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  1. I have decided to sell . Could someone get me in touch with someone who could help me out?
  2. Dang almost an impossable deal to pass up...but i wouldnt feel right about the deal with you payin the shipping and all...lol
  3. I didn't take any of that as negative..I am so glad there is a place like this where a person can find help..I have had, and still have many fine musical instruments...mastered none but love the challenge. It really does have a great sound and have heard one for years never realizing the archtop was behind that sound..thanks and again ya'lls knowledge is very much welcome Johnny
  4. Thanks for letting me know wasnt sure about this one but when I saw it I knew i had to get it. Binding is coming loose in spots and shrunk a little but I myself have the same problem..lol Dallas international guitar festival coming up this weekend might run up there and see what I can find out...
  5. Found at estate auction. Archtops are something im not familiar with is this something worth holding on to maybe get restored?..Figured some of you guys would know. here is a pic and the label inside the F-hole guitar 001 by wungoodtexun, on Flickr guitar 005 by wungoodtexun, on Flickr
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