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  1. Eyecon


    Gorge...absolutely Gorge! Do you mainly play finger style?
  2. I had a J185 for a few months. I tried to like the sound, but couldn't. Felt like a wimpy version of a J200.
  3. Your guitar playing is nothing short of "Badass" Loved it!
  4. The Super Bowl ads were sub-par for sure. Hated the Chevy spot steered towards cancer survivors. LOVED the Audi ad with the Doberman/Chihuahua. Also the Doritos spot "time travel", was pretty damn funny.
  5. I bet it is hard living in Canada with America just RIGHT THERE. "Quote from Barney Stinson"
  6. EA I can tell you have been putting in the practice time, the finger pickin' sounds incredible. Are you loving the HBTV? I'm thinking of getting one soon, but torn between a HBTV or a HB vintage early 60's. You have a late 60's HB as well don't you? Which sounds better to your ears?
  7. This was interesting, and I see now why we are seeing all the weird changes to the Gibson business model. Check it out: http://www.amctv.com/shows/the-pitch/bios/gibson-brands-client
  8. Congrats on the new gits Juan! Hey did you ever get your Golden Age SJ-200?
  9. WOW. If all those guitars were in my music room, I'd never leave it. I gotta say I preferred the J200TV's sound over the rosewood version, but aesthetically the 1930's is just stunning! Especially the pick guard.. WOW! I think Juan Carlos has one of those 1930's on order... lucky bastard!
  10. I saw a very nice '62 J50 at GC of all places over the weekend for 3k. Didn't care for the chunky neck. I'm thinking a '62 Bird would be much better.
  11. Like I posted earlier. I personally know of (2) Buddy's that sold in the last six months. 1 sold for $1500 and the other for $1450. Gibson is doing LTD runs all the time. No way is the Buddy worth anywhere near 8-10K. And if I REALLY believed that valuation I would be asking for more than $3200.
  12. Doesn't sound like a Bird.. more like a CW to me. I'm just busting your balls. I think it sounds perfect!
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