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  1. I really liked it. Really sound good to my ears, you have put a lot of emotions into it. Thanks Michel Marc
  2. This is mine, on my wedding day, last summer. Michel Marc
  3. I really liked the soul on your voice, as always. Touching. Michel Marc
  4. Hi, all, Long time since I took the time to right something. Here's a very short vidéo of me , accompanied by my guitar teacher , at our summer concert in Montréal. Hope you will enjoy. Michel Marc
  5. Very nice pictures. I wont send a picture of my cold Montréal by -22 celcius... Sunny and everything, but so damn COLD !!! P.S. How can you manage all those perfect guitars. I would be in psychosis , interned somewhere, by not knowing wich one I want to play. Carefull , a nervous brakedown can be at your beautiful, hot, and sunny door step !!! Ha ha ha... Michel Marc
  6. Hey all, Here I'm sending a short little video of myself playing with my teacher, at the annuel Xmas concert. Since it is a while since I have post anything, I thought I would share. The sound is'nt that good, neither the image, but still, gives an idea. It has been very funny to do. I'm on the right side , at the telecaster, my teacher assisting me on the left side with a strat. Next year , I will use my J45. Put the volume on maximum, otherwise.... Hope you will enjoy. Michel Marc
  7. Félicitations Mr Gibb. J'ai vraiment aimé ce que j'ai entendu à date. J'irai voir si je peux acheter le cd sur Itunes, Un beau rêve accompli !!! Michel Marc
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ6Ksmx4cX8 Hey, I tought it was time for another one, Enjoy ! Michel Marc
  9. I'm with you bro! Dolores is one of my favorite icon. Since there debut, i was a cranberries fan. that's all so go on Dolores michel marc
  10. Hey Mr Flatbaroque ! Really liked the finale, you were not afraid to let go your voice high. Cool. Michel Marc
  11. Weeeeelllll, Mr Flatbaroque, Saturday morning here, and listening to your song. Very nice, gentle, alot of emotions in it. You like what you do, dont you ? Listening, I was thinking to myself, that this song could have been playing trought my cd player, as a brand new cd I've just bought. No kidding. I really appeciate it. thanks, Michel Marc
  12. I was using my J45 trought my pathfinder 15r, when feeling like plugging it. But this w-e, I bought myself a Troubadour 10, acoustic amp by Ibanez, very small and I am actually surprise as how good it sound. It doesn't alterate the voice of the J45, but really strictly amplifies it. Good buy I feel. And very inexpensive, 100 $ CAN. Michel Marc
  13. thanks for the kind words. , Well , as far as the set-up, I'm afraid that is quiet simple. I simply use the Zoom Q3HD handy video recorder, i plug it and play, i dont use any specific setting on the zoom, all automatic. Usually the image will be very clear if you record at the day light, like my previous videos, at dawn, then you have the nice recording sound, but more or less , you loose the HD for the image. It is a nice funny tool, to play with, and to share your music. Thanks Michel Marc
  14. Hello everyone, It's my birthday this week-end, and tonight i grabed my classical guitar , and recorded a song by the mexican group called Elefante. It's a way to please me, and offering you some new stuff for this coming week-end. Hope you will enjoy, (as always, it is a one shot thing , but I like to be spontaneus) Michel Marc
  15. Being a nurse myself, I can figure what you are going trough. Best of the luck to you. Keep confidence , and try to focus on positive things. When one suffer or has health issue, it make you realize what you want for your life. And at this particular time of your life, just being at ease without suffering, is consider a blessing. Blessed you, and may the music be a treatment for your soul. Michel Marc
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