ever sound like a Steinberger cept another Steinberger.
  6. Was reading in earlier posts about waht's vintage (pre-Gibson, post-gibson, Korean made???). Ned had the plan to build the guitars & basses so......a Steinberger is a Steinberger. I own an '82 L2 (I call it my "recycled bowling ball" when people ask waht it's made out of) & it's the one bass I'll own til I die. Bought it from a friend of mine who died 2 years ago & he owned it for a couple of years. I bought it in 1990. Nothing sounds like a Steinberger cept a Steinberger.
  7. Any Kramer fans out there?????? I own an '86 Kramer Specter NS2-A. I had an '88 Kramer Ferrington accoustic/electric. IF you're still around join in the fun.
  8. Thanks dude. Everbody said "Sell some of your guitars & pay the house off!" Guess I could have but I been collecting for 31 years & I couldn't sell my kids. It's been hard enough pawning some when times got tough BUT I generally go back for 'em. I've only lost 9 total (a Kramer Ferrington acoustic electric, a '79 Mustang bass, 2 Charvel 2B basses, a Roland G77 bass, a Roland G707, '92 Les Paul Standard, a 60 sumthing Hagstrom bass, & a 70 sumthing Hagstrom fiberglass bass). Had 2 guitars stolen in '79 (a '64 Mustang & a '70 Yamaha G70 (??) bass). You just gotta draw the line s
  9. Bought a 1978 SG for $500 with the chainsaw case & got a 1980 Firebrand Les Paul last month. Owned a 1992 Les Paul Standard that was black but lost it when I lost my job year ago yesterday. I say I lost it; truth was I pawned it to try to save my house. Wound up selling that in March (after buying it in 1991). I bought the SG with money from the sell of the house; it's got Diamrzio DP100's in it. Bought the Les Paul last month and am putting it together this week. Bought 2 Dimarzio X2N's from different sellers & am just waiting for #2 to ship. Own 19 strats, a '66 Jaguar, 2 Teles, &
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