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  1. Eyecon


    Gorge...absolutely Gorge! Do you mainly play finger style?
  2. I had a J185 for a few months. I tried to like the sound, but couldn't. Felt like a wimpy version of a J200.
  3. Your guitar playing is nothing short of "Badass" Loved it!
  4. I bet it is hard living in Canada with America just RIGHT THERE. "Quote from Barney Stinson"
  5. Gibson I believe would take action if it were hurting their sales to a great measure. One guy here or there, selling a fake guitar or two, I suspect Gibson wouldn't do anything. Neither would the enforcing arm of the law. I don't think ebay really cares either, makes them money and as far as I know, seeing sellers of fake products doesn't seem to scare people off from using their auction site to buy legit items. Of course it's good that these people get reported. Any deterrent that helps inhibit this sleezy way of making money is good.
  6. Unfortunate that the USA innovates and China imitates. Against the law, but so is selling copy Prada on the streets of NYC. Nothing will come of this.. not a big fish. Sucks though.
  7. If the dealer is GC and within 30 days. Return it.
  8. Yes I could hear the rubberband effect as you call it. Looked like the saddle was very very low. Could it be that a poor break angle on the strings is the reason?
  9. Did I read this correctly.... The AJ "PRO" has Madagascar B&S? Opposed to the traditional EIR of the regular AJ?
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